Best Paintball Guns In 2020 – Reviews, Features, And Buying Guide

I have compiled some points after thorough research in this article to give you an insight on the best paintball guns to go for while buying and what factors to keep in mind before purchasing one.


I’m sure whoever is reading this is familiar with the term PAINTBALL, however, for those of you new to this sport, let me give a brief description.

Paintball is a competitive group shooting sport in which the playing members wipe out the members from the opposing team by hitting them with circular color filled gelatin cases considered paintballs that break upon sway. Paintballs are normally shot utilizing low-vitality air weapons considered paintball markers that are controlled by compacted air (nitrogen) or CO2 and were initially intended for distantly stamping trees and cows.

Since its introduction in 1981, it has gained worldwide recognition and is played all around the globe with hundreds and thousands of players. It has a large competitive industry which supplies its players with variety of paintball guns ranging from a couple of bucks to thousands of dollars depending upon the requirements of the user.

It takes a while to get used to the paintballing, but once when you start getting better at it, you feel the need to switch up your pace and get a better weapon. That is why it is recommended to get the best weapon with respect to value for money. I’ve compiled a list of the best paintball guns keeping in mind different factors such as reviews, player requirements, budget, etc. So without any further delay, let’s get into it!

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Comparison Table For Best Paintball Markers

ThumbnailNameWeightVelocityPerfect ForPrice
Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker ReviewTippmann A5 Caliber3 LBs300 FPSWoodsballView On Amazon
Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball GunDye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Gun4.5 LBs285 FPSSpeedball/WoodsballView On Amazon
Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball MarkerPlanet Eclipse Etha 23.5 LBs240 FPSSpeedballView On Amazon
Tippmann Cronus Basic Paintball GunTippmann Cronus Basic Paintball Gun3.7LBs300 FPSWoodsballView On Amazon
Empire Mini GS MarkerEmpire Mini GS3 LBs300 FPSSpeedball/WoodsballView On Amazon
Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Paintball MarkerPlanet Eclipse ETEK 52.2 LBs285 FPSSpeedball/WoodsballView On Amazon
Dye M2 Paintball MarkerDye M34.6 LBs290 FPSSpeedballView On Amazon
Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball GunTippmann 98 Custom2.9 LBs350 FPSWoodsballView On Amazon
Empire Paintball Axe MarkerEmpire Axe Paintball Marker3.6 LBs285 FPSSpeedball/WoodsballView On Amazon
Tippmann TMC MAG FED Paintball MarkerTippmann TMC6.6 LBs290 FPSWoodsballView On Amazon

Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Reviews

If you are searching for the best paintball weapon with respect to value for money, then go for none other than the Tippmann A5.

It is perfect for the novice and the intermediate. The durability and use of this paintball gun makes it an excellent choice. The wide exhibit of overhauls accessible guarantees that you can begin with it as a beginner and as you improve your paintball abilities, all you need to do it upgrade it and you will be prepared to vanquish your next fight.

It lies around $200 on Amazon. It is generally utilized for scenario play and woodsball. Its built and lightweight design makes it easy to remove and push pins. It is the best paintball marker on our list!

Other highlights are given below

Pros And Cons


  • Fully adaptable
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Quite affordable
  • Less CO2 utilization than its counterparts
  • High Accuracy
  • Easy to customize and countless upgrades available


  • Effectiveness issue with trigger pin sometimes
  • Slightly heavier than other paintball guns

It lies around $500 dollars on Amazon. On the off chance that you are a major follower of Dye items and can’t come up with the $1000 required for the Dye m2, this Dye Proto marker is the next best thing that should be your choice.

Having difficulty finding any flaws in this products, it also comes with lots of benefits. As explained before, the best paintball markers can be very costly. However, this Dye Proto paintball marker exists to change your mind, despite the fact that it is somewhat costly when contrasted with the other paintball markers in this rundown. This is the second best paintball gun on our list!

Pros And Cons


  • Hardly makes a sound when firing
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Efficient shooting with e-triggering
  • 12 months guarantee
  • High unwavering quality


  • Requires regular maintenance of the paintball marker

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 comes after the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball marker. This Etha 2 paintball marker is a splendid improved version of the Etha. It has been refined and upgraded to give a very good dependability. It is an ideal blend of innovation and advancement.

Its outer body has been developed in a manner that guarantees a durable body. This is an added benefit since it empowers the paintball marker to withstand sway and impact while conveying sturdiness simultaneously.

Regardless of whether you are an apprentice, transitional or proficient, you can never turn out badly with the Planet Eclipse Etha 2. It lies around $400 on Amazon.  It is the third best paintball gun on our list!

It has many astounding highlights as mentioned below.

Pros And Cons


  • Minimum maintenance
  • Resilient to harsh weathers
  • Anti-cutting framework
  • Strong parts and body
  • High sturdiness


  • Slightly louder than other markers

Tippmann Cronus, since it is a real overhaul of the 98, it is best suited to intermediates and novice players.

The bolt system of the gun provides considerable comfort when playing for extended periods of time and also provides a better grip over the product. The Tippmann Cronus has been designed according to the requirements of the player. It avoids chopping balls while playing and has a high firing rate.

It accompanies a paintball weapon mega set containing an anti-fog paintball mask and a 200 round loader that is gravity fed. It is controlled by a 20 ounce tank which contains CO2. During delivery, the tank is sent empty.

It additionally accompanies a paintball bridle that has six standard paintball pods with 140 rounds. It is the forth top paintball marker in our list. 

Pros And Cons


  • Affordable and good price
  • Durable
  • High firing rate with greater accuracy
  • Easy to handle
  • Very lightweight


  • Hopper cover isn't robust
  • CO2 spillage sometimes

Floating around $300 on Amazon, this Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker has taken paintball weapons to another level. Empire items are always considered as dependable and of great quality. They normally have a very good reputation among their clients.

This particular model is a Mini model which is incredible. In any case, this model is a change of the previous model to make a flexible and exceptionally proficient marker. It has an improved hold to guarantee comfort when being used and it additionally has a great deal of redesigns from the past models.

It accompanies a Mini motor that is battle proven and a GS that is full fold over to guarantee a firm hold. This, consequently, guarantees secure grasp of the product and shields the paintball weapon from the paint and different components. 

What’s more, the Mini GS has an on/off ASA setting that disposes of any potential string issues consequently bringing about a smooth expulsion of the tank. As a little something extra, the new structure has a recompense for a drop-in without switching the front hold. It is the fifth top paintball marker on our list!

Pros And Cons


  • High-speed firing capacity
  • Great performance
  • Variable terminating modes
  • Smooth firing
  • Reasonable price


  • Little difficult to keep up for new players
  • HPA tank spillage possible if proper maintenance avoided

A new paintball gun makes it to the market almost each day. Be that as it may, the vast majority of these firearm creators don’t have you as a main priority.

Planet Eclipse is a unique product in the paintball business and they have never neglected to convey the first class paintball weapons that have been through torment tests to guarantee they can withstand extreme rivalries. This paintball weapon can be bought from Amazon at an expense of below 500 dollars for either used or new one. It uses the trickle-down like the others.

It additionally has a coordinated LPR get together with a SLR inline controller that ensures steady operation of the ETEK 5 bringing about the most agreeable and stable shooting conceivable. It is the sixth best paintball marker on our list!

Pros And Cons


  • Magnetic trigger return
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • 12 months guarantee
  • Super silent shooting


  • Trigger not up to mark
  • Hard to clean and maintain

If you are searching for a firearm that isn’t just designed to last but in addition intended to intrigue, then go for none other than the Dye M3 paintball marker. Much the same as the Dye Proto, this paintball marker guarantees that you get more than what you pay for. It is the seventh best paintball gun on our list!

A portion of its stunning highlights are as examined beneath as preferences and weaknesses.

Pros And Cons


  • High accuracy
  • Beautiful structure
  • Silent shooting
  • Smooth firing
  • Excellent shooting capability


  • Air leakage issue faced between grip and frame by some users

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum accompanies a mega set. It is the most sold paintball weapon ever and it’s in use everywhere over the world. Tippmann 98 custom is the best paintball firearm below $150. It is extremely simple to utilize, has high reliability, elite and can be upgraded.

Made completely from aluminum, the inner parts can be used for fast redesigns and changes. The Picatinny rail makes this weapon increase the handling of the gun, and you can include scope, mods, and so on. They use ACT (Anti-Chop Technology) to make it more beneficial and not to break the paintballs, which is has been tested. It is the eighth top paintball marker on our list!

Pros And Cons


  • Air efficient
  • Reliable
  • Customizable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Quite Sturdy


  • Difficult to use

 When looking for the best master paintball firearm, most users are searching for a paintball weapon that is tough, solid, however, overall it must be exceptionally precise.

The Empire Axe Paintball marker guarantees that you take care of the business on the first run. This alone is sufficient to give you an added benefit against the other player. It accompanies stand-out press button system for eliminating bolts and this goes far in guaranteeing simple support.

It likewise has an ASA or empire relay regulator with an on and off switch to make it simpler to detach the tank. It is the ninth top paintball marker on our list!.

Pros And Cons


  • Very solid and sturdy
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Silent operation
  • High speed firing
  • Easy maintenance


  • Some users have a problem with stock barrels (non-customizable)

The Tippmann TMC Magfed has been getting superb ratings and reviews from clients all around the globe. This is on the grounds that it always conveys magnificent outcomes as wanted. It accompanies adjustable sights both at the front and back. It has rubber hold for firm grip when utilizing. The most impressive aspect of this paintball marker is that it barely requires maintenance.

You should simply clean it completely after use and lubricate each time before participating in a fight. With this paintball firearm you get best of both options where you can use the magazine fed option or the customary stacking choice. It is anything but difficult to adorn the TMC so as to give the player more choices.

Thus it accordingly guarantees that you profit by both usefulness and reliability. It is the tenth top paintball marker on our list!

Pros And Cons


  • Great rubber grip
  • Sleek design
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Often Co2 gas leakages
  • Charging handle is not robust

Buyer Guide For Top Paintball Markers

Best Paintball Guns Buyer Guide and Features to Consider

Durability of the Marker:

Some guns are quite delicate and not long lasting, therefore, you should go for the durable ones if you’re paintballing on a rough battlefield, particularly if you’re a beginner.

In a similar vein, it’s your obligation to ensure you keep your product perfect and oiled. Clean your marker remotely after each game and dismantle or clean the internals on the off chance that you slash paint or get into mud or face a similar situation.

Efficiency of the Paintball Gun:

Efficiency of the marker is generally a debatable issue for the new or unpracticed player. Notwithstanding, you can tune your marker so it utilizes less air per shot.

Doing so will be good for brittle tournament paint as it results in lesser impact effect on the ball. You’ll likewise get more shots per fill, thus if you’re shooting a huge amount of paint (800+ balls per match) this may be of importance.

How Regularly You Play:

This is generally your most significant factor for selection of a marker. In case you’re simply playing with your amigos casually in your lawn or backyard, basically any marker will do.

If you plan on being a serious player, at that point you have to put resources into some better hardware. Better quality weapons cost more than a hundred dollars, yet on the off chance that you plan on paying attention to it, it will be justified, despite all the trouble.

For serious level speedball play, you will require an electro and a decent loader.


If you’re purchasing a modest weapon that is adequately “expendable” on the off chance that it breaks, the guarantee is likely not that imperative to you. Most firearms accompany a one year guarantee.

Assuming be that as it may, if you pouring hundreds of dollars for a gun, ensure the producer remains behind the firearm with a decent guarantee.

Most of these producers offer affordable and budget friendly repair charges, you can reach them through their specific contact procedures to ask them questions.

Weight of the Paintball Gun:

I think it’s quite obvious that weight can be a significant issue, particularly on the off chance that you are playing throughout the day. Heavier markers can go up to 5 pounds or something like that, while present-day lightweight markers can weigh under 2 pounds.

Obviously, in the event that you are a genuine player go with a lighter one!

Style and Comfort: 

While you may mind what you look like out on the war zone, how the marker fits in your grasp ought to be the need. A marker you feel great with and you can shoot precisely is positively a significant thought.

Different Types of Paintball Guns Available In The Market

1. Pump Paintball Guns

At the point when paintball initially began, manual or pump guns were the only types known as “stock class pump”. They expect you to work the bolt for each shot and subsequently, have a low pace of discharge. Today most pumps are known as “open class”.

In spite of prevalent thinking, pump markers are not characteristically superior than some other markers. Their precision, similar to any marker, is for the most part dictated by the nature of the paint you’re shooting and how intently you’ve coordinated the balls to your barrel sizer.

They are not that well known any longer due to the low pace of fire yet at the same time can be found among paintballers who welcome the moderate, handy play style.

Pump markers are well known among gifted players hoping to “switch things up”. Try switching to pump game play if you’re fed up with shooting ropes with your electro.

We have covered our list of best pump paintball guns which should help you out if you want to opt for it.

2. Mechanical Markers

Well known in woodsball play where their toughness and reliability sparkles, Mechanical markers have no electronic segments and depend altogether on straightforward mechanical parts to take care of the business.

Mechanical markers are commonly simpler to keep up and more averse to experience issues during a day of play. Not at all like electros, they aren’t run on batteries and you’ll never need to stress over the eyes clogging up.

Mechanical markers are, nonetheless, bound to hack paint which makes a wreck and loses the exactness of your marker. These markers additionally won’t have the option to provide high paces of fire or soft bolts of electro markers.

Take a look at our picks for top mechanical paintball markers if you decide to purchase one for yourself! 

3. Electropneumatic Markers

Innovation has advanced with paintball firearms and now they have switched to being electric. These paintball firearms are costlier when contrasted with mechanical yet offer some significant points of interest.

Rather than a mechanical sledge opening a valve, we have a solenoid that is opened electrically. These markers are either regulated by a replaceable 9-volt battery or sometimes by built-in rechargeable battery.

Electros have major added benefits. Their build or profile is smaller and more lightweight in contrast to mechanical markers on account of the straightforward spool valve framework (even the poppet valves are very thin). These markers additionally have inherent property that keep the marker from firing discharge unless and until the paint is appropriately stacked which decreases misfires and slashed paint.

Apart from that, advanced electro markers have the capability to reach 30 plus balls per second which is quite impressive. Obviously, the lawful BPS limit is normally 10.5 balls per second or less in most fields.

To match with the high pace of fire, you’ll be best served to match an electronic paintball marker with an electro container like the Spire or Rotor to make the entire framework work easily.

Selecting The Right Paintball Propellant

1. CO2

Previously CO2 was the first choice to be used in paintball guns, however times have changed and at present most modern day and up to date guns won’t work with CO2. Please do not utilize CO2 with modern electro marker.

CO2 is difficult for marker internals and in light of the fact that it changes phases as it drives the ball, each shot can differ uncontrollably in distance and exactness.

CO2 is still to date utilized in certain markers, especially as 12-gram cartridges. Some First Strike and mag-fed markers depend on 12g CO2. Also, Stock Class pump only uses a 12g CO2 as the main source of air. Consequently, some extremely little business sectors of the paintball world do in any case depend on CO2.

2. Nitrogen

Nitrogen was utilized for a brief period as CO2 went on the wayside. Nitrogen is an incredible inactive gas that is delicate on marker internals and has just about zero contaminants such as water that can cause issues inside the markers.

However, on its downside, Nitrogen is way more costly in contrast to the modern day gas used known as High-Pressure Air.

3. HPA

As mentioned above, due to the price factor HPA took lead in the paintball industry as air compressors and water sifters like desiccants improved. Fields immediately understood that utilizing modern air blowers and water channels can make a modest and interminable supply of paintball marker power!

HPA today dominates the field as marker gas and you’ll observe that 99 percent of the industry goes with this.

HPA tanks themselves come in 3,000 psi and 4,500 psi variations. These tanks are then additionally sorted by their inside volume. These numbers, for instance, are then perused as follows:

3,000 psi + 45 cubic inch = 30/45
4,500 psi + 90 cubic inch = 45/90

45 cubic inch, 50 ci, 68ci, 77ci, and 90ci are your decisions. For most players, a 45/45 or 45/50 will be okay.

Finding The Barrels That Suit Your Need

One of the biggest concepts in paintball on “the means by which to get more precision” is based on the famous paintball barrel. Throughout, the long term producers have made bended barrels, long barrels, carbon fiber barrels, rifled barrels, two-piece barrels, and various other types.

At the point when I began paintballing, the Tippmann Flatline Barrel and the Freak Barrel were in their outset. While the Flatline barrel didn’t get much attention, the Freak Barrel lighted an upheaval.

Paint Size And Barrel Diameter:

It’s obvious, the most significant piece of getting precision and consistency with paintballs is to ensure the balls are compatible with the size of your barrel.

Small Paint Size Compared to Barrel Diameter

Smaller paint size with respect to the barrel diameter will result in lack of consistent shots and bad air efficiency.

Large Paint Size Compared to Barrel Diameter

Larger paint size with respect to barrel diameter will result in the breakage of the ball due to high friction, leading to distortion of your accuracy and creating mess.

In the event that your paint is an accurate match to your barrel measurement, you’ll have spectacular consistency and high accuracy.

Sadly, on some random day with some random paintball the specific size of that ball can fluctuate by a couple of thousandths of an inch. This may not appear a lot, yet it’s significant!

Adjusting Size of Paintball to the Barrel:

So as to adjust these fluctuating sizes of paint to your barrel, you’ll need a modular barrel framework like the Freak Barrel. Numerous makers today make their own modular barrel frameworks and a large portion of them are of an equal quality so don’t get confused on which brand to go with.

Expert Tip: Exact match paint measuring is very important for pump markers, the reason being that if the barrel is too huge, your balls will simply roll out of the barrel. In contrast to mechanical and electro markers, many pump markers have no ball detent.

Thus if your marker doesn’t have a modular barrel framework as of now, make the change!

Pro Tip: I for one find that .675, .677, .679, and .681 most of the time fit the paint that I shoot here in Michigan on any random summer day.

Paintball Mods and Upgrades

No matter how good your gun is or whatever its design or shape is, people for some reason will always do some changes and upgrades. You will find almost every player doing this. This is true with an AR-15 as well as a Tippmann A5. People just like to mod their guns

As for me, like the trend of that time, my first marker was a Tippmann 98C. This marker immediately got an extension chamber, CP ASA, Response Trigger, Freak Barrel, and agitating hopper. What’s more, I also painted the whole thing according to the color of my choice.

Better To Invest In a Quality Paintball Markers Than Mods

Still having that marker today, I genuinely wish I had rather set aside that cash and put it in a superior marker. What began as a $150 marker immediately cost well over $500 in “mods and upgrades” a significant number of which created faulty outcomes.

To those considering beginning with a “modest” marker and making changes to make it better, I offer this counsel: Don’t do it!

Quality yet reasonable markers like the Etha 2 with a utilized electronic loader (check your neighborhood field) can cost as meager as $350 or $400 and will be well beyond past the ability and dependability of a modest mechanical marker with upgrades.

This shouldn’t imply that there aren’t quality mechanical markers out there as well. There absolutely are! Simply don’t begin with the absolute lowest grade and hope to get the output similar to those of the high-end products.

Different Types of Paintball Play

Different Types of Paintball Plays

Paintball can be played on numerous styles of fields with numerous varieties of games. We should turn out a portion of the basic kinds of present day paintballing.


Woodsball is normally any sort of game you go with in paintball. These games include sneaking, flanking, stowing away and loads of shooting. You could experience any sort of landscape or commitment on these games so be ready for anything.


Also referred to as airball, Speedball is played on a characterized level open field. This field is then populated with air-expanded dugouts set out in explicit patterns called a “layout”. There are huge amounts of speedball designs however all in all, speedball is the round of decision for competition or tournament level play. You’ll be needing an electronic marker, huge amounts of paint and a great loader to stay aware of this relentless game style.

Big Games:

A game with a large number of people in simple words is called a big game. These games can extend from 40 players to 2,000 players. Big games take on changing configurations, however they quite often follow the woodsball layout.

Scenario Games:

Scenario games are quite often a big game. They are centered around a story line with explicit goals, missions, and group procedures and objectives. Usually run by two opposing team leaders, they can vary from highly strategic style to all-out chaos

Best Paintball Brands

Picking the “best” paintball brands is practically incomprehensible in light of the fact that it relies upon how you characterize best. Is it unwavering quality, exactness, the pace of fire and so on. In the wake of evaluating numerous weapons I think these brands are surely among the best:

1. Tippmann Paintball

One of the most popular brands in paintball. They have an immense arrangement of paintball markers at a sensible cost. These markers are frequently aimed at woodsball players or entry-level players.

2. Dye Paintball

They make the absolute best quality paintball markers accessible. They have a full setup of paintball weapons, covers, dress and frill. These markers extend from section level to proficient competition electros.

3. Empire Paintball

They make some quality paintball markers for all scope of aptitude levels. They additionally offer all the add-ons you could require.

4. Planet Eclipse Paintball

PE is another however well-known producer of generally electronic markers and top of the line markers.

We have covered all there is to know about paintball and its accessories. If you want to go in more depth after selecting your paintball gun, check out PB Reserve, our main homepage!

Basic Strategy For Paintballing

Somehow or another, paintball resembles some other game; it’s a game of both mental aptitude and athletic capacity. During the fight, you must have the ability to move, reload, point and fire while following your rivals and, sometimes, staying away from giving your location.

Paintball additionally requires good strategy and planning; similar to chess, that is, if rooks could shoot 10.5 balls every second.

In rounds of composed paintball, the most fundamental techniques spin around keeping up control of the battlefield and corners of the field, alluded to casually as “the wires.”

By “gaining, anchoring and controlling” the wire, players can increase key guarded situating and make sure that they aren’t surprised by rivals.

Since players can openly move all through the game, paintball strategies for new players will in general be looser, instead of strict “zone” plays as in football, basketball and such games.

Tips To Improve Your Game

Be Vigilant

Be vigilant of your environmental factors. Remaining mindful of changes to surroundings will tell you where to approach when under fire. Also, ensure you continue moving throughout the game.

Never Go In Patterns

Be as much unpredictable as you can be. Always change places and don’t use the same spot twice.

Keep Moving

Remaining fixed in a position permits your rivals to pick up position on you and keeps you from finding out about the landscape. Stealth is an important factor while you’re moving; there’s no need to cover the whole field while you’re on the move! In a similar vein, flanking—the art of getting behind your rivals without them knowing—is a great technique which you should know.

Keep Your Opponent Busy Or Occupied At All Times

Taking shots at your rivals even without proper aim and intention to hit them is a decent method to hold their heads down and shield them from gaining positions or surprising you. Doing this can likewise enable your partners to break forward surprisingly while you keep the other group involved. They would then be able to give back, giving you the opportunity to advance your situation also. This procedure is known as “leapfrogging.”

Stay Close To Your Group

One last broad recommendation is to  stick yourself close to your group most of the time. Going off all alone may sound brave, however, it can cost you no doubt. Teamwork allows you to observe each other’s backs and prevents your opponents to sneak up and attack.

To the extent that there are techniques and games having an effect on everything, paintball is like different games. In any case, in contrast to certain games, paintball is played with mechanically progressed gear.

That angle carries an entirely different measurement to the game. While the physical and mental abilities important to play high level paintball will require some investment and practice to create, having the correct gear can have a major effect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Much Does A Decent Paintball Firearm Cost?

An: As you can envision the expression “decent or good” is abstract so in the event that you are on a limited spending plan yet need to get the most value for the money, the Tippman A5 is a decent decision for under $200.

Q: How Long Do Paintball Weapons Last?

A: Paintball weapons have not many moving parts and there is little to wear out. They will last as long as you give it proper maintenance, that is to follow the manual and clean them and oil them as required.

Q: Does Getting Hit By A Paintball Hurt?

An: If you get hit by a paintball at short proximity on exposed skin, the appropriate response is indeed it will sting. Therefore most paintballers wear defensive apparel to decrease the sting. You certainly ought to consistently wear a mask to cover your face and eyes.

Q: What’s The Most Precise Paintball Firearm?

A: There are a bunch of markers that can qualify being referred to as the most precise paintball firearm, however, as we would like to think, the Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker is at the head of our rundown.

Q: What PSI Do Paintball Weapons Use?

A: Most paintball weapons use HPA or high-pressure air tanks that store air or nitrogen compressed at pressures running from 3,000 to 4,500 PSI. This high weight is then used to fire the paintball with a controller.

Our Top Pick

The above article has been compiled after proper research and to the best of my knowledge and insight into the paintball industry. I trust this guide was useful for finding the best paintball firearm to meet your requirements. My top pick from all the above reviewed Paintball guns is Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber

Please keep in mind your specific requirements before going for a gun, user requirements, budget, battlefield and other factors vary from case to case and you should use your best judgement to go for the best weapon. Just don’t forget to treat your weapon like a king once when you purchase it, proper maintenance and look after are key factors.

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