Best DYE Paintball Guns – Reviews And Buying Guide

From the company that lives up to its reputation and does not let its customers down comes these speedball guns. It has innovated paintball engineering by releasing a highly liked product line. It has been operating for years now, so it has a good hold over the market and knows how to innovate and add to the quality as well as features which are required for a high-end paintball gun. DYE is also known for its team of highly skilled engineers and designers.

Its guns redefine the paintball experience and give the users an upper hand. This article provides you with details regarding these efficient, durable and top-of-the-line paintball guns to give you an idea of what the paintball market is like, what type of features you must look for, and what qualifies for a good paintball gun.

There are a lot of options available in the market to cater to your specific needs. You must have a budget and an idea of what you are looking for in a paintball gun as it has been redesigned to be more innovative and incorporate great engineering skills to create a state-of-the-art assistant on the playing field. Tippmann paintball markers have also been featured in our list of Best Paintball Guns in 2020!

The list below has a couple of paintball guns by DYE which we think make the cut for a great paintball gun for everyone, with the best being rated number one in our list. Let us take a look at some of these top-of-the-line paintball guns.

Comparison Table for top DYE Paintballs

ThumbnailNameMaterialBest ForPrice
Dye DM14 Paintball Marker ReviewDye DM14Very High QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Dye M2Very High QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball GunDye Proto RizeHigh QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Dye DM15 Paintball Gun ReviewDye DM15Medium QualityIntermediate to AdvanceView On Amazon
Dye Proto Reflex 14 Paintball Marker ReviewProto ReflexMedium QualityIntermediate to AdvanceView On Amazon

5 Great DYE Paintball Guns Review

Paintball can be an interesting, engaging and competitive sport, given the fact that you have a good paintball gun to assist you. Having a good paintball gun at hand is essential as an inefficient and low-quality gun can lead you to perform poorly as well as get hurt by others aiming their paintballs at you without any retaliation from your end.

To make sure you have a good paintball gun with you, this article will break down the features as well as the reviews of one of the best paintball guns for both beginners and professionals, the DM14 Paintball Marker.

You need to keep an eye on your budget. Secondly, you must look out for details such as the material used, the precision, the power of the shooter, and the weight of the gun.

Main Features:

  1. It has an aluminum trigger for a more adjustable and smooth performance. The accuracy of this paintball gun along with its remarkable design provides maximum satisfaction and enhanced performance on the battlefield. This feature allows the paintball gun to shoot more paintballs at once so that the user can target and eliminate more targets. This gives the user an upper hand and boosts their performance as it makes the paintball gun easier to handle and makes it more user-friendly. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this feature comes in handy for anyone who is enthusiastic about this sport.
  2. The design is also something which a lot of people love about this paintball gun, as it acts as a strategic element during the game. Off the bat, the first thing that you notice is its overall exterior design, which is like a standard paintball gun, giving it that professional look. Furthermore, its paint does not wear off unless it takes on a lot of damage.
  3. It has incorporated innovative designs for the feed necks, allowing them to be removable.


  • Speedy discharge magnetic fastening system
  • Ability to grasp easily due to its design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It has an adjustable feed neck
  • Color coordinated O-Rings
  • Low strain control device

It has everything and anything that you would want in a good paintball gun, with the added bonus of redefining the classic style of a traditional paintball gun.

DYE is known for making some of the top-notch, highly durable and superior quality paintball guns. It has been operating for years, so it has a good hold over the market. Some of its paintball guns are rated as the best.

They cater to beginners as well as professionals, making it adaptable for everyone and easy to handle. One such model is the M3 Paintball Marker. It has a lot of qualities that make it a great paintball gun.

Let’s take a look at some of the quality features that make this paintball gun what it is and add to its performance.

Main Features:

  1. It features the one-inch prism OLED interface. This characteristic allows it to be a prized possession and gives it a professional touch. This feature allows the paintball gun to be changed between different shooting modes. It is a unique feature for professional-level paintball guns, which makes it worth its price. Allowing you to aim and shoot with precision and swiftness, this gun is a great companion on the playing field.
  2. Rid yourself of the need to play with just one mode of firing and do not hesitate in exploring which mode suits you. This feature gives the player an upper hand against the competitors and is a highly reliable paintball gun that is sure to bring you closer to victory.
  3. It is easy to operate as well. Just because it is an expert-level paintball gun, it doesn’t mean that it has to be extra complex to handle. With its five-way control joystick, the person handling the paintball gun can better manage the gun as well as their performance. This feature allows for a smooth performance and provides ease and a better experience of playing paintball.


  • A wireless connection between the casing and body links the inner pressure sensors
  • It runs on battery power, so it is rechargeable
  • It has dual Ultralite barrel backs
  • It is not heavy to lift and carry around
  • It is a high-grade paintball gun

Are you looking for a good paintball gun which is best suited for you? Are you a beginner or professional with passion for a good paintball match? If so, the DYE Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker might just be your perfect fit.

One thing to keep in mind is that buying paintball guns can be a bit costly, so you must find one that meets your needs and fits within your budget. Just because a paintball gun is expensive does not mean it will always operate well.

One of these highly reputable paintball guns is the DYE Proto Rize Paintball Marker with defining features which will be mentioned in the review which make the customers buzz about it. Read on for more details about this paintball gun which is suitable for everyone.

Main Features:

  1. It has a fourteen-inch barrel, which allows more paintballs to be fired at once, fifteen paintballs per second to be exact, giving the user a competitive edge among the rest of the competition. This will allow the user to target more players and have a better shot at hitting the specified target with maximum precision and effectiveness. This also allows the user to have a better aim along with a swift and rapid release of the paintballs. You will not miss your target, and this feature adds to its qualitative appeal.
  2. It is easy to use as it incorporates gripping material which does not stick to your hand, allowing the user to have a firmer grip without any hassle. It is also quite lightweight like most of the DYE paintball guns, allowing the user to easily move around with it and operate it. It also has a modifiable trigger for better performance and ease of use for the user, as it allows the user to change between different shooting modes smoothly – a feature common to most DYE paintball guns.


  • It has an original hourglass clutch frame with 4 competition shooting modes
  • It has an original self-cleaning DYE M2 Eye Pipe as well as DYE Lockdown adjustable clamping feed neck
  • It has a unique bolt spool control technology
  • It is a good purchase for intermediate players looking to boost their skills level
  • It is equipped with an automatic lock to accumulate air pressure
  • It features ‘Anti-Chop eyes’ which reduces paintball damage and breakage

Having a good paintball gun is a necessity for anyone who is enthusiastic about the sport of paintball. Without a good paintball gun, the player’s performance may be deficient in efficiency and may not be that enjoyable as without any retaliation, a player will not be able to have any fun.

Not to worry though, as DYE has you covered with some of its best paintball guns to ensure that you have an enjoyable time on the playing field. One of its highly acclaimed paintball guns is the DM15.

This article serves to provide you details of this particular model which is known for its quality performance and features that allow the paintball gun to be held in high regard for its users.

Main Features:

  1. Looks are important for a great piece of engineering such as this. This gun combines style with great performance. It is not heavy in weight, so it is easy to carry around as well as operate while performing tricks and spins on the playing field. It fuses the elements of a traditional paintball gun with added innovative features of ingenuity.
  2. This model incorporates engineering skills to provide a better overall experience for the user. Its coating of paint is highly durable, so unless it attains some serious damage, it is long lasting which means that your paintball gun will look good as new no matter how much time passes.
  3. This ensures precision over control of the paintball gun in terms of swiftness as well as pressure, which is used to aim and fire the paintballs. This also allows ease of usage as a high-pressure valve may lead to mismanagement of control over the gun, making it especially difficult to handle for beginners. This feature is assisted by its trigger which allows the user to determine the set-off velocity for the paintballs being fired. Users can adjust the contact and point of view of the target, adding to its accuracy.


  • It has color coordinated O-rings
  • It features an eye pipe enclosure to ensure that the paintballs do not break or get damaged
  • It also has a fuse bolt system
  • Low-profile outlook
  • It has a low force regulator to ensure ease of use
  • It also features a quick-release magnetic bolt
  • It has an adjustable trigger device as well as efficient and durable grasping straps
  • It has an Ultralite frame

From the company that lives up to its reputation and does not let its customers down comes yet another bestseller and highly reputable paintball gun, the Proto Reflex 14. It redefines the paintball experience and gives the user an upper hand.

Here, we will discuss some of its main features that make this paintball gun so amazing and worthy of your money. There’s a reason why we have listed this paintball gun on number one.

Main Features:

  1. It is adjustable to ensure superior performance. This particular model features the fuse bolt technology, which enhances the performance of the paintball gun and ensures that the gun is easy to operate and has its underlying features fastened to provide maximum protection against any mishap. This also makes it safe to use.
  2. Its air regulator controls the flow of the air to adjust it according to the situation and allow no slips. Its trigger shooter is also modifiable to better suit your style of shooting so that you can shoot your enemies more easily.
  3. The entire paintball gun comes equipped with a fourteen-inch barrel to ensure that maximum paintballs can be released at the same time to hit the target with precision. It has a highly long-lasting gun case with a zipper to help keep the paintball gun secured inside.
  4. The paintball gun also comes with a kit equipped with extra parts and a barrel cover along with an extra set of batteries. This allows the user to operate the gun without any problems or issues with everything at hand to provide a good and user-friendly paintball experience.


  • It has a security device for the feed neck
  • It has color coordinated O rings
  • It has a highly efficient controller
  • It has an adaptable trigger
  • It has an Ultralight framework

Final Thoughts

Paintball is a sport which can be enjoyed by a lot of people in groups as well as individual practice. It keeps the players athletically active and refines their thinking and strategic planning abilities. This is why a good paintball gun is essential for anyone who is enthusiastic about the sport and wants to enjoy the game in its entirety. Furthermore, choosing one of these DYE paintball guns will surely give you the upper hand.

Do not take our word for it; customers have held this product in high regard due to its quality features, allowing it to be used by anyone, whether new or old to the sport, as it is easy to use and highly durable. Customers have also commended the paintball gun for its sleek and smooth design as well as the price point, making it a high-quality product available at a relatively cheaper rate. Some customers have complained that it broke after a few uses. In case of any issues like this, the company has a warranty time during which unsatisfied users can return their products.

All in all, these paintball guns are highly efficient and a great purchase for you if you want to experience that ecstatic feeling while improving your athletic abilities and strengthening your mental abilities. These paintball guns will ensure a great experience for you on the playing field. You will not just be paying for a paintball gun but a redefined experience overall.

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