Best Paintball Barrels In 2020 – Reviews, Features, And Buying Guide


As a paintball enthusiast, I can tell that Paintball barrels are equally essential as other basic equipment like hoppers and loaders, if not less. Those who love sports such as paintball and want better performance should pay heed to the quality and efficacy of the barrel installed in their gun.

The barrel is the only mechanism that can promise accuracy that all players desire to achieve. When you think about purchasing equipment for your paintball marker or modify it, consider a barrel mechanism that can up your chances of winning the game.

This all-inclusive guide will help you find the most spectacular paintball barrel available in the market. Furthermore, we talk about the factors that will help you decide on the best paintball barrel to buy. Let’s begin!

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Comparison Table For Best Paintball Barrels

ThumbnailNameBest ForMaterialAccuracyPrice
Deadlywind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel ReviewDeadlywind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball BarrelBeginner To ProHigh QualityVery HighView On Amazon
Gog Carbon Fiber Freak Paintball Barrel ReviewGog Carbon Fiber Freak Paintball BarrelBeginner To ProHigh QualityVery HighView On Amazon
Tippmann Sniper Paintball Barrel ReviewTippmann Sniper Paintball BarrelIntermediate To ProHigh QualityVery HighView On Amazon
Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel ReviewDeadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Paintball BarrelBeginner To ProHigh QualityHighView On Amazon
Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kits ReviewEclipse Shaft FR Back KitsBeginner To ProMedium QualityHighView On Amazon
DYE Precision GF Boomstick Paintball Barrel ReviewDYE Precision GF Boomstick Paintball BarrelIntermediate To ProHigh QualityHighView On Amazon
Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel ReviewEmpire Apex 2 Paintball BarrelBeginner To ProHigh QualityHighView On Amazon
Planet Eclipse Shaft 5 Paintball Barrel ReviewPlanet Eclipse Shaft 5 Paintball BarrelIntermediate To ProHigh QualityHighView On Amazon
BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2 Paintball Barrel ReviewBT APEX 2 Paintball BarrelBeginner To ProMedium QualityMediumView On Amazon
BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2 Paintball Barrel (Tippmann 98 Custom) ReviewBT APEX 2 Paintball Barrel (Tippmann 98 Custom)Beginner To ProMedium QualityMediumView On Amazon

Top 10 Barrels for Your Paintball Guns

Want to buy the best paintball barrel that offers real value for money? Deadlywind Null Paintball Barrel is probably your top pick. The company boasts a durable design, mainly with high-quality carbon fiber.

You will be highly satisfied with the carbon fiber material used in the overall construction. The barrel is light in weight and is accurate and quiet. Despite being light, it is strong and sturdy enough to withstand rough use. The three-layer construction further increases functionality and durability.

Deadlywind Null is manufactured in the USA and has its own porting and assembly to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The only downside is that this barrel is not very customizable as compared to others on the list.


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Offers high accuracy
  • 3-layer carbon fiber body
  • It is easy to use, doesn't require inserts


  • Limited customization

Owing to its carbon fiber body, lightweight, and high accuracy, this paintball barrel has secured top position in our list of best paintball barrels!

Carbon fiber is considered to be one of the most popular materials for a worthwhile paintball barrel. Undoubtedly, they are strong and durable. The barrel does not break easily and is pleasantly light, so you can carry them comfortably.

Your shots are bound to hit the target very easily. This barrel is all you need to up your game. Due to the overall construction and durability, you’ll be happy that the barrel comes with an all-inclusive carbon bonded composite and sturdy aluminum fibers.

It is extremely difficult to break! Many times in professional paintball tournaments, it has been proven that investing in this barrel is the right decision. It also features relatively large and efficient American spiral doors compared to most barrels that are available. This gives the GOG carbon fiber a compelling advantage. The barrel is available in sizes between 14 to 16 inches.


  • It offers thorough consistency and accuracy
  • Contains several inserts
  • Has a unique barrel porting
  • Enables pinpoint precision


  • Compatible with paintball guns if auto-cocker threads are used

Offering high accuracy, barrel porting, and pinpoint precision, this paintball barrel is second in our list of best paintball barrels!

Sniper Barrel Tippmann is available in the following lengths:

  1. 14 inches
  2. 16 inches

The barrel is well designed with an exceptionally smooth and perfect internal finish and a durable black anodized surface is what it has as the exterior.

The barrel design is simple, but has some amazing features like grooves and porting at the end, helping with the release of gas. With this precise barrel setting, you’ll mainly get great performance. The Tippman sniper barrel is made out of lightweight aluminum, while the interior is made of a low-friction surface.

It is a one-piece barrel with a simple yet exclusive design. As a general recommendation, the barrel length should be between 12 and 18 inches. The Tippman sniper has the optimal length. It will undoubtedly help you take in shooting accurately!


  • Enable users to enjoy accurate and long-distance shots
  • Makes Minimal noise
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Ideal for Tippmann 98 Custom and Custom Pro Paintball markers
  • Ideal for players who prefer to hide and attack from a distance


  • It does not offer a wide range to choose from

Enabling accuracy and long distance shots coupled with easy maintenance and minimal noise brought this barrel to third spot in our list of best paintball barrels!

The deadly wind is known for one thing. Quality control. Known to be light in weight, this barrel has a free from manufacturing defects guarantee, which is, undoubtedly, a-ma-zing. Using the 3 layer process, it has a smooth design and guarantees precision. Most carbon fiber barrels are notorious for the fiber threads that begin to lose and come out of the edges of the barrel’s porting hole. What does it do? It means that the material quality may not be as good and would lead to an uneven surface.

Well, the deadly wind is beyond that. These precision barrels are also not more than 45 grams for a 12-inch size and 50 grams for a 14-inch barrel. With super silk fiber, it has a uni-directional fiber layer that has a multi-vector pattern and a two by two exterior layer.


  • Lightweight
  • Silent
  • Accurate
  • Three-layer built
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Expensive
  • The barrel cannot accommodate all bore sizes

Want a paintball barrel that is fast, as well as accurate? Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kits should be your go-to. Get your favorite barrel in its freaky ready format with the option to combine freak inserts. Its spectacular design has been fashioned by the design shaft. Shoot great paintballs and steal the game.

The barrel is highly compatible with 3 to 4 shaft tips and will give you the ease to customize. Its cocker quick threads help it in being acclaimed as one of the best barrels available. When you can make the paintball game full of excitement, then what is stopping you?


  • Has a freaky ready format
  • Helps in optimizing bore selection
  • Unique design
  • Its insert can keep the joiner section intact
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly from the marker


  • Bit tight

With its two-piece built and above-average quality, its built has CF and GF structural wrap guaranteeing lightweight and commendable performance. With its stable port pressure and porting abilities in general, the shots are guaranteed to be delivered with accuracy, and your performance will not be constrained. Stainless steel inserts are known for withstanding scratches and wear and tear, while still staying stainless.

With its smooth surface finish, you should know that it has unmatched strength and is highly durable, thanks to its glass fiber tech. Want more? Well, you will get more. It is customizable, and though expensive, its quality and features are worth it.


  • Two-piece built
  • Stable port
  • Stainless steel inserts
  • Durable
  • Customizable


  • Relatively expensive

7. Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel

Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel Review

Thinking to upgrade your paintball barrel, but are short on budget? No worries. Get the Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel. Affordable, reliable, durable, and well designed. What else do you need? Providing the ease to shoot over long-distance maximizes your chances of hitting the target.  Have an old marker? Get this barrel. It would not matter.

Its built-in adjustable ramp lets you obtain the level of curve needed to execute a perfect shot. This is a spectacular three-piece kit with varying lengths of 14 to 16 inches. With multiple barrels, how can you go wrong in getting something that matches your playing style?

With multiple bore inserts, you also have the option to choose any size of paintballs that you would like to shoot. Switch between the barrels and inserts, and you are good to go.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Can shoot over long distances
  • Multiple barrels and inserts
  • Has an adjustable ramp


  • Has a case of inferior quality

8. BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2 Paintball Barrel

BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2 Paintball Barrel Review

My first take? It’s Sturdy and strong aluminum construction is legit worth it. With nine adjustment spin positions that the barrel can offer, anyone who knows paintball will know that the tendency to hit the target must have been increased greatly. Not just that, its adjustable ramp will let you achieve the preferred curve for the perfect shot.

With its easy and tool-less disassembly, you can tend and maintain it easily. Thanks to its stealth look, shoot at a distance and still be accurate. Want to customize the spin level and curve? You can do that too. Want long ball distance shots? Consider it done.


  • Sturdy in design and construction
  • Multiple adjustment spins
  • Curve and spin level can be customized
  • Helps you achieve your desired curve level
  • Stealth look
  • Has an adjustable ramp


  • Difficult to clean

9. BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2 Paintball Barrel (Tippmann 98 Custom)

BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2 Paintball Barrel (Tippmann 98 Custom) Review

Yet again, sturdy and durable due to the aluminum construction, this barrel is easy to disassemble and manage. Twist the barrel and be able to do a right and left hook, long flat trajectory shot, and a drop shot. It has this backspin effect, stealth look, and an increased range that would help you shoot accurately, regardless of the distance.

It also comes with an adjustable ramp (Well, it had to, to be tough competition on this list); you can switch between its nine levels of built-in control and easily customize your curve and spin level. Isn’t it marvelous?


  • Sturdy in design and construction
  • Multiple adjustment spins
  • Help you achieve your desired curve level and thus, accuracy in shooting
  • Stealth look
  • Easy to maintain/ tool-less assembly
  • Curve and spin level can be customized
  • Has an adjustable ramp


  • Relatively heavy

Popular for its spectacular performance, this high-quality barrel comes with various bore sizes and is compatible with different kinds of paintballs. Quiet and accurate, you would not miss a chance of dumbfounding your opponents in combat. Great design and superior aesthetics, what else would you need? By the way, it also has a perfect micro-honing.


  • High quality
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Has a micro-honing
  • Quite in operation
  • Different bore sizes available


  • Its micro-honing will require a travel case

Buying Guide For Best Paintball Barrels

Accuracy, barrel length, bore size, and material are important features considered in best paintball barrels

1. Barrel Length – Getting the Ideal Length

Barrel length mostly depends on a few things, like gas efficiency, play style, etc. Short barrels are relatively gas efficient and require less air to fire projectiles. The choice of barrel size is more of a technical choice. Many prefer long barrels because they expect to keep shooting. In fact, it doesn’t matter how farther one can shoot using a specific barrel. Accuracy depends to some extent on the length of the barrels. However, it mostly depends on the color/paint you are going to shoot.

Want your shots to be more accurate? Opt for high-quality balls. Furthermore, it is often observed that the gas efficiency decreases with increasing barrel length. That being said, short barrels produce a loud sound when fired. When the paintball is surrounded by more air in short barrels, more turbulence and less accurate shots are likely.

For optimal accuracy, we recommend that getting a 12-inch barrel. 7 inches is the minimum length for a paintball barrel, while 20 inches is the maximum (don’t forget the ideal range we told you about). Some skilled paintball players buy a barrel with a diameter of 20 inches because the game would have a lot of hiding and seeking.

2. Size of the Barrel Bore

The size of the bore is very important when selecting a paintball barrel. The size of the bore would translate into the barrel’s accuracy. Most paintballs have a diameter of 0.68 inches on average.

Right size of bore of a paintball barrel for accuracy and to increase the ability of player

Owning a larger paintball barrel than paintball balls will leave room for paintballs to movement in the barrel. As a result, it can result in a smaller trajectory and, of course, less accuracy. Look at the concept of under boring, i.e., the size of the hole needs to be smaller than the size of the balls. Make sure there is no additional space for the paintball to move inside the barrel, leading to a consistent trajectory and better accuracy.

3. The Material of the Barrel

The choice of barrel material is an important decision because it will affect the quality of the barrel. This affects the weight of your paintball gun and the accuracy and precision of your shots. Some materials are mainly stronger as compared to others and can tackle rough usage and blows. Some of the commonly used materials in barrel production are listed below:

Aluminum Barrel:

The aluminum barrels offer an excellent combo of weight and resilience. They are light as compared to steel. The material is not too pricy, and you can opt for a worthwhile aluminum barrel, even on a limited budget. The balance function is commendable.

Stainless Steel Barrel:

The stainless steel barrel is a close competition to the aluminum ones and can withstand harsh blows. No matter how inhumane the paintball gun is used, this barrel can withstand it all. For this reason, stainless steel barrels are preferred by most professional paintball players. One of the drawbacks is its not-so-light weight. If you’re switching from aluminum to steel, chances are you’ll add about 2 pounds to carry around.

Ceramic Barrel:

Ceramic barrels are as light as aluminum. However, they can crack if you roughly use a paintball marker, because they are fragile. One of its main benefits is self-cleaning, so you don’t have to get rid of the mess yourself.

Carbon Fiber Barrel:

LITERALLY the lightest yet incredibly strong material available on the market in the carbon fiber. The best part is its attribute of zero friction inside the barrel, ensuring that your balls shoot as far as it can.

Note: it is quite expensive compared to other options.

4. Design and Vents

Small holes that can be seen on the barrel are called vents. Their main purpose is to remove excess pressure that is created in the pipeline. If the vents are closer to the mark, the shots are more likely to be silent. You will definitely gain an edge over other players. Keep in mind that the speed may be a bit slow. The ventilation holes at the tip will be louder, but the shots being shot will be much strong. Choosing a paintball barrel high on precision and one that suits your needs is what anyone wanting to ace paintball matches should do.

Design and Vents of paintball barrel for increased accuracy and precision of best paintball barrels

You should own more barrels and use them alternately or as per the game requirements. The internal surface treatment affects the friction of the paint as it passes through the tube significantly. A smooth surface is less likely to cause friction.

An uneven interior can cause several problems, such as slow speed or broken paintball. Maintenance is another important aspect that affects the interior finish. You will need something that is easy to clean and maintain. You never know when to clean the barrel; it can happen in the middle of the game as well.

5. Choosing One Piece or Two Piece Barrel

Things get better with time; some things go through small improvements, while others come with extensive updates. Coming to paintball, you are bound to come across many updates. Some of them are very conspicuous, including the two-piece barrels.

When paintball emerged as a game, only the one-piece barrels were commonly used. With many advances in paintball equipment, we have seen two-piece barrels offering excellent accuracy.

These barrels soon became popular and replaced one-piece barrels. The two-piece barrels are uniquely designed so the player can choose different parts for the front and rear of the barrel.

These pieces vary in size, and the addition of another piece offers a more customizable option that would not be possible with one-piece options. The front is chosen mainly based on the life of the paintball gun and the ease of use. On the other hand, the back-piece depends mainly on the size of the paintballs you want to shoot.

6. Barrel Accuracy

There are several factors that determine the accuracy of a barrel. Read below:

Keep the Barrel Clean:

It is important to clean the barrel of dirt or grime. Sometimes paint, or dust gets stuck inside the barrel, in turn, increasing the turbulence and slowing the speed of paintball.

Appropriate Barrel Bore Size:

The accuracy of the barrel significantly depends on its hole size. Consider a bore size that does not allow free movement of paintballs in the gun, break it due to lack of space, or may let it move around a bit too much.

Barrel length selection for best Paintball Barrels to achieve maximum accuracy

Use Quality Paintballs:

Low-quality paintballs are not exactly spherical and have a poor finish. They will not go directly to the goal. Choose quality bullets so that you are able to shoot at your target accurately.

Correct Barrel Length:

It is not necessary to choose a barrel that is too long or too short. The ideal barrel length is somewhere between 12 and 18 inches. The long barrel slows down paintball shots, while the shorter ones increase turbulence, leading to less accuracy.

Proper Barrel Porting:

Barrel porting eliminates excess air pressure and helps stabilize bullets for smooth and precise shots.

7. Correct Porting of the Barrel

The best paintball barrels for precision have porting features such as small holes in the front. If you own a quality paintball gun, you will see porting on it. When the bullets come out of the barrel, it would not affect the accuracy, and therefore we recommend the barrel that is ported.

Porting wouldn’t the only accuracy but also minimizes sounds when a paintball is shot. Air pressure is created in the gun when a paintball us being shot. It provides the required momentum and speed. Porting to the barrel removes excess air before the paintball leaves the barrel, and thus, the marker becomes much quieter.

Another major benefit is its unmatched accuracy. There is no denying that porting plays an important role in determining the accuracy of a weapon. When the trigger is pulled, pressure builds up in the gun, and any added pressure can increase turbulence.

This can often result in twisting or jerking, which leads to a bad trajectory. Proper porting drive away extra energy and pressure, so the paintball stays stable and leveled. Some players have found that porting results in a less powerful shot because it gets rid of excess air pressure. Remember that there is a fine line between under and over porting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Paintball Barrels

Q. Do longer barrels increase paintball accuracy?

The best length, especially for paintball, depends mainly on your game and style of play. Although the recommended barrel length is between 12-16 inches.

A short barrel is recommended in close combat, while long barrels suit sniper situations. The short barrels are known for being gas efficient, offer fast shots, and are easy to carry, but they are notorious for being noisy. Long barrels aren’t quite as effective, but they’re quiet and great for long-range battles.

Q. What is the hole size of the best paintball barrel?

Ideally, you should prefer a medium-sized barrel. It shouldn’t get stuck in a paintball gun for being too short or moving freely because it was too long.

You can choose a .684 or 685. Remember that bore size is important to ensure smooth and precise paintball shots.

Q. What is the best length of a paintball barrel?

This will be your personal preference, although we highly recommend getting anything between 12-16 inches. If you are an active paintball player and prefer to play on the front, you may want to use a shorter model. However, a longer barrel may be appropriate when playing on the back of a paintball field.

Q. How to clean a paintball barrel?

Cleaning the paintball barrel isn’t something very hard to do. Take a squeegee, and remove the barrel of your paintball marker. Insert one of its ends into the barrel, pushing it all through the gun. Pull it until the tail reaches inside the barrel. Now clean the outer surface and repeat the steps for thorough cleaning.

In Conclusion

Choosing a worthwhile paintball barrel will be easier if you know what part is important and why it is important. You’d know what you exactly need to look for. Paintball requires you to experience various qualities such as leadership, teamwork, team spirit, planning, and coordination. Not just that, be sure that you’d be packed with energy, and obviously, it will contribute to increasing your fitness. 

We recommend the Deadlywind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel from our list of best paintball barrels. Why? It is smoother and accurate. Conduct a thorough investigation and evaluate all advantages and disadvantages of choosing a certain paintball barrel. Don’t forget one thing when you delve too deep into the world of paintball. Your budget. Don’t break your bank. Paintball is undoubtedly a lot of fun, but your budget and skill level should decide which one you’d opt for. You can also check our list of best paintball markers to first select a paintball gun of your choice and then finalize the perfect barrel to go with that marker!

There is another challenge when choosing paintball equipment. If you aren’t able to figure out which paintball barrel is right for your style of play, take a look at the guide above to find most of the answers you are in search of.

We hope this all-inclusive paintball buyer’s guide will help you choose the best paintball barrel. Without a worthwhile barrel, paintballing isn’t the same amount of fun, and sometimes impossible!

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