Best Paintball Pods In 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guide


Paintball pods, also known as paintball tubes, are strong containers that carry your paintball supply during a game. These are important for any game unless you are playing a game that requires fewer paintballs. Nonetheless, most paintball pods can carry approximately 140 individual paintball pellets. Yet, you can also find the ones that can hold more or less of the paintball pellets.

Paintball Pods Explained:

Paintball pods are usually created from sturdy plastic and a lid that is spring-loaded. It allows for easy have access to the paintballs during a game. Also, this permits you to load them into the hopper with only one hand. The quick and effective reloading helps you to worry less during a battle. The paintball pods come in a multitude of variations. Not only this, but each paintball pod comes with its unique locking elements.

Comparison Table For Best Paintball Pods

ThumbnailNameBest ForMaterialPrice
Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness w/Paintball Pods ReviewMaddog 4+1Beginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods ReviewVirtue PF165Beginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
3Skull Clear Heavy Duty 140rd Paintball Pods - 6 Pack Review3Skull ClearBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
HK Army Skull 150 Round Paintball Pods – 6 Pack ReviewHK Army SkullIntermediate to ProHighView On Amazon
Dye Paintball Lock Lids - 160rd Pods Tube Paintball ReviewDye Paintball LockIntermediate to ProHighView On Amazon
HK Army HSTLBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
GXG 100-Round Paintball Pods ReviewGXG 100Intermediate to ProMediumView On Amazon
Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods ReviewMaddog 150Beginner to ProMediumView On Amazon
Valken Paintball Pod Flick Lid 140 Round Paint TubeTippmann Paintball HeavyIntermediate to ProVery HighView On Amazon
GXG 50 Round Paintball Speed Tube Pods Black - 6 Pack ReviewValken Paintball PodIntermediate to ProHighView On Amazon
GXG 50 Round Paintball Speed Tube Pods Black - 6 Pack ReviewGXG 50 RoundIntermediate to ProHighView On Amazon

Top 10 Paintball Pods Reviewed

You have been enlightened with all the crucial things that must be kept in mind while buying paintball pods. Let’s have a look at which paintball pods the market is currently offering.  There are a variety of manufacturers that we have added to the list of go-to options.

We have also catered the budgets to ensure every paintball player can make the right decision while purchasing the paintball pods. If you want to pair the best paintball pods with your great paintball guns, check out our buyer’s guide and reviews on the best paintball guns in the market today!

If you are looking for a paintball pod with features worth the money, then Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness with Paintball pods is worth to consider. It comes with a back harness that has a great capacity to hold four standard paintball pods and four 140-round pods for you to immediately load-up and play. It is compatible with standard 88/4500ci tanks with quick release lids that work well for quick access and swift reloading. Lastly, it comes with the kit that includes an elastic inner and outer belts for the utmost in security and extra ammo safely in place for you to play.

Key Features:


If you want only the best, Virtue might just be the right brand for you. Owning their pods comes with many advantages. Let’s check them out!

The Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods are not only lighter in weight but also two inches smaller than the comparable pods in the market. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for pods with an intuitive press flick mechanism for unlocking and locking lid design that minimizes the amount of paint you lose. It has robust materials ensuring that the pods work well enough when repeatedly used. It also makes certain that even the smallest components perform well for a long time.

These pods come in two different sizes. One can store up to 135 paintballs. The other has a capacity of 165 rounds. But no matter what you choose, you’ll be able to lighten your load. This is due to the fact that the tubes are 2 inches smaller than the regular kind. They come in a variety of colors, including clear, black, red and green. What makes these pods easy to use is the innovative Press Flick button. It makes it simple to open the lid, which makes you faster during combat. It’s also a lot better at reducing spilled paint. All in all, these are high-quality tubes, some of the best paintball tubes you’ll find.

Key Features:


3Skull manufactures some of the best paintball equipment. This includes pods, which are used for storing paintballs. This particular package consists of six individual tubes. Let’s see how they could improve your gameplay!

3Skull’s pods are capable of storing 140 paintballs of .68 caliber. Although that’s not the largest capacity available, it’s still an impressive number. They’re made of quality clear material that doesn’t add much weight to your gear. To make them easier to use, they’ve been equipped with flip flop lids. These are very durable and won’t pop open when you’re not using them. But when you run out of paintballs, you’ll have no problem pouring them from the pods into the hopper. All in all, 3Skull’s tubes might be the top addition to your paintball gear!

Key Features:


The HK Amy Skull 150 Round Paintball Pods – 6 Pack is the perfect choice for those who like to add a little bit of character to their paintball gear. It comes in a range of colors boasting a quirky skull motif and a handful of features. These enhance the proficiency of the paintball marker in the game. It is well known for its high carrying capacity that can carry a maximum of 150 round apiece.

It makes sure that the spring-loaded lid is extra secure and easy to retrieve. Thus, it keeps the paintball rounds at their specific places when you are busy in the middle of a match. The large thumb grooves and contouring at the lid make the reloading process simple allowing you to reach and retrieve your pods without even looking at it.

Key Features:


Dye is one of the most reputable brands in its field. This is why they can’t go unmentioned when talking about paintball gear. Their pods are at the same time reliable and highly functional. But don’t take our word for it – read more about their features!

These pods boast a larger capacity than the previous ones. The package consists of six individual tubes. They’re capable of storing up to 160 paintballs. Made of high-quality materials, they’re pretty hard to break. And their surface features ridges, the purpose of which is to make them stay in your harness. Thanks to the Secure Latch System, they open only when you need more paintballs. The only thing you’ll need to do is slide your thumb over the lid. So if you want pods that are sturdy and easy to use, you won’t go wrong with Dye’s package!

Key Features:


The HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pods is stocked up with a great value pack of six pods. They come in vibrant colors with an innovative design. This adds to the performance of the player by boosting prowess to the field. The pods feature an enhanced lid design that utilizes a spring-loading mechanism for quick opening and loading. It is easier to grab and retrieve the pods amid the battle because of its enlarged thumb groove contours.

Key Features:


When it comes to paintball accessories, Gen X Global is one of the leading companies. They’ve been in the business for a long time and manufacture pods of the highest quality. In this post, we’re going to introduce two of their products. Let’s see how they could help you become a better player!

This package consists of six individual pods. Their capacity is 100 .68-caliber paintballs. This is perfect for those who don’t want to carry a lot of gear around. They feature a black finish and a high level of durability. With them, you’ll be able to fill your hopper in a matter of seconds. This is mostly thanks to their locking flip flop system. Paintballs are kept securely inside until you need them to load your gun!

Key Features:


The Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods are designed to fit all the standard types of paintball harness. It has raised grips and an intended thumb tab allowing the player to retrieve the paintballs while reloading. It gives you the chance to refill your hopper more quickly than ever. It can hold approximately 150 rounds, ensuring the availability of maple ammo at your disposal at all times. Thus, it is claimed to be a premier choice for the more experienced paintball players.

Key Features:


The Tippmann Paintball Heavy Duty 140 Round Guppy Pods – Pack of 4 is a go-to choice to hold up against the rigorous plays ensuring the crucial success on the field. The pods have a carrying capacity of 140 pods. It also includes four individual tubes that are made from incredibly durable plastic for optimal integrity. The pods have a secure top lid that keeps the contents in place. This helps keep them in easy access while the player is on the move.

Key Features:


Valken’s gear is very popular among paintball enthusiasts. It comes as no surprise that they manufacture some of the best paintball pods. This particular item is sold individually, but you can get them in packages of four as well. But let’s check out their features!

Just like 3Skull’s, these pods can store up to 140 paintballs. This is more than enough for you to enjoy a long and fun session. They’re made for .68-caliber ammo. Since they’re black, they don’t allow you to see inside. But if that’s of any importance to you, you can always choose a clear version. They’re equipped with spring-loaded flip lids, which makes them both reliable and easy to use. This means you won’t have to worry about them opening on their own. On the other hand, you won’t have no trouble using them during combat. All things considered, Valken’s tubes are among the best available!

Key Features:


Although they’re basic, GXG’s paintball tubes are both sturdy and reliable. This particular package includes 6 individual pods. To see how they could better your game, simply read on!

If you’re looking for something that’s just a bit bigger than 10-round tubes, you might want to consider this package. Apart from those that can store 100 balls, GXG makes 50-round pods as well. The package consists of six individual items, all of which are grey to black in color. They’re equipped with flip flop lids, just like 3Skull’s products. The lids are capable of keeping the balls inside without making it hard for you to fill the hopper. In conclusion, GXG’s paintball pods are ideal for lighter loads!

Key Features:


Key Things to Consider When Buying the Best Paintball Pods

If you want to buy paintball pods, you must know that there are a few core features that are of the utmost importance. These factors may include either a budget-friendly option or expensive guns to buy. Nonetheless, the only thing that matters is how well these can assist you in performing in the field. These specifications can help determine the effectiveness of paintball pods in the game. 

But if you want to make your final decision after selecting a paintball marker, I will suggest that you take a look at our list of best paintball guns!

Easy Access to Ammo:

Speed is regarded as a significant part of the paintball game. The quick reloading of the marker can make a big difference in ascertaining the victory in a game. Therefore, paintball pods possessing a user-friendly design that supports an easy opening are more preferred. You may want to have the paintball pod that is not only quick but also one that performs with efficiency in the game. 

However, the pods that open way too early and empty its components may lead to an early defeat. This is because it entails the risk of unavailability of the essential ammo at the right time. Therefore, you must focus on enhancing the lid part of the paintball pod. This is what establishes the quality and reliability of the paintball pods.


The paintball pods need to be robust enough to fight against all kinds of scrapes and impacts. The main reason for this is the high-octane nature of paintballing. As most of the pods are of the plastic material, they need to be handled with care while carrying them or mounting them on ammunition belts. Otherwise, they will most likely get damaged. 

The expensive paintball pods are made of more durable plastic materials that last far better in physical activities. This makes it so much better in overall performance. Furthermore, expensive paintball pods are highly recommended for someone who accounts for the performance of even the small parts of the paintball gear.

Ammo Capacity:

Whether you are a professional or beginner paintball player, you should know that the carrying capacity of paintball pods is one of the crucial factors in the paintball game. When buying the paintball pods, keep in mind that the rapid firing exchange is an essential part of the game. The large stock of ammunition is key to winning the paintball game. Hence, it is required that you have more capacity in the paintball pods to assure a triumph position. In addition to this, the paintball pods within easy reach will augment the success rate while saving time during the reloads.

For an average paintball game, the paintball pods with the carrying capacity of approximately 140 paintballs are sufficient. The professional players, on the other hand, will opt for more capacity since they would love to get a long and adventurous experience out of the game. Fortunately, you can find abundant choices in terms of paintball pods with higher carrying capacity. It is common to find paintball pods with a holding capacity of more than 160 pods. Carrying pods with a capacity of 200 can also be found in the market. Additionally, a different set of paintball weapon designs of pods possesses much lower capacities. These pods with little capacity are usually used with smaller paintballing sidearms like pistols as compared to other conventional paintball markers.

In Conclusion

Owning a quality marker is the most important thing for those who are serious about paintball. But there’s so much more you can do to step up your game. Equipment such as pods, hoppers and sights can make a world of difference, too. Our top pick for paintball pod is Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness w/Paintball Pods as it fulfills all of the criterias of an amazing paintball pod and harness! 

Remember, if you have good pods, you need a good hopper as well – click to view our reviews of the better hoppers you can get.

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