Best Paintball Vests in 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guide

You will find a lot of veteran players equipped with full tactical gear in any paintball ground. Therefore, you should consider this game as a true professional if you want to master it.

In simple words, the serious players in the paintball game are always equipped with full tactical gear. However, the most essential part of their gear is the paintball vest. Paintball vest is not just for fashion, but it provides many additional features that give an edge to the player in the game. The vest gives extra space for carrying ammo as well as magazines. Moreover, it acts as a shield against the paintball hits from the enemies.

Nonetheless, there is a huge variety of paintball vests in the market. This poses a challenge if one wants to find the best one from so many options. Therefore, we are here to help you make the best decision possible. From the inspection of hundreds of paintball vests, we have listed down the best 7 for you. We will explain the features of each vest in detail so you can decide which one suits your needs perfectly.

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Comparison Chart For Amazing Paintball Vests

ThumbnailNameBest ForMaterialPrice
GZ XINXING S 4XL Paintball Vest ReviewGZ XINXINGBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Barbarians TacticalBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Invenko Paintball Vest ReviewInvenko PaintballBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
GwendolynC Tactical Vest ReviewGwendolynC TacticalIntermediate to ProHighView On Amazon
Modern WarriorBeginner to ProMediumView On Amazon
ESA Supplies Tactical MOLLE Paintball Vest ReviewESA SuppliesBeginner to ProHighView On Amazon
Maddog Tactical Paintball Battle Vest ReviewMaddog TacticalIntermediate to ProMediumView On Amazon

7 Top Paintball Vests Reviewed

The first vest we recommend is the GZ XINXING. It is a professional grade paintball vest that offers a range of customizations. In addition to this, it offers both superior protection as well as good comfort since it is made from 600D high-quality polyester. This material is breathable so that the player would not end up being sweaty in the field because of this.

This vest is also very adjustable as it comes with six tension side straps and two long Velcro strips. This assists the players to adjust the vest according to their body sizes. Moreover, one can thread a gun belt through the series of loops developed at the bottom of the vest. Sufficient pockets are made into this vest to satisfy all the carriage needs.

Last but not least, this vest is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, it is one of the best options with no money lost if it does not suit your style.


  • It is made up of high-density polyester material
  • The vest has a breathable mesh with premium foam padding
  • It is fully adjustable according to different sizes through Velcro and a high-quality, quick release buckle on the shoulder and waist
  • It features PVC for optimum durability, lightweight, and robustness
  • It offers pouches and other accessory holders


  • It lacks a horizontal holster mount option
  • The inside material seems harsh

Final Verdict:

This multifunctional vest not only looks good but also gives a nice feel to the player along with all the other specs with no compromise on quality. This is a great buy for a great value.

The second suggestion on the list is the tactical Barbarian. It is a budget-friendly model with stunning features. It is created using high-density durable 600D polyester material. It possesses a paintball pouch, three magazine pouches, a pistol holster, two internal document pouches, a radio pouch, an internal mesh pocket for a hydration bag, an accessory pouch, a removable bullets holder, and three equipment pouches. In addition to this, it comes with adjustable Velcro straps, which can be modified from a 30-inch waist to a 48-inch waist.

If you are a dedicated paintball player, you will consider the Barbarian tactical vest for every game, whether it is a survival scenario, tactical training, or paintball fun.


  • This vest is simple and easy to set up
  • It boasts a great quality
  • It provides great durability and comfort
  • It is highly adjustable
  • It offers several pockets, a shoulder panel, and a rear MOLLE panel
  • It is not only lightweight but also provides an additional thigh drip holster


  • The zippers in this vest are not of high-quality
  • The pistol holster is a little loose

Final verdict:

The Barbarian paintball vest is highly recommended for both enthusiastic novice players and professionals. It also enhances the confidence of the players leading to better chances of winning the game.

The Invenko presents a paintball vest that has a fixed layout design. It offers limited customizable options. Its large armholes and a lightweight body enable the players to move around the field easily. It is made up of a 1000D nylon mesh structure that is the base on which the remaining adjustable accessories are attached.

This vest is not only comfortable to wear but also highly functional for the paintball game. It comes with three removable accessories bags for loading different items. It also provides an additional accessories bag with large pieces of magic stickers. These can be used for badges as identification. The modular webbing design of this vest can also be used for camouflage.


  • This vest is created from a high-quality nylon material and perfect stitching
  • It is lightweight and convenient
  • It possesses a tensile wear-resisting ability
  • It is highly adjustable
  • It is equipped with a MOLLE design on the front to carry small equipment and a removable accessories bag
  • It has a modular webbing for attaching additional material


  • The zippers of this vest are not durable
  • It has sharp corners

Final verdict:

This vest is built in a well-made shape that is suitable for any body type and size. However, it is a little challenging to adjust. It is simpler and lightweight when compared to other vests.

Another renowned paintball vest is the GwendolynC tactical vest. It is made up of PVC mesh webbing. This promises its durability as well as the optimum ventilation system. Thus, it allows the humidity and warmth of the player’s body to be dispersed through the vest into the surrounding environment.

This vest possesses three adjustable Mag pouches, a medic pouch, a map bag, an M4 ammunition clip, a service bag, and a small bag for ammunition clip. These pouches are arranged in a manner across the stomach area. This provides easy access for the removal of pods in stressful situations.

Hence, it is a durable and adjustable vest with pouches designed for the convenient switching of pods with less time consumption. Moreover, its MOLLE functionality makes it easy to carry more things.


  • This vest is made from high-quality materials
  • It is durable
  • It possesses the wear-resisting ability
  • It offers maximum ventilation
  • It includes massive storage capacity
  • It comes with easily accessible and removable pockets
  • It provides great adjustability for different sizes
  • It offers good versatility
  • It has a padded mesh interior lining
  • It offers zippered pockets


  • It is a little heavy with inaccurate sizing

Final verdict:

This vest is the perfect choice for those who prefer a comfortable playing experience. It provides great comfort with functional features that will not be regretted when availed.

The Modern Warrior offers a junior tactical vest that is an excellent choice for not only the paintball games but also for camping, hunting, and airsoft, among many others.

This vest is specifically designed to meet the needs of young players. It comes with several pockets offering huge storing capacity.

Even though it is made for young players, its adjustable torso entertains players of all ages.

It is equipped with strong, large, and durable zippers and mesh that highlights its power as well as its long-lasting feature.


  • It has a durable nylon mesh structure
  • It offers a good ventilation system
  • It is made up of premium and heavy-duty material
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to wear and remove
  • It possesses numerous pockets and adjustable torso
  • It has multi-purpose uses


  • The material used in this vest is a little smelly
  • It has no protection at the back

Final verdict:

This vest provides the players with astound features with additional pockets. This grants it a higher rating from both us and Amazon.

The vest by the ESA Supplies is best in terms of great padding for the chest and back safeguarding. Paintballs can hit you hard. Thus, you will need a vest that can save you from these with tough and durable material. This is where the ESA Supplies vest comes in. It is created from a high-quality nylon mesh and high-density foam padding. This is why it can endure any type of paintball hit while protecting the player.

The adjustable Velcro side strap of this vest makes it fit for players of all ages. It also offers three Velcro ammo pouch and a big accessory bad on the front side. It is developed in the python design with a tan color. This is a lightweight vest with a big armhole to provide the players comfort in their movements.


  • It possesses inner foam padding
  • It is made of a breathable rugged mesh material
  • It is not only lightweight but also provides convenience
  • It has adjustable width and height straps
  • It offers layers of protection against the enemy hits
  • It offers multiple pockets with an accessory bag


  • It smells a bit
  • The buckles may not work at times

Final verdict:

This vest features a simple buckle system that encloses the body of the player snugly into this vest. This offers the players great comfort and convenience with a wide range of accessories through its pockets at the front side.

The Maddog tactical vest is specifically designed for those who need to carry a lot of tools. This is a heavy-duty vest that offers the ideal protection to the players at both front and back. The Velcro adjustment straps on the waist and shoulder sides of this vest feature it as best for any player. It is fully adjustable at the sides as well as compatible with all the standard paintball pods. The perfect fitting and versatility of this vest are highly appreciated among its users.

This vest offers a removable patch/front storage ID pockets. It can hold 6 standard paintball pods and up to a 90ci tank. A MOLLE system with a breathable mesh makes it one of the best paintball vest choices for the players.


  • It is fully adjustable with a heavy-duty reinforced MOLLE system
  • It can hold 6 standard paintball pods
  • It offers removable patches/front storage ID pockets
  • It is also equipped with inner front-mesh and back-mesh pockets
  • It has a durable construction
  • It is made of breathable mesh involving a webbing design


  • The zippers detaches easily
  • The pockets are placed a bit too high

Final verdict:

This offers the players great comfort and convenience with a wide range of accessories through its pockets at the front side.

Features to Consider When Buying Best Paintball Vest

The fan base for the paintball games has been increasing by a lot recently. It has indeed become a go-to outdoor group activity. The TV shows have contributed a lot to its popularity by showing it in various episodes. In the game of paintball, different groups battle each other in an arena that has been designed to look like a battlefield. The ammunition used in these games is the paint. This game offers the thrill of a real-life battle without any dangers. You can always devise strategies for your games to ensure better chances of victory.

Just like in real battles, the gears in paintball are very important. However, you need to carry everything with you during the game. For this, you must choose the perfect vest that does not hinder your performance with its weight while providing the best of features. Hence, we have listed below some of the pointers to consider when buying a tactical vest for paintball.


You must also focus on the capacity each vest provides. Since you will be using a radio to communicate with your team during the game, you will need pockets to put it in. Moreover, some paintball games continue for long hours. You will have to carry additional things in such cases. You will need to carry water bottles in such games for hydration. However, there are vests that come with a built-in hydration bladder. These vests are considered to be more suitable. Moreover, you will also need a pocket for maps and paint pods.

Vests come in different sizes. Some have fixed storage, while others allow you to customize pockets as per your needs. You must check measurements if you are opting for the vest with fixed pockets. You should also look for their placements to ascertain whether the pockets will be easily accessible for you during the game or not. The vests with MOLLE design let you customize pouches as well as move them according to your needs.


One of the things to look for in a vest is its durability factor. This depicts how long the vest will last. It varies from person to person, depending on how it is used. If you are a regular player and prefer rough terrains, you require a vest that can withstand all the outdoor elements that are possible in the paintball game.


The size is also important when buying a vest. The size determines the comfort as well as convenience aspects. Some vests come in only one size, while others have adjustable straps to fit people of all ages. Even if you choose the former one, you must try it once and move around to see if it is convenient and fit for you. Though, it is always better to get the one with straps. Moreover, you must make sure that the vest fits around your neck comfortably. It should also be convenient in wearing and removing.


The location of the paintball game also plays an integral role in deciding which vest to go for. The indoor games mean that there is a limited area to move around. Moreover, the paint pellets can hit you hard in such games because of the short distance. Therefore, you must consider vests with solid protection for such locations. Contrary to this, you will have to consider lightweight vests for outdoor games for convenience in moving. Even though you can compromise on the protection factor in this case, you will need more storage capacity.


One of the crucial aspects of owning a vest is the provision of protection. A good quality vest is that which protects you from getting the feeling of a punch when you get hit by a paintball. The paintball may hit you hard if you are not wearing a good quality vest. However, it does not mean that you must buy a vest with more weight for more protection. A heavy vest will affect the flexibility of your game. Therefore, choose a vest that protects but, at the same time, does not impede your ability to play through heavyweights.


The best vest is the one that has a camouflage design. It hides you from getting detected by the opposing team that is your enemy. Therefore, you must ensure that you do not opt for bright colors or any shiny material when buying a vest. It can make you easily visible to your enemy.

Load-Bearing Ability

When we talk about buying a vest with a light material, it does not disregard the option of additional carriage space that most vests provide. You must opt for a vest that is sturdy and lightweight so that it can allow you to carry heavy accessories in the field. Choose the right material vest for the durability factor as well.

Additionally, the best vest is the one that distributes the weight proportionally. It allows you to run smoothly in the field by not having all the accessories on one side of the vest. So, a vest that has all the pouches and pockets distributed proportionally is the best one to buy.


Weather plays a significant role in the choice of a vest. You should buy the vest that does not make you warm in summers while ensuring the comfort factor in all the weather. The vests made of breathable material are preferred. Furthermore, you should consider if the material of the vest caters to the weather in terms of wear and tear. Therefore, you must check the material as well as the quality of the padding of the vest before buying one for yourself.

A vest is best if it fulfills all the above conditions where it balances all the gears with its lightweight and the right quality of padding.

Final Verdict

Hence, an ideal vest is one with a slim profile with a minimalistic personality. It gives good simulation to the players who want to have a balance weight, functionality, and range of movement.

The Bottom Line

There is a wide range of paintball vests available in the market these days. However, the most modern type of paintball vest nowadays is the Tactical paintball vest. It holds the necessary gear for you during the game in the paintball arena. These vests have progressed a lot during the last few years. Moreover, these come in a wide variety of different configurations that suits the player’s needs.

The most crucial aspect of carrying a vest is that it has multiple pockets to hold your gears and accessories as well as protects you from getting hit by the enemy’s paintball. Therefore, it is exceptionally beneficial for you to have a paintball vest. It not only serves you with its enormous capacity to hold your paintball accessories, but it also safeguards you against the paintball.

The thought of buying a paintball vest in haste is probably not the best idea. You must first read the pros and cons of a vest before making the final decision when buying the best paintball vest that fits your needs. Hence, you must not buy a vest just because it looks cool. If you want to get a better understanding of what to wear when paintballing, you can check out this article that goes really in-depth on what gear you will need for battle!

All the vests are designed from high-quality material for better endurance in different types of environments. Thus, it is better to consider the specific needs and not just the look of the gun. Therefore, you can pick one from the list given above if you wish. But be sure to buy one according to your need so that you can enjoy while benefitting the most on the paintball field.

Conclusively, it is best to investigate before buying the vest. It should fulfill all your requirements while you are in the paintball game. Having the right vest will always benefit you, and it will also improve your game. A paintball vest with its well-carrying capacity and all other factors will significantly improve your paintball skills. So, it is always best to have the right information before buying the most suitable paintball vest for yourself.

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