Best Empire Paintball Guns – Reviews And Buying Guide

After a long, hard day of work, all of us deserve an occasional time out. And what better way to release all the pent-up energy and anxiety than by indulging in a fun game of paintball gun? Not only will this game allow you to feel energized, but it also provides you with a medium to exercise. If you are a workaholic who doesn’t have time to hit the gym, this game will be the ideal outlet for maintaining your health while enjoying a good bonding time with your family or friends.

While you can go to paintball guns fields to play the game, many prefer to be provided with the tools and accessories needed to have fun in their backyard. Those of you who would rather have the option of playing paintball whenever you like should invest in buying a paintball gun.

There are various best paintball pistols you can select from by reading different reviews. However, since not all the products are up to par, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the best Empire paintball pistols reviews you can get your hands on. All the reviews have been conducted with a deep research of market and Spyder markers have also been mentioned in our list of Top Paintball Markers!

Comparison Table For Best Empire Paintball Guns

ThumbnailNameMaterialBest ForPrice
Empire Resurrection Autococker LTD ReviewEmpire ResurrectionVery High QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Marker ReviewVanquish GTVery High QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Marker ReviewAxe ProVery High QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Empire BT DFender Paintball gun ReviewBT DFenderHigh QualityIntermediate to AdvanceView On Amazon
Empire Paintball Axe MarkerEmpireAxeMedium QualityIntermediate to AdvanceView On Amazon
Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker ReviewMini GSMedium QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon

6 Top Empire Paintball Guns Review

All those who are on the lookout for the best empire product which combines the superior quality of old empire paintball guns with the aesthetics of the new products will find this Resurrection Autococker to be a decent choice amongst an array of items.

Customers have lauded the product for its performance as well as style, which makes the paintball gun a great addition to your game accessories and outdoor activities collection. The fact that the pressure of the empire paintball gun can be varied has also fared well with users.

It is equipped with various value-added features which make the investment worth it.

Main Features of the Gun:

  1. This product takes the design of WGP to create a modern-looking paintball gun which is the best in terms of both stylish and high quality. The quality of the gun is guaranteed by the inclusion of a closed bolt system in the product. This system allows for enhanced accuracy and, thereby, makes sure you don’t miss the mark.
  2. Many customers complain about the fact that paintball guns are hard to handle due to the instability of the products when firing them. Empire has ensured that they reply with top features for their guns. This is done by making sure the firing platform is stable enough to deliver a smooth operation.
  3. The inclusion of the adjustable low-pressure regulator provides users with the autonomy of deciding how hard they wish to hit their opponents. The adjustable feature also makes this game lucrative for the weak souls who would have otherwise chosen to be spectators to what they feel is a painful match.

Specifications of Empire Resurrection:

  • The gun has a two-piece aluminum barrel
  • The 14-inch barrel is made from a high-quality material to enhance durability
  • A six-piece sniper kit accompanies the product
  • The gun features an on/off lever system which is marked by high speed and responsiveness
  • The product has a thumb adjustment feature which is backed by a clamping feed neck
  • The paintball gun uses a sniper pump platform as a skeleton model
  • It is equipped with a slide trigger frame
  • The gun allows for an improved grip which is achieved through the inclusion of molded wraps with finger grooves
  • The operating pressure offered by the gun is 350 psi
  • It weighs two pounds
  • The marker length is 19 inches, and the marker is mechanical

These features made this paintball gun stand out among other best products and deliver performance and accuracy at a reasonable cost.

How awesome would it be if you could find yourself an empire paintball gun which does not require too much effort to maintain? What if we add great performance to the mix too? Well, Vanquish GT has succeeded in delivering these values.

Many have appreciated the gun for its consistent top performance and high stability when operational. The fact that the body of the product has been redesigned from previous models and now features a stylish exterior has not been lost on customers.

However, some find the price of the empire paintball gun to be high which serves as a deterring factor when choosing the product. If you consider the features provided by the gun, you will find the comparatively high cost to be justified.

Main Features of Paintball:

  1. One of the key differences between this gun and the ones that Empire has produced before is the new Vanquish sports design. The exterior of the gun now successfully hides all the hardware, thereby giving the product a refined and sophisticated look. This feature makes the product a great aesthetic addition to your collection.
  2. Furthermore, the inclusion of the push-button bolt removal in the design has further added to the convenience of the product. The eye system of the gun is now more reliable than before and features a high-tech battery connection for optimum performance.
  3. Moreover, an adjustable dual bearing trigger now accompanies the product. This addition allows the users to change the pressure of the force with which the paintballs are released from the gun. By providing users with such control, the manufacturers have made this product usable for a wide variety of people regardless of their pain threshold.
  4. Additionally, the gun features a V16 drivetrain that is equipped with a direct inject technology. This technology along with other features allow users to benefit from the lack of maintenance the product requires. It also serves to enhance the efficiency of the gun.

Specifications of Empire Vanquish :

  • The gun has a valve firing engine which contains a pressure balanced spool valve
  • A precision pressure sensor accompanies the product which allows you to be aware of the pressure
  • The gun includes five inserts of barrel kit
  • A blue laser breach sensor system along with the bolt removal system allows for quick maintenance. The latter does so by preventing instances of ball breaks
  • You can control the product via a five-way joystick
  • The gun is easy to clean and requires a 3/32-inch hex for maintenance
  • It weighs 8.2 pounds

Empire Paintball was able to uphold its legacy of providing best quality paintball guns with the help of the Axe Pro Gun. The product is a better and improved version of the original Axe gun and uses an enhanced design to leave its mark.

The gun has fared well with customers who have appreciated its smooth performance and consistent operation. People also find it easier to clean than other similar products within the range and, therefore, regard it as a convenient option.

Some found the gun to be too tight when taken out of the box. However, upon regular use, the gun loosened a bit and was able to provide all the features that it promised.

Main Features:

  1. Are you tired of storing a never-ending pile of tools to maintain your paintball guns? With the help of this product, you can bid that collection goodbye. This is because the design of this empire gun is such that it requires only two wrenches to screw on the pro. Hence, the product is the more convenient option from the lot.
  2. The convenience offered is further enhanced by the fact that the product features a simple push-button bolt removal system which makes sure that you spend more time having fun and less on dealing with the technicalities of paintball guns.
  3. The design contains massive improvements when it comes to ensuring the comfort of users. While playing paintball is quite fun, after prolonged exposure, your fingers will not feel the same way about it. Therefore, to make sure your hands are protected from fatigue, the design of the gun includes a grip frame and foregrip which are angled to guarantee a smooth and pain-free experience.


  • It features the Redline OLED board which allows you to navigate with the help of a joystick
  • It is viable to be used in all kinds of weather due to the inclusion of a weatherproof exterior and gasket
  • Robustness marks the fore-grip mounting design
  • The gun is compact, leading to ease in handling and portability
  • It is equipped with a modular trigger guard for efficient performance
  • The maintenance of the trigger is improved through the addition of a screw rather than a trigger pin
  • The design of the gun has eyes that can be maintained without the need to disassemble them
  • The air channel of the gun is integrated
  • It weighs 2 pounds

With the better clamping feed neck and compact design backing it up, it is hard to find major faults in this paintball gun.

While this gun serves to be heavier than some paintball guns available on the market, it still manages to offer superior performance via the inclusion of high-quality materials in its construction along with other improved functions.

There are various reasons why this gun has been a favorite of customers. One of the many reasons is because you can change the modes offered by the gun even when you are using it to destroy your opponents. This feature allows for an improved experience.

However, some users have reported that the butt stock is too broad for their liking and that it is hard to load the last rounds of the paintballs. Regardless of the flaws exhibited by the product, many have been quick to choose and dub it as one the best Empire Paintball guns

Main Features:

  1. While it is true that the BT DFender Marker serves to be a little bulkier than other paintball guns, it is still quite a lightweight product. This is made sure by the inclusion of magnesium shells. The tanks are responsible for the light weight as well as the high strength that the gun manages to exhibit.
  2. Moreover, the paintball gun operates to prevent ball chops from occurring. This is made sure with the help of the Break Beam Eyes technology. When this feature is combined with a trigger with a three-way adjustment, customers are bound to be left satisfied.
  3. Additionally, the manufacturers have outdone themselves when it comes to offering users with a firing mode. This is because the product succeeds in delivering five methods, which range from semi to full auto modes. These modes and the fact that you can change from one to another between battles have been widely appreciated due to the convenience as well as the performance they allow you to showcase in the battlefield aka your backyard.


  • An integrated loader comes with the paintball gun
  • It has a regulator for on/off function
  • The regulator is equipped with an easy-to-mount rail
  • The programmable trigger included can be adjusted
  • The engine features pressure control to enhance accuracy when firing the paintballs
  • An auto anti-jam accompanies the loader for smooth performance
  • The hopper section can contain up to 230 paintballs
  • The gun can efficiently shoot 20 balls per second
  • The battery change and maintenance of the product do not need any tools
  • It weighs 8.2 pounds

Once you get your hands on the Empire Paintball Axe Marker, you will wonder why you ever thought investing in a rented paintball gun was a good idea. This gun is packed with all the required functions and characteristics, and it provides these benefits to users at a reasonable cost.

Customers have been quick to praise the axe marker for its performance and have dubbed it to be an excellent value for money. They have reported that axe marker is easy to maintain as well as operate which makes it a win-win situation. This is because not only is the gun not going to demand too much for maintenance, but it also performs like a pro. It is all that you would ever need.

Some have reported a minor flaw in the design of the product. It is believed that the gun takes in too much air, and this issue should be worked upon and avoided. This flaw is not a major problem for the masses and hence, this gun continues to satisfy users.

Main Features:

  1. Imagine a situation where the fate of your team depends on your ability to shoot your opponents accurately. As you pull the trigger, you realize that even after all your considerations, you have failed to hit the target. Now, while such a scenario may arise due to your shooting abilities, a lot of it also has to do with the quality of your gun.
  2. This paintball gun manages to offer premium performance to its users with airsoft characteristics. Not only does it make this claim, but it also backs it up with much-needed features. For instance, the barrel is made from lightweight material which makes hitting your target as accurately as possible an easy feat.
  3. Furthermore, the manufacturers pay heed to the comfort of the users. If you are a big fan of the game of paintball, the chances are that you spend hours after hours of your weekend shooting your friends and families as you battle it out. In such a situation, your hands and fingers are bound to ache sooner or later and you will regret your decision once you go to work the day after. This product ensures that such regret never plagues you. This is made sure by including an extended grip frame which is designed mainly to make sure your hands and fingers are protected from fatigue and pain.


  • The bolt removal system features a distinct push button which allows for ease of maintenance
  • A relay regulator accompanies the product
  • The on/off lever included in the paintball gun makes tank removal a piece of cake
  • The gun is equipped with various firing modes which are adjustable
  • It weighs 3.8 pounds

How would it feel when you shower your opponents with over 200 high-pressure paintballs per second? Using this gun will allow you to find out. This paintball gun combines all the excellent features of Empire Paintball products and offers users the chance to have a gun which is simultaneously compact in nature.

The Mini GS Marker has been lauded for being accurate as well as easy to use. This combination makes this product perfect for users, whether they are a novice or a professional player. The product is also quite portable and easy to handle unless you prefer bigger products than this one.

However, it doesn’t mean that the paintball gun is without shortcomings. Some find the gun to be of cheap quality and prone to damage, but the reports of similar incidents have been quite a few. Therefore, it still manages to be an attractive choice for its price.

Main Features:

  1. Are you looking for a gun which manages to deliver an outstanding performance? The engine of this gun manages to offer this value with the help of a poppet engine for all of its buyers. The engine is pressure controlled which allows for a consistently superior performance.
  2. Those of you who are tired of the standard mode which most paintball guns offer will appreciate the fact that this gun allows for multiple adjustable firing modes. These modes provide users with the chance of choosing the pressure level of the paintballs which they wish to shoot their opponents with.
  3. The design has been revamped to make sure you are given the best of the best. The design provides customers with the option of dropping the Redline OLED board without the need to switch the foregrip.
  4. Moreover, to make sure you do not face any difficulty in screwing in the gun, the product only needs the help of two hex wrenches for efficient maintenance.


  • The wrap-around rubber foregrip provides a secure grip
  • The exterior of the paintball gun is protected from paint and all other elements
  • The ASA foregrip attachment points allow for extra strength
  • The aluminum barrel of the paintball gun offers an accurate performance
  • It has a regulator with a lever for on/off feature
  • The break-beam has an anti-chop eye
  • It has a weight of 3 pounds

Final Thoughts on Empire Paintballs

All of the products mentioned in the list will manage to satisfy you and your requirements. While all products are excellent in some respects, we found the Axe Marker to be the best. This is because the gun has superior quality and low cost. The fact that it takes customers’ comfort into consideration makes it the likely choice for many. Therefore, the Axe Marker is bound to satisfy you.

Regardless of which one you pick, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. This is because each of the products features smooth performance and a reasonable price. Shoot your enemy with paintballs. Buy the perfect gun and leave the concerns of your everyday life behind. Re energize, load your gun, and shoot your way through anxiety. Your body and brain will thank you for this fun workout

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