Best MilSim Paintball Guns in 2020 – Reviews, Features, And Buying Guide

There are plenty of great paintball guns out there, but some of the best are military-style markers, also call mag fed paintball markers or milsim paintball guns. What makes them different is that they’re designed to imitate military assault rifles. This means that they’re a lot more accurate and equipped with a wider range of accessories.

So if you’re interested in upgrading your own paintball gear, you might want to give the following best MilSim Paintball markers a try!

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Comparison Chart For Best MilSim Paintball Guns

ThumbnailNameWeightMaterialBest ForPrice
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball GunTippmann Cronus Tactical2.8 lbsHigh QualityBeginner to ProView On Amazon
Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker ReviewDye DAM Assault Matrix2.9 lbsHigh QualityBeginner to ProView On Amazon
Umarex T4E HK416 Paintball Rifle ReviewUmarex T4E HK4162.5 lbsHigh QualityBeginner to ProView On Amazon
US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker ReviewUS Army Alpha Elite3.2 lbsHigh QualityBeginner to ProView On Amazon
Umarex T4E TM4 Paintball Assault Rifle ReviewUmarex T4E TM42.8 lbsMedium QualityIntermediate to ProView On Amazon
Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball MarkerTippmann TMC Mag-Fed Marker2.68 lbsHigh QualityIntermediate to ProView On Amazon
First Strike Tiberius Arms T9.1 Paintball Marker ReviewFirst Strike Tiberius Arms T9.11.48 lbsHigh QualityIntermediate to ProView On Amazon
Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball MarkerTippmann X7 Phenom4.0 lbsMedium QualityBeginner to ProView On Amazon
First Strike FS T15 (DMR Variant)4.41 lbsMedium QualityBeginner to ProView On Amazon
GI Sportz Tippmann TCR Mag-fed Tactical Paintball Gun ReviewGI Sportz Tippmann TCR Mag-Fed Tactical8.0 lbsHigh QualityIntermediate to ProView On Amazon
JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball MarkerJT Sports Tactical RTP10.65 lbsMedium QualityIntermediate to ProView On Amazon
MAddog Spyder MR6 w/ DLS & Spare FS 9 Round Magazine Silver Paintball Gun PackageKingman Spyder MR610.0 lbsMedium QualityBeginner to ProView On Amazon

Top 12 Best Mag Fed Paintball Markers Reviews

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun is an excellent piece of gear. If you want something that’s more on the pro side, you’ll go for the Cronus Tactical model.

The Cronus Tactical weighs 4.8 pounds. This might sound like a lot, but it’s actually a pretty lightweight paintball gun considering the category it’s in. Its metal stock body provides both toughness and consistency. It’s equipped with molded rubber grips that make it easy to handle. The gas line is internal, which increases both comfort and freedom of movement. Thanks to its four Picatinny rails, the gun can be easily modified to suit your needs. 

What makes it come really close to military assault rifles are the mock silencer, the adjustable stock and the carry handle.

Although it has some issues, most people are very satisfied with the Cronus Tactical model and rate as one of the very best MilSim paintball guns you can get!

To better understand the difference, check out it’s key features and the list of pros and cons!

Key Features:

  • Complete All-In-One Paintball Package
  • Best Choice for Entry-Level Paintball Players
  • Semi-Automatic with High-Impact Composite Body
  • High-Performance Ported Barrel
  • Player Package Includes GenX Stealth Anti Fog Paintball Mask, 200 Round Gravity Fed Loader, Maddog 20 Oz. CO2 tank (Shipped Empty), 6+1 Paintball Harness w/ (6) Standard Paintball Pods
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Lightweight paintball gun
  • Metal stock body provides both toughness and consistency
  • Equipped with molded rubber grips making it easy to handle
  • Internal gas line increases freedom of movement
  • Can be easily modified to suit your needs
  • Equipped with mock silencer, the adjustable stock and the carry handle


  • Barrel is a bit too short
  • It’s partly made of plastic

The Dye Assault Matrix is literally the best paintball weapon ever made. The team at Dye must be overloaded with creativity in order to come up with this most amazing and ridiculously expensive paintball marker, the DAM. This mag-fed paintball marker is incredibly accurate and built to fire long-range bullets.

It’s a popular sniper weapon for the same reason. However, in addition to accuracy and reliability, the DAM has several features that set it apart from other brands. It has three shooting modes (semi-automatic, batch, or fully automatic), all of which can be changed at the touch of a button. It has a competition-grade trigger, bolt, and feed system. It also supports a box magazine designed specifically for DAM, which can hold up to 325 cartridges (unmolded).

First Strike T15 is probably the best paintball marker with a magazine for most players because of price. Starting from $ 1,500, Assault Matrix is ​​one of the most expensive paintball markers on the planet. Adding upgrades to a weapon like this magazine will dig too deep in your pockets, but it is an investment worth it.

If you are an expert paintball player, you’d know that even an impressive brand like T15 isn’t enough. DAM needs to be nothing more than just an example of what can be bought out of enough money and wits.

Key Features:

  • Easily switch from magazine fed to loader fed with the OnTheFly switch.
  • Seamlessly change firing modes with Select Fire technology.
  • Picatinny rails standard
  • Easily maintainable quick release bolt
  • Competition-style single trigger frame
  • DYE Tactical Sticky Grips.
  • 2 – 10 Round Magazines Included
  • Barrel sock, 9v battery, o-ring kit, mag repair kit, and DYE slick lube included.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Can fire over 20 paintballs per second
  • Capable of shooting First Strike Rounds
  • Best possible accuracy
  • Has an effective range of 150 feet
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Allows you to switch from the magazine to the hopper
  • Features alternative firing modes
  • Highly customizable
  • Equipped with adjustable stock and the quick-release bolt system


  • One of the heaviest in its category
  • Very expensive

This military style marker can fire over 20 paintballs per second. It’s capable of shooting First Strike Rounds, and has an effective range of 150 feet. It also allows you to switch from the magazine to the hopper in a matter of seconds. 

To make the battle even more interesting, you can always try one of the alternative firing modes. And last but not least, it has plenty of useful features, such as the adjustable stock and the quick-release bolt system.

It’s a top-rated gun, especially amongst seasoned players making it the best milsim paintball gun in this list!

The T4E HK416 is designed to be an incredibly detailed replica of a real firearm, obviously something that will not kill you, and has a gas recoil system. What puts this paintball marker above TM4 on the list is its quad-rail system that accepts attachments.

While the TM4 looks like the basic M4 carabiner, which has very little space for accessories or other optics, the real HK416 has been constructed to support Special Forces units and all the accessories they use. If you want to invest in one of the most realistic paintball guns possible and simultaneously use optics, handles, and other accessories, then there really is no other best alternative.

Like TM4, however, it is the first gun that is used by law enforcement agencies for training purposes and then by paintball enthusiasts to play paintball. If you need to repair or get any part of this marker changed, you can try finding compatible parts or competent technicians who may help you along. 

You’ll also need to paint on the blue parts, which is more difficult with this model because the stock is blue too. However, if gas recoil and realistic look are your priority, T4E HK416 should be on the top of your list.


  • Gas recoil
  • Looks very real
  • Highly reliable
  • Numerous rail mounting points


  • It is even more difficult to repaint the blue parts
  • No molded bullet holder

Our first three models are all made by Tippmann. It’s simply because this brand is one of the best when it comes to paintball gear. And although it’s not as good as the X7 Phenom, the US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker with E-Grip is still in our top 3.

This marker was designed to imitate the M-16 assault rifle. It features a very handy 6-point adjustable lever. Its purpose is to allow you to change the stock’s length. In terms of performance, it’s a quality piece of gear. It features a firing rate of up to 12 paintballs per second, as well as an effective range of 150 feet. To make playing paintball even easier, it’s equipped with a magazine that has a built-in storage for tools.

It’s an excellent choice of, especially for those unexperienced with military style markers!

But check out its key features and pros and cons to see for yourself!

Key Features:

  • Realistic tactical look
  • M-16 Style Collapsible Stock, Shroud, Carry Handle & Magazine
  • All Aluminum receiver
  • Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system


  • Designed to imitate the M-16 assault rifle
  • Features a very handy 6-point adjustable lever
  • Firing rate of up to 12 paintballs per second
  • Effective range of 150 feet
  • Equipped with a magazine that has a built-in storage for tools


  • Tough to handle
  • Requires modifications in order to function at its best

TM4 by Umarex T4E is not just any recreational paintball arm. Its main purpose is to serve as a training arm for law enforcement agencies. It looks very close to the real-life M4, even if you were to examine all its intricacies. It has the same shape, more or less the same weight, the same sights, and the same recoil thanks to the gas blowback system. Even more advanced milsim sets rarely include gas recoil systems making them look like real firearms, but you’ll get a little bit of realism in the field TM4.

This extremely realistic paintball gun is designed for law enforcement training and recreational use. First, the grip/ handle, handguard, and magazine, all of them are painted in blue. This way, the police can easily separate them from real firearms (because otherwise, they all look identical). These parts aren’t too hard to repaint, but it would be extra work. 

Secondly, you’ll find very limited spare part options for these guns, and you may have to rely on expensive replacement parts straight from the T4E in case of any damage. However, this would not frequently happen, as law enforcement agencies use these guns during training for a long time.


  • Gas recoil system
  • Highly detailed M4 copy
  • Reliable
  • High quality


  • Partially painted blue
  • Absence of rail mounting points
  • Does not support molded bullets

Are you a first-time magic player? Then, Tippmann TMC is probably the best choice. In its price range, TMC is admired for its reliability, convenience, and user-friendly design. Its magazines have a capacity of 191 paintballs that allows you to keep extra paintballs for backup. The whole platform is designed in such a way that it looks like a real firearm and magazine and is well built, in general. It also comes with a functional charging handle.

With TMC, it is difficult to find shortcomings and issues with the design. The stock barrel is not very good and can reduce your accuracy, which can pose as a minor issue. It ranks 5th not for something it does wrong, but for the performance, that (more expensive) options can offer. 

This weapon will work well in a woodsball, speedball, or any other similar paintball game. There are many rails and interchangeable parts to customize the entire gun to suit your needs and preference; it’s one of the best milsim paintball guns to invest in, and wouldn’t even cost an arm and a


  • Admirable value for money
  • Reliable
  • Customizable
  • Dual feed system
  • Spare parts support


  • Shaped bullets are not required
  • Requires barrel upgrade

First Strike T9.1 is among the most promising milsim paintball guns available in the market. With reliable manufacturing and support for molded bullets at a relatively low price, the T9.1 is an underrated marker, which becomes something to flaunt as a part of your worthy paintball gun collection. It has plenty of room for accessories and adjustments and has a dual-feed system if you decide to use the hopper on any given day.

By no means is this a paintball gun for those who are a novice in paintball. T9.1, just like the other ones, talked about before this can have reliability issues, especially if you use weak paintballs. Thinking to invest in this paintball? You should buy very hard and round bullets or uniquely shaped bullets. 

You will also need to clean the T9.1 thoroughly and regularly than other paintball markers and carefully monitor the air pressure in order to avoid malfunctions. If you want to get a universal and reliable paintball gun to fire bullets at the lowest possible price, the T9.1 is your choice. Otherwise, you could get your hands on T15 (which is also a part of the list).


  • Highly accurate
  • Molded bullet holder
  • Relatively cheap
  • Double feeding system


  • Sensitive to color and pressure
  • Low hopper capacity

If you’re looking to upgrade to a better marker, look no further! The Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun Milsim Military Tactical is at the same time unique and of the highest quality. Apart from being the first electro-pneumatic paintball gun with a bunch of great features, it has other great qualities as well.

With an effective range of 150 feet and a firing rate of 20 paintballs per second, the X7 Phenom is a very fast and accurate gun. But that’s not everything it has to offer! Apart from being highly efficient, it’s also a very quiet piece of gear. While firing, you won’t even be able to feel the kickback – it’s that insignificant. 

What makes this marker even better is its seamless design. It doesn’t use as much wear parts as other guns, and it’s even lighter than the Cronus Tactical. It’s also highly customizable, allowing for over 20 different upgrades. Some consider this to be one of the best paintball guns!

All in all, this model is among the best military style paintball guns available!

Key Features:

  • Three-position selector switch
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum body
  • Pushpin construction for easy field stripping
  • All-metal trigger for enhanced stability
  • Magnetically activated hall effect electronics


  • Effective range of 150 feet
  • Firing rate of 20 paintballs per second
  • Highly efficient and very quiet piece of gear
  • No kickback after firing
  • Seamless design
  • Doesn’t use as much wear parts as other guns
  • Highly customizable


  • Barrel cannot be customized
  • Gas line sometimes leaks

First Strike T15 is one of the best milsim paintball gun most paint enthusiasts can get. It looks identical to the mil-spec assault rifle and comes with a large aluminum air tank built into the stock, designed in the entirety to support the milsim style of play. As the flagship of the First Strike paintball gun, you can rest assured that the molded bullets feed and can be shot smoothly from the T15. 

The best part of the T15 is its aftermarket support. Obviously, it has many other pros, too. There are different configuration packages and many spare parts available if something goes wrong, and you are in need of a fix. Want an upgrade package? I’d recommend looking at the DMR variant, which includes a raised optical mount point, a new stock improved barrel, and a high-quality handguard.

You will most likely replace at least one of the parts of this weapon immediately after purchase. The O-rings inside the T15 are extremely weak, although we cannot say if that’s due to poor quality rings assembled by the factory or this happening because of the unusually hard guns. 

Either way, you need to make some improvements and fixes to get your T15 work properly. However, once you’ve got the necessary repairs done, you should have an unfailing and spectacular Mag-fed paintball gun that you can use in any type of game.


  • Spectacular performance
  • Highly accurate
  • Excellent milsim appearance
  • Many updates and options available


  • May require tuning to function properly
  • Expensive magazines

Tippmann TCR is another milsim paintball gun specifically designed to cater to a very specific niche. As a compact PDW-style gun, it is best suitable for close-range combat, unlike woodsball, where other milsim paintball guns can be used.

Like the Spyder MR6, this gun is low on capacity and holds just 12 rounds in extended magazines and not more than 7 rounds in a standard magazine. It is designed as an ultra-compact CQB paintball gun, so coming with a low capacity will be a significant problem, especially if you have precise aims to hit and timely responses to give to your opponents. With the adapter, you can mount a hopper on to this paintball gun and enjoy a standard game while you ace it.

Same as the MR6, this paintball gun poses reliability problems. The most common ones among the problems that arise are air leaks. With its relatively high price tag, it’s disappointing that this gun would require frequent repairs and maintenance to keep it in working order. 

This gun is low on versatility compared to other options on this list. This fact keeps Tippmann TCR as a relatively weak candidate. 


  • Extraordinary design
  • Double feed system
  • Comes with iron sights


  • Has reliability issues
  • Lacks in versatility
  • Expensive

JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball Marker Kit is a semi-auto model and is one of the cheapest markers on the list. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s no good. On the contrary, it’s the perfect choice for entry-level players who want to try out military style gear.

In terms of performance, this is a reliable and pretty accurate piece of equipment. It has a standard 150-feet effective range, and can shoot over 9 paintballs per second. What makes it look like a military assault rifle are the raised sight rail, the removable magazine and the adjustable stock. Its aluminum construction makes it a highly durable marker.

Even though it does have its issues, it’s still a solid piece of paintball gear!

But don’t take our word for it – check out its pros and cons!

Key Features:

  • 68 caliber semi-auto paintball marker Ready To Play Kit; Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Raptor Paintball Goggle with color match scheme
  • 90gram CO2 Tank with Adaptor
  • 50 Paintballs
  • Paintball loader and barrel plug


  • Reliable and pretty accurate piece of equipment
  • Effective range of 150-feet
  • Can shoot over 9 paintballs per second
  • Aluminum construction


  • One of the heaviest in its category
  • Not as fast and accurate as other guns on this list

The Spyder MR6 is the only basic magazine fed paintball marker, with interesting features for those new to this style of gun, provided that a few problems have made us keep it at the bottom of our list. It supports a dual feeding system. 

If you think mag-feds aren’t your cup of tea, you can use a standard .68 caliber hopper and play like you do with other paintball markers. The aesthetics of this paintball gun commendable and works well with a mislim loadout. MR6 supports First Strike bullets, but when used this way, you are bound to encounter several problems.0

The reasons why the MR6 is not something very commendable despite being cheaper in price and shaped projectile support is it being very low on reliability. The bolt of this gun is considerably hard on paintballs, which means only high-quality bullets that come with a shell can be used with this marker. 

Molded bullets can be damaged more easily than other paintballs and thereby have major reliability issues when used with the MR6. Guns like the MR6 that cause trouble with different paintballs aren’t worth the trouble that they are likely to cause.


  • Shaped bullets on a budget
  • Excellent milsim appearance
  • Supports hoppers or loaders


  • Reliability issues
  • Low hopper capacity

MilSim Paintball Markers Buying Guide: Features to Consider

Best magfed paintball marker Buyer Guide and Tips

Most people get a mag-fed marker because they want to complete the milsim paintball loadout. Paintball companies are aware of this preference and specifically adapt the designs of these guns to support the market’s demand. However, if you only want a milsim loadout and don’t want to use one with a low capacity, you should still be able to complete the milsim tray with a dual-feed marker that has been equipped with a hopper. Or check out a number of Tippmann’s collection for US Army markers that provide an impressive milsim experience, equipped with hopper.

If you want to check out our list of best paintball guns irrespective of whether they have military design or not, then click here.

Choosing Your MilSim Paintball Marker

Overall, I think the best milsim paintball gun on the market for someone with a knack for paintball is the Tippmann TMC. It’s reliable, fun, and stylish, but compared to most of the other guns on this list, it’s still very reasonably priced, not too high and not too low. If you want to save money while still having great milsim settings, TMC is probably your thing. Or if you have the more technical knowledge, First Strike’s T9.1 would also be worthwhile.

Paintball Gun For Seasoned Players

Those who can invest more should opt for the Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker, owing to it’s a high-performance with no significant drawbacks. However, the gas recoil systems and realistic aesthetics of the T4E paintball guns for law enforcement training also make them one of the best (albeit expensive) choices. Each of these brands can be ranked about above the Tippmann TMC, but cannot compete with the Dye Assault Matrix card. 

Honestly, if you haven’t played in milsim events in a long time and this shall remain the same, I don’t think there’s a big reason to spend the extra $ 1,000 to get a DAM on the T15. You get automatic fire and slightly better accuracy, but is it really worth the price increase when you could get the entire set up for less?

Opting For a Mag-Fed Setup

If you decide in favor of a mag-fed setup, don’t forget to get yourself a pistol. You can also keep the Tippmann TCR at your side and use it as an alternate weapon for close quarter combats. Don’t neglect the rest of the kit because you have paid too much for a first-class primary weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mag Fed Markers

What Are the Important Features to Look for in a Mag-fed Paintball Gun?

Weight, total length, air system used, ability to use a standard hopper, as well as compatibility with First Strike Rounds or molded paintballs must be considered.

Total weight and length are important because they affect your ability to move, hide, and feel comfortable playing paintball.

The quality of construction and materials used to affect not only the weight but also the durability of your paintball gun, so lighter isn’t necessarily better in all cases.

What is Paintball Shaped or First Strike Round?

First Strike paintball rounds were invented by Tiberius Arms many years ago. These balls have a regular paintball on the front and a plastic-like plastic fin similar to Reese’s peanut butter cup on the back. They fly notably farther, straighter, and effortlessly than traditional round balls.

The only downside is that they cost a lot and can only be used in the mag-fed paintball guns that support them. They are popular in mag-fed paintball due to the increased precision and Sniper shots, thanks to their feature of traveling a greater distance.

Why the Ability to Use a Standard Hopper is Important?

The ability to use a standard hopper allows for more efficient use of a mag-fed gun in non-mag-fed paintball games. It even gives the player the option to switch from mag-fed with precise shots to a standard hopper for volume accuracy. This ability gives you more flexibility when using a paintball gun and facilitates you with on the fly change capacity like with Dye Assault Matrix, which is indeed a notable feature.

How Many Magazines Are Needed?

You need to consider the number of magazines and the capacity of the magazines used by your paintball gun. The seven-round loader on the Tippmann TiPX requires you to change magazines and load more often. I would always recommend having at least two magazines, but four to six are more affordable. The high-capacity magazine (12 to 20 rounds) means that you should carry fewer magazines than if you only had one with seven rounds.

Another factor to consider is the price that can run between $ 20 and $ 40 + per magazine.

Should a CO2 Cartridge Be Used or a Standard Air Tank?

Although a CO2 bomb provides a more realistic look and weighs less than a standard air tank, a standard air tank should always be recommended. The standard air tank gives you more shots before reloading them, and you don’t have to worry about carrying more ammo or changing ammo while playing. If there is a problem with weight or ergonomics when you run a remote line setup, the tank, in such occasions in held on your body rather than on the gun, which can still be a good deal.

The Bottom Line

Our top pick for best mislim mag fed paintball marker from this is Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun.

While many branded markers require a little improvement to work, I think the extra cost and ammo limitations deserve capturing as authentic experience as possible. Additionally, if you opt for a brand like the First Strike T15, you can use molded bullets that offer greater accuracy than any barrel, bolt, and feed system improvements can provide.

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