Best Paintball Sniper Rifles In 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guide

If you’re looking to step up your game, you might want to invest in a new paintball gun sniper. There are plenty of great markers available, but snipers are among the most exciting. Most of them have everything a real sniper has, including longer barrels and adjustable stocks. This results in a much more reliable performance, as well as improved accuracy. 

Coming to the best paintball snipers, you should know that there are a few choices, but worthwhile for sure. Choosing a gun that can be converted into a sniper or getting yourself a package that has already been converted is up to you, but making the right choice should be underlying in both cases. You can choose from a range of options when it comes to investing in a paintball sniper rifle. Invest in a Tippmann A-5 that comes with a long barrel and improve your skill to shot over long distances with accuracy. On the other hand, you may also buy a kit that gives you the feel of a real battlefield. A few might prefer something that can help shoot accurately despite the long-distance, while others may want one with a mock silencer and an aesthetic appeal.

Want the best of both worlds? Check the below mentioned best paintball sniper rifles that would be a treat for anyone who has a thing for paintball.

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Comparison Table For Best Paintball Sniper Rifles

ThumbnailNameWeightBest For​MaterialPrice
Tippmann A-5 Sniper Gun ReviewTippmann A-5-Sniper Rifle​4.8 lbsBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball MarkerSpyder MR100 Paintball Sniper​3.9 lbsBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
UTG AccuShot Sniper Rifle ReviewUTG AccuShot Sniper Rifle​4.7 lbsBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Dye-DAM-Assault-Matrix-Paintball-Marker-ReviewDye DAM Assault Matrix 5.1 lbsIntermediate to ProHighView On Amazon
First Strike Tiberius Arms T9.1 Paintball Marker ReviewTiberius Arms T9.15.1 lbsIntermediate to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper Gun ReviewProject Salvo Sniper Gun​5.1 lbsBeginner to ProMediumView On Amazon
UTG Gen 5 Sniper Rifle ReviewUTG Gen 5 Sniper Rifle​5.1 lbsIntermediate to ProHighView On Amazon
Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle ReviewBlack Ops Junior Sniper Rifle​5.1 lbsBeginner to ProMediumView On Amazon

Top 8 Paintball Snipers Reviewed

If you’re into paintball, you probably know about Tippmann and their products.

Said to be an elite standard paintball gun, it looks accurate and sleek. Its sniper version has the applauded reputation of the A-5s and has a ported barrel with that is 16 inches long. The length and the feature of being ported both serve as something attractive to paintball enthusiasts in general. Excess air is released via the holes in the barrel when a shot is fired, leading to reduced noise and keeping the sniper under the radar of the opponent.

With its removable and adjustable stock, you can control your paintball sniper rifle and keep an unflinching focus on your target, leading to precise and accurate shots. Need precision while playing in the dark? Tippmann A-5 Sniper Paintball Gun has got you covered. Its red dot sight feature helps you shoot precisely while playing in low light or dark.

This customized version will allow you to enjoy all the great features with the base gun. Thanks to its in-line bolt system, this air-fed hopper features a low profile with the capacity of shooting 15 shots per second. Upgrade your sniper to a fully automated one like a DMR that has rapid-fire capabilities, high on precision even that is possible.

With its spectacular aluminum body, this paintball sniper is a durable one that can withstand blows and shocks easily. With its tool-less maintenance and assembly, you can repair it in no time and not worry about missing a paintball battle when your equipment required tending. If something can be disassembled in just a minute, is durable, reliable, and effective on the field, then what else do you need?

Key Features of Paintball Sniper:

  • Impressive performance
  • Equipped with Cyclone Feed System
  • This technology allows the gun to load ammo as fast as you can pull the trigger
  • Equipped with a red dot sight 
  • 16-inch barrel and an adjustable stock 


  • Can shoot upto 17 paintballs per second
  • Uses compressed air, as well as CO2
  • Effective range of 150 feet
  • Fast reloading
  • Reliable and durable
  • It functions like a regular sniper


  • Around 30% of the scope view gets blocked by the hopper
  • Heavy (< 5 lb)

All in all, though, the A-5 model is an impressive imitation of a regular sniper and most players recommend it. That is why it is first on our list of best paintball sniper rifles!

With its unmatched design, this is a mechanical gun in matte black with aluminum finish patent-pending Eko Evolve Valve system released back in 2012. A legend in the world of paintball, it lets you fire around 1500 shots with a 20 oz. carbon dioxide tank. Its hopper-fed system comes with a high impact polymer clamping feed neck, so you should know that the manufacturers have secured its system with due care.

Add sights, flashlights, or a red dot with it two side Picatinny rails. Why? Improves accuracy. Its aluminum foregrip and the adjustable stock gives you stability and control to shoot precise shots.  The rubber pistol grip adds more to the control and helps you shoot precisely over long distances.

Switch between controlled single shots and rapid-fire dependent on the nature of your game. Its anti-double feed system ensures that only one paintball is supplied to the chamber at one time. How is that important? Know that one paintball per trigger gives you consistency.


  • Lightweight
  • Uses HPA and CO2
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Shoots accurately up to 100 yards


  • Can leak carbon dioxide when fired rapidly
  • The hopper can block targets that are at a distance

UTG’s model is one of the three guns on this list that aren’t real paintball markers. This, however, doesn’t mean they don’t belong. Although the AccuShot is technically an airsoft gun, it can work with 6-milimeter paintballs as well. And since it’s one of the most highly rated snipers available, it deserves to be given a chance!

Key Features of Paintball Sniper:

  • Assembled with a One Piece Precision Metal Barrel and an Adjustable Hop-up System
  • Provides High Power Pin-point Accuracy Performance for Effective Long Range Shooting
  • Outfitted with a Complete Picatinny Mounting Rail System, UTG Deluxe Picatinny Mount Foldable Bipod, and a Cleverly Designed Tri-Rail Bipod Adaptor
  • This Ultimate Bolt Action Airsoft Spring Rifle includes Spare Magazines & Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader
  • It comes with a Tactical Sniper Rifle Sling
  • Weighs 7 pounds


  • Greater speed and accuracy
  • Fires at a rate of 460 feet per second
  • It’s capable of shooting targets at a distance of 200 feet
  • Because of it's equipment, it looks and fires like a real sniper


  • It is pretty heavy
  • Often gets jammed

But apart from that, users are mostly very satisfied. And that makes this sniper one of the best available!

Want a realistic and tactical feel? DAM should be your choice. With a good value of money and its realistic design, be ready to have fun with all of the best features that you can avail with this kind of a paintball gun. This kind of camo finish helps you stay concealed. Its Picatinny rails can attach a sizable scope to shoot precisely over a distance of 100 yards. With its 14 inch barrel, know that you are bound to shoot straight. Don’t worry about that; just be vigilant.

The multiple grips on the DAM help you hold the sniper conformably and shoot accurately. The horizontal grip is featured in front of the magazine, right below the barrel, while the stock is in the rear. This helps in shooting stably over long distances.

The best thing about this sniper is that it can also fire molded bullets for better arrow dynamics. These features aren’t all. Someone who owns a DAM will tell you several more.


  • Weighs approx. 4 lbs
  • Hopper-fed and mag-fed
  • Can easily shoot molded bullets


  • Can leak carbon dioxide when fired rapidly

The Tiberius T9.1 is strike ready and a highly customizable paintball sniper. Being built off the T8.1 body, this gun is blessed with a tactical look and has a removable shoulder rail making it convertible into a sniper rifle, pistol, or even a compact rifle. Whatever the game demands. The T9.1 gives you the option to alter the gun between a hopper-fed and a mag-fed. From a high capacity hopper to a low profile magazine, this gun will give you the best of both worlds.

The CO2 tank can fit easily into the magazine port in the grip of this T9.1 Base Marker. The tank can be held in place by its magazine, which charges the gun with co2 upon insertion. You will also have the option to attach a refillable tank with a higher capacity at the rear of the gun by the stock. Its Picatinny rails and a 14-inch barrel will not let you go wrong in combat.


  • Highly customizable
  • Can be converted into a pistol, rifle, and a sniper
  • Is hopper and magazine compatible
  • Has a hard shell carry case


  • Is high maintenance for beginners

The Salvo, in collaborating with the U.S. army, looks like the spectacular AR-15 and military-style rifles. Is in-line bolt system, length, accuracy, and style have always made it stand out as one of the best snipers. For a long-range paintball gun to be accurate, a few features are needed, and the Salvo is packed with all of them.

Best paintball snipers come with stock, Picatinny rails, and long barrel and still not make you lose accuracy. Its 11-inch barrel has an AR-15 style shroud. Due to the rails on all four sides, you can choose to add scopes on any of them, as you like. Its side-mounted feed neck assembly will not hinder the user’s line of sight, which is necessary to win against the enemy.

In the absence of the foregrip, the mock magazine can be used to increase stability. The removable magazine can be used to store small tools like its Allen keys. With a highly durable diecast aluminum receiver, the sniper can run on compressed air and carbon dioxide.

We recommend using compressed air for consistent precision and velocity.

Invest in attachment like red dots, longer barrels, and scopes and turn your sniper into an invincible one.

Key Features of Paintball Sniper Rifle:

  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • It’s equipped with an 11-inch barrel, Picatinny rails, a collapsible stock and sights, both front and rear
  • Red dot on it’s scope


  • Shoots 15 paintballs per second
  • Effective range of 150 feet
  • Made of durable diecast aluminum
  • Lightest gun on this list
  • Red dot of the highest quality
  • Realistic design and easy to hold
  • Designed to provide you with improved comfort
  • Has a tool kit that makes repairs easy


  • Isn't as fast as A-5
  • Lack of pressure
  • Relatively heavy

But thanks to its reliable mechanism and great sniper upgrades, this is still a high-quality marker!

Just like the AccuShot, this gun is not a regular marker. It can, however, shoot 6-milimeter paintballs. Since it’s also very fast and has a terrific effective range, it’s great for paintball. If you’d like to know more about it, simply read on!

Key Features of Paintball Sniper Rifle:

  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes: MI, NJ, IL, NY
  • 30 Day Limited Warranty
  • Fifth generation Bolt Action
  • Equipped with Picatinny rails, a speed loader, an adjustable hop-up and a metal bipod


  • It's very popular when it comes to airsoft
  • Effective range of 200 feet
  • Can shoot paintballs at a speed of 460 feet per second
  • Due to its upgrades, it both looks and feels like a real sniper


  • The tripod isn't perfectly stable

But that’s pretty much it. So if you’d like to upgrade to a sniper-style gun, consider giving this one a chance!

Although “Junior” is part of its name, this particular rifle is a serious piece of gear. It boasts the highest speed and the lowest weight of all the guns on the list. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at some of its specs!

Key Features of Paintball Sniper:

  • Shoot your ammo up to 800 FPS with premium .177 pellets or BBs
  • Powered by multi-pump lever action
  • Add your choice of optics and accessories to the top of the dovetail rail
  • Adjustable fiber optic sights and a 4 X 15 scope
  • Equipped with a 20 Inch Rifled Barrel, included 4×15 Scope, and Adjustable Fiber Optic Sights


  • Fastest rifle of this list
  • Shooting speed can go upto 800 feet per second
  • Effective range of 200 feet
  • Both looks and feels like areal sniper while using it
  • Very lightweight and inexpensive for a rifle


  • It isn't very durable since it’s not made of high-quality materials

It boasts a very low price, though, so it can still be said it’s a real catch!

Buying Guide To Choose The Best Paintball Sniper

Best Paintball Sniper Rifles Buying Guide and features to consider

Despite giving you our top five picks, you’d encounter difficulties in choosing one, even with this kind of a narrowed down list. Among many other things, your style of play will help you determine which one will complement your paintball combat.

Please don’t forget that the frequency of you playing the game should be considered all along.

Style of Playing

Use of Paintball Sniper Rifle in a Scenario Game:

If you are a speedball player, a sniper will not benefit you much, but will rather come as a con. A scenario game or a military
simulation can make a sniper laudable. This is where teams essentially mimic military tactics to achieve their intended goals in combat. You will have shooters, scouts, and snipers.

Use of Paintball Snipers in a Woodsball Game:

Woodsball is another great environment that stimulates the use of snipers. When playing traditional games, such as capturing a flag, the sniper can help shoot enemy players as they advance towards the base.

Selecting the Right Paintball Barrel

There are different paintball guns that are better suited to the way you play as an individual, dependent upon the technicality of the game.

Using Shorter Barrel for your Sniper Rifle:

If you want to move fast, but still have the advantage that the sniper renders, uses a barrel no longer than 13 inches. The longer the barrel, the less mobile you will be. With a shorter barrel, you can rotate corners much more efficiently and jump over the walls very easily. The aspect you choose will affect how fast you can carry your weapon, look at the enemy in sight, and find the target. Red dot sights are best suited for close-range mobile snipers. The MR 100 is the perfect paintball gun if you want to stand quick after ducking in when your enemy tries to shoot.

Using Shorter Barrel for your Paintball Sniper Rifles

Using Longer Barrel for your Paintball Sniper:

If you plan to be slow and methodical while moving, the best choice will be a gun or sniper with a longer profile. No longer in action and planning to hide? It’s still worth the investment. With more distance, you will require higher stability and precision. A long barrel is a must if you have decided to play and win. A barrel of 16 inches or more will suffice for longer distances. Ported barrel is highly recommended to ensure that your paintballs are shot quietly, thus, keeping your location hidden from enemies. 

Long-range hunting scopes are the best to view your enemies and their movements at a long distance, but don’t forget about tunnel vision and ignore your surroundings in return. Bi-pod is a great addition to long-distance players. Bi-pod reduces sway to almost zero. The only thing that shall stay between you and your target now is the wind, gravity, and your skill level. Dye Dam is a great long-distance paintball gun. With the Mag-fed system and first strike feature, you can also add scope to the top of the DAM without the hopper getting in its way.

Barrel Lenght for Medium-Range Paintball Players:

There is another category when it comes to shooting accurate paintballs. Medium-range gamers will want the best balance of what both the short and long-range weapons can offer. You’ll want this option to be fast and easy to carry, while still being able to stay at a distance from your enemies and still maintaining accuracy. The recommended barrel length for this style of play is 12 and 15 inches. A folding stock or some kind of forearm can ensure accuracy and stability no matter how far you are from your enemy. Distance will just not matter. 

If you can afford to invest in one, the Acog range is perfect for the average paintball games. Project Salvo is a great gun for medium-range sniping. The Salvo is designed according to look like real weapons in with its aesthetics and are more than enough and legit what would be needed for medium range use.

How Often You Play

How often you play will determine the model and brand of the paintball sniper you should ideally be investing in. If you will only be playing a few times around the year, please do not give yourself a hunch in the stomach by investing $1600 in buying just a paintball sniper. 

Magazine-Fed System for Sniper Paintball Guns

On the contrary, if you’re planning on playing every few months, a paintball gun like the spectacular Tippmann A-5 is an affordable paintball gun that has plentiful positive reviews to back it up. A modified version of the A-5 with long-range costs even less than $300. You can have the best of both worlds in this way. Such a paintball sniper will not even cost an arm or a leg, but you’ll still have a reliable weapon when you step into the field for paintballing. You can also check our article on Best Paintball Guns for more markers that you can pick from to accompany you into the battlefield! 

Are you a weekend warrior? You probably have the resources for a top-tier paintball sniper. Dye Dam Assault Matris is a Ferrari paintball marker. For $ 1,600, DAM has all the bells and whistles any paintball enthusiast could ever want.

While these are two completely different weapons in style, design, and costs, they both make up two of the best paintball sniper rifles for sale, and obviously, on our list.

The Best Feed System for Paintball Snipping

There are precisely two types of paintball feed systems for paintball guns.

  1. Hopper fed
  2. Magazine fed

Both come with their pros and cons.

Hopper-Fed System:

Hopper-fed systems, in particular, give players greater ammo capacity. The magazines can easily hold up to 200 balls at once. The problem with hoppers is their location. The hopper will most often be found in the center of the top of the marker/sniper. 

Positions like this block the user’s viewing angle, which isn’t ideal for long-range paintball snipers as it can reduce your accuracy and may even benefit your opponent when you keep missing multiple shots. The side-mounted hopper can help a bit in this regard, but adding a scope on top is bound to add the weight of the hopper, which can constraint your moves, as well as your performance.

Hopper-Fed System for Paintball Sniper Rifles

Magazine-Fed System:

The magazine-fed paintball guns use the magazine system like real firearms. The mag-fed system is small in size and highly compact. It will not take a lot of space. It keeps the paintball sniper top free for any scope that the player may wish to attach to it. 

The first strike rounds option is like an added benefit that comes with the magazine system. The first strike rounds come with a rounded tip just like a bullet, but know that these are just harmless paintballs, increasing the user’s precision and speed. As already mentioned, mag-feds have one major drawback. Paintball magazines can only hold paintballs of about 10.68 calibers.

If you opt for a hopper, you will get a higher number of shots. Also, thanks to the magazine, your sniper will not be too bulky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Maximum Distance That a Paintball Sniper Can Shoot From?

Highly dependent on the model, an outstanding paintball sniper can shoot accurately over 150 yards.

What is the Best Long-Range Paintball Gun Available?

Dependent on how much are you okay with investing, or can invest, this feature is modifiable and easily achievable in most paintball guns if you invest.

How Should One Shoot a Paintball Sniper Rifle?

It depends on the following:

  1. The tactics you follow
  2. The degree of movement
  3. The distance

You will need to adjust the drop of the paintball when aiming at your target over longer ranges. In such cases, one needs to aim high.

Final Thoughts

Although all of the guns have their pros and content and are remarkable for battle, the one that really stood out for us and is out top pick amongst the list of best paintball sniper rifles is Tippmann A-5 Sniper Rifle.

Now that you have had the opportunity to examine the best paintball sniper rifle guns, you should be ready to make your decision and be on your way to the field in no time. With these sniper paintball guns you can be sitting comfortably far away picking off your competitors. Here are some tips to stay hidden while you do so.

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