Top 7 Best Paintball Pistols In 2020 – Reviews, Features, And Buyer Guide

When it comes to paintball gear, medium-sized markers are among the most popular. But there are plenty of other options from which to choose. This includes not only larger, military-style rifles, but compact pieces as well. Although they’re usually not as efficient, pistols have a lot to offer. Their biggest advantage is their size, which allows for increased mobility. 

They’re also ideal for tactical backup. Not sure whether such markers would be a good choice for you? Check out the reviews of the three most popular pistol markers, with the best paintball pistol being the Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol.

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Comparison Table For Best Paintball Pistols

Tippmann TiPX Pistol ReviewT4E-Umarex-43-cal2.77 lbsHigh QualityVery HighView On Amazon
JT ER2 Pistol ReviewUmarex T4E TPM12.3 lbsHigh QualityVery HighView On Amazon
GI Sportz Menace .50 Cal Paintball Pistol ReviewGI Sportz Menace 50 Cal Paintball Pistol1.75 lbsHigh QualityVery HighView On Amazon
Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun ReviewTippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol4.0 lbsHigh QualityHighView On Amazon
JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol​JT ER2 Paintball Pistol2.8 lbsMedium QualityVery HighView On Amazon
First Strike Compact Pistol ReviewFirst Strike Compact Pistol (FSCP)2.68 lbsHigh QualityHighView On Amazon
JT Splatmaster Z100 paintball PistolReviewJT SplatMaster Paintball Pistol1.45 lbsMedium QualityMediumView On Amazon

7 Top Paintball Pistol Markers Reviewed

The first thing in Umarex T4E that caught our eyes was its realistic feel, in terms of gun size and actual recoil. Not only does it go well with a standard holster but fits like well for the image of a decent replica, so you can get playful equipment for less price.

This paintball weapon is handy. It accepts everything if the ammunition falls within a 0.43 cal profile, whether it be dust, rubber balls, or pepper balls. Not to forget, the paintballs.

Overall, the material used in the building is of good quality. The manufacturer uses a polymer framework, made of nylon fibers, combined with aluminum inner, including the barrel, rare-end, magazine, and stopper, which contributes to its lightweight (less than two pounds). This makes it easy to carry in the field.

Its long trigger pull is the only turn-off for, but we found out that it is designed in a way to give the look of a double-action trigger. It wasn’t something to be sold for, but it’s something worth mentioning because a long rest combined with an average trigger force could interfere with your experience with this paintball gun.

Key Features:

  • The realistic dimensions and weight is ideal as engaging paintball T4E Training guns allowing you to train to spend less than 9 cents per round
  • Driven by economical CO2 (CO2 NOT included)
  • Free 8-round magazine with a realistic edition of the mag
  • Comes with a metal slide and barrel and a stop that holds back during emptying; Picatinny accessory bar for easy installation of lights


  • Semi-automatic shooting mode
  • Ergonomic engraved handle
  • Comes with a shutter safety mechanism
  • Suitable for standard housings
  • Realistic recoil
  • Lightweight
  • One charger in the package


  • Long and medium trigger pull

This Pistol gun is 1st on our list of best paintball pistols!

Umarex Walther PPQ is a reliable paintball gun with a 0.43 caliber and a realistic impression. The impressive built offers a sturdy and robust design. From the breech, barrel, breech and magazine latches to most internal components, metal forms all the right parts, making it lighter than conventional designs in the market (approximately 1.87 lbs).

The gun frame is made of polymer, which gives it a sturdy construction and provides a good weight balance. Overall, the feel and fit of the gun on the paintball field is excellent. The feel of its trigger is quite close to the double-action pull. Its working trigger safety is quite useful in the field. The 0.43 caliber pistol, powered by C02, has a holder that can store eight rounds delivering 300 FPS on average, which is incredibly accurate! This weapon becomes the right candidate for its accuracy to improve their shooting skills.

The Umarex Walther PPQ is the best you can have as a paintball sidearm on the market. Not only is it realistic, but it also gets the job done way better than airsoft and BB guns.

Key Features:

  • 43 gauge balls or rubber balls
  • Comes with a Picatinny accessory holder for lights, lasers, etc.
  • Powered by economical CO2 (CO2 NOT included)


  • Lightweight and compact feel
  • Functional trigger safety
  • Accurate enough for a paintball gun
  • Realistic cuts
  • The best option for target practice


  • Trigger pulls appears quite long in length

This Pistol gun is 2nd on our list of best paintball pistols!

The realistic look and low weight of GI Sportz Menace makes it one of the best paintball guns to pair up with your gears. Are you a lefty? Its safety design doesn’t discriminate you from the right-handed people. You can also carry two guns at a time on ease, which increases your chances of staying longer in the game.

As for the mount, the GI Sportz comes with 7-round magazines driven by 12g powerless. Additionally, the pistol uses a unique magazine to hold the round in the released position till you press the trigger. Enjoy at least 70 shots with little to zero recoil maintaining the most accurate shots.

Other features to appreciate is its grip frame window. It indicates you for the pallets remaining in the stationary front and rear sights.

The overall compact design contributes to a perfect field pistol doubling up the fun factor.

Key Features:

  • 50 caliber with low impact
  • 7-round loaders
  • Powered by economical CO2 (CO2 NOT included)


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Realistic design
  • Little or no-recoil
  • Quite effective


  • 7-round loader (you will need more bullets)

This Pistol gun is 3rd on our list of best paintball pistols!

Tippmann is a brand that needs to be mentioned whenever there’s talk about paintball. It’s simply because they manufacture gear of the highest quality. This applies to pistols as well. The TiPX model is a lightweight marker that could help you step up your game, and is by far the best paintball pistol on the market right now. Check out its most important features!

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1.6 pounds
  • 2-Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Features two Tru-Feed magazines
  • Equipped with a 6-inch threaded barrel
  • Under-barrel CO2 system
  • External velocity regulator; Feed speed eight bps; Caliber 0.68, comes with a maintenance kit and a luxury caseW
  • Weighing 1 pound and 11 ounces


  • Lightweight paintball gun
  • Reliable performance
  • Can shoot up to 8 paintballs per second
  • Effective range of 100 feet
  • Magazines can hold 7 paintballs
  • Easy to customize and countless upgrades available


  • It's not very accurate

There are no other common issues with this gun. That’s simply because Tippmann’s TiPX is one of the best pistol markers available!

This Pistol gun is 4th on our list of best paintball pistols!

If you like the idea of owning a paintball pistol, you can always try one of the more affordable options. It’s a way to make sure you win regardless of whether you end up using it. And if that seems like something you’d want to do, JT might be the right brand for you. Here’s a review of their ER2 pistol marker!

Key Features:

  • 0.68 caliber paintball pistol
  • 2 12gram CO2 Cartridges
  • Firing rate of 5 balls per second
  • The ER2 model is a pump-style marker
  • It’s equipped with a smooth firing handle that improves its performance
  • Weighs around 2 pounds


  • It's very inexpensive
  • Improved speed
  • Smooth firing handle
  • It's equipped with anti-chop technology that reduces the number of paintballs destroyed


  • It's not very durable
  • Not considered a high performing marker

Despite this problem and the fact that it’s not a high-performing marker, the pistol could still be a great addition to your gear!

This Pistol gun is 5th on our list of best paintball pistols!

The first thing to mention is its design that pretty much replicates the Tiberius model, so you can expect two things from this pistol: quality built and design.

It is designed with a more compact frame and a 20% reduced grip than the standard 8.1 model to handle. It has 8-gram CO2 cartridges, which are highly customizable in nature. Using 12-gram CO2 cartridges is also an option here, but this way, you would be spending even more money on a new magazine set.

Although the grip is considerably small, it is not ergonomic at all. It also feels a bit “stuck” if you got small hands. The tank design acts as a CO2 cartridge, so every time you release the tank for reloading, causing air to leak.

Key Features:

  • Compact 0.68 caliber pistol
  • Two-handed security
  • 20% reduced grip than standard 8.1 pistols


  • Has under the mounting rail
  • Compact design
  • Features two six-round loaders
  • Needs 8g or 12g CO2 cartridges to work with
  • Extremely customizable


  • Releasing the tank will cause CO2 to escape
  • The grip isn't ergonomic

This Pistol gun is 6th on our list of best paintball pistols!

The SplatMaster is yet another marker made by JT. It boasts the lowest price and a pretty solid performance. But don’t take out word for it – check out some of its most important features!

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1.4 pounds
  • Fires 2 paintballs per second
  • Real slide action
  • Quick release magazines


  • It is very inexpensive
  • Effective range of 50 feet
  • Takes less time to load the gun
  • It's magazine can hold 7 paintballs
  • It requires neither batteries nor CO2


  • It's not very durable
  • Tends to chop paint

Other than that, most players believe it’s worth giving a chance. And kids just love it!

This Pistol gun is 7th on our list of best paintball pistols!

Features To Consider When Choosing A Paintball Pistol and Gun

Best Paintball Pistol Guns Buyer Guide and Features to Consider

Before you head into making your selection for your next paintball war, we have compiled all the critical factors inside out to buy the best paintball pistol for a neck to neck paintball battle:

Electronic vs. Mechanical

Paintball guns, you know them as mechanical markers, are designed to offer maximum mechanical control, which works through mechanisms of CO2 or compressed air. They are fun to play with and reliable, and easy to use. It requires minimal maintenance and repair costs. However, you cannot compare them with the accuracy and speed of electronic guns.

Electronic markers run on the battery to fire paintball pallets; this is why they are accurate, consistent, and swift. It’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use. With a long and light trigger, you don’t need to activate it physically. However, nothing in the world is free, and these guns come with a higher price tag.

User Friendly and Quick to Disassemble

The paintball pistol gun you choose should be easy to use, and most importantly, quick to disassemble. Obviously, it’s not a feature, but it is something that could make or break the deal.

Keep your mind ready to expect other paintball guns getting stuck in the middle of the game before you play your best move. Standing at this position, you would want to disassemble it quickly without any hassle so you can get back into the game without wasting a second. Here you get my point.


The weight of the paintball pistol really matters for your final selection, as it is important for the overall comfort and performance of the player in the field. Try to go for as lightweight as possible, nothing more than two to three pounds.

Material Quality and Construction

The type of material used in the construction of the paintball pistol marker contributes widely to the pistol’s weight, accuracy, and durability. So, don’t make a selection without giving it a second thought.

Aluminum Body:

One of the most used material is aluminum. The aluminum paintball pistols are light in weight as well as pocket. The only turn-off with the aluminum barrels is that it’s not that resilient. It could bend and lose its shape if not handled with care.

Stainless Steel Barrel:

A stainless steel barrel is a durable option as compared to aluminum paintball pistols. It can resist a lot of wear and tear – but you need to bear its weight while handling.

Carbon Fiber Body:

This brings you to your last option, which is carbon fiber material. The material is quite durable and lightweight. It is also easy to clean; thus, maintenance is not an issue.

8 Tips To Help You Buy A Top Rated Paintball Pistol Gun

1. Set A Reasonable Budget

You can find paintball pistols at many different price points. You can buy something for as little as $50, but if you want a high-end gun, you can expect to spend upwards of $300. If you decide what you want to spend ahead of time, you’ll be able to focus your attention on options that are comfortably within your price range.

How much should you spend on a paintball pistol? Ultimately, that depends on how often you’re going to be playing paintball. Renting a paintball pistol will typically cost you somewhere between $10 and $30 a play session. You should crunch the numbers and see how long it will take to earn back what you’ve spent on your paintball gun.

2. Decide What Kind Of Pistol You Want

There are all kinds of paintball pistols on the market. You should think about what kind of pistol you’re in the market for. Are you looking for something with an electronic market, or would you prefer a pistol with a mechanical marker? Do you want a gun that’s suitable for woodsball, or are you searching for a pistol that you can use for speedball?

With such a wide array of choices available, you need to narrow down your choices. Think about the kind of games that you’ll be playing so that you can pick out a pistol that’s exactly right for you.

3. Consider Buying Used

If you’re on a very tight budget, but you still want to get one of the top paintball pistols on the market, you may want to look into buying used. There are a number of advantages to opting for a used pistol, but there are some clear downsides as well.

If you do buy used, it’s likely that the pistol you’re buying is going to need adjustments. You’ll also have more limited options available to you. If you’re looking for something specific, you’ll find that your best option is to buy a brand new pistol.

4. Pay Attention To Brand Names

Brand names matter, especially when it comes to paintball pistols. The brand that you choose will determine how easy it is to find replacement parts if your pistol needs repairs. In some cases, brand names can also be an indicator of quality.

Well known brands, such as Spyder, are usually a good choice. You’ll also want to look at the warranties that different brands offer. If you find a brand that stands by its products, you should consider buying from that brand in the future. Do a little bit of research and learn more about the manufacturers that make paintball guns.

5. Buy Your Pistol From The Right Vendor

If you want to make sure you have an excellent selection of products to choose from, you’ll want to make sure you purchase your pistol from a reputable vendor. It’s likely that this is a purchase you’ll want to make online. Online shopping will give you more options while allowing you to get your gun for less.

You may want to buy from a vendor that specializes in selling paintball pistols and other types of paintball equipment. Vendors like this will usually have a larger selection, and it’s also likely that they’ll provide you with more information about the products that they carry.

6. Read Plenty Of Reviews

Take the time to see what other people are saying about paintball pistols. If there’s a particular pistol that’s received a lot of rave reviews, that product is worth a closer look. Typically, the pistols with the best reviews are also going to be the best pistols on the market.

Of course, reviews can also give you valuable information about the products that you’re considering. For example, a reviewer might mention how they use their gun or how difficult it is to repair or customize the gun. Reading reviews won’t cost you anything but your time, and it can give you a ton of information.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

If you have a question about a pistol, you’ll want to speak up before you make a purchase. Most retailers that sell paintball pistols will be more than willing to answer your questions if you just take the time to contact them.

If you’re a part of a paintball community, you can also answer questions there. There are a number of experts in online paintball communities, and you can learn a great deal if you take advantage of that expertise. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll be able to learn about your top choices.

8. Think About The Other Pieces Of Equipment That You’ll Be Buying

If you want to stop renting paintball equipment, you’re not going to want to stop at buying a paintball pistol. You’ll want to purchase accessories as well. Depending on the pistol that you choose, you may have to make a few upgrades in order to get the results that you want. For example, you might want to purchase a regulator.

Our Top Pick

Now that everything is in front of you in black and white, you can easily make a selection. But for your ease, here’s the winner among the best paintball pistols selection:

T4E Umarex .43 cal Smith & Wesson Paintball Pistol

  • Lightweight and compact paintball gun
  • Easy maintenance design with low tension spring systems
  • Other features mentioned above

 Regardless of the option you choose, don’t forget to wear a paintball mask with other protective gear to enjoy a safe game on the field. Have fun playing with your best paintball pistol.

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