Best Pump Paintball Guns In 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Nowadays electronic paintball guns are the norm. This doesn’t mean, however, that players don’t have other options. The alternatives are mechanical and pump markers. The latter were the first guns used for playing paintball, but they can still be found both in stores and online. Some players even prefer them to the faster and more sophisticated options. If you’d like to try out a pump version of a paintball gun, browse through this list of our best pump paintball guns selection!

Although their original use was to mark cattle and trees from a distance, they have evolved over time to provide people with another form of battlefield play. If you are considering switching from a paintball marker to a pump, you will need to purchase the best paintball pump available. If you want to check our top picks for paintball markers irrespective of the gun type, click here.

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Comparison Table For Best Pump Paintball Guns

ThumbnailNameWeightBest ForMaterialPrice
Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump Paintball MarkerAzodin Kaos Pump4.8 lbsBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Empire Pump Paintball Gun ReviewEmpire Pump3.9 lbsBeginner to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Azodin KP II 2011 Kaos ReviewAzodin KP7.0 lbsIntermediate to ProVery HighView On Amazon
Kingman Spyder Pump Paintball Marker ReviewKingman Spyder Pump3.4 lbsBeginner to ProMediumView On Amazon
Azodin KP3 Pump6.0 lbsBeginner to ProHighView On Amazon
Bob Long M.V.P (Marq Victory-Pump) Paintball Marker ReviewBob Long4.0 lbsBeginner to ProMediumView On Amazon
JT SplatMaster Paintball Gun ReviewJT SplatMaster Pump4.9 lbsBeginner to ProMediumView On Amazon
JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol​JT ER2 Pump 5.8 lbsBeginner to ProHighView On Amazon
CCI Phantom5.4 lbsBeginner to ProHighView On Amazon
ans x5e autococker paintball gun reviewANS X54.7 lbsIntermediate to ProMediumView On Amazon

Top 10 Pump Paintball Markers Reviewed

Azodin KP3.5 Kaos is a 14-inch two-piece barrel that comes with two backs and a half block design. Like the KP3, the KP3.5 features Delrin pump handles, a clamping feed-neck, and double pump rods. Delrin pumps are wonderful because they do not need lubrication, but if lubricated, they can swell and need to be replaced later.

It has an AC barrel thread in place of an A5 thread. The KP3.5 should be light and easy to use. This is one of the reasons why the KP3.5 is one of the best pump-action paintball guns for novices or enthusiasts who would like to switch from a mechanical or electronic marker to a pump marker.

KP3.5 comes with 0.685 and 0.681 barrels. It works with a pressure of 230 psi. It runs on compressed air and not CO2, just like KP3. The acoustic bolt reduces the operating pressure, making low on noise and high on precision.


  • Streamlined On/Off ASA
  • Lightweight and Very quiet
  • Single trigger frame
  • .685 and .681 barrel backs
  • Dual pumping rods
  • 14-inch two-piece barrel
  • Clamping feed-neck


  • Swelling is caused by greased Delrin parts

Considering all its features and pros, no wonder it is 1st on our list of best pump paintball guns!

The history of this model goes back to 1986, when the first Sniper gun was designed. Its popularity among paintball players, however, has never waned. This is mostly thanks to its tough build and reliable performance.

This tournament level paintball pump comes with a 14 inch 2-piece aluminum barrel. Made with the standard 45 frame, which has a contoured wrap-around handle with ergonomic finger grooves, It also features stainless steel double pump rods that increase the stability of the weapon and has an ASA T / A on / off with ventilation. The Empire has a vertical feed design, and a removable vertical pump auxiliary plate, and Delrin handle and pump slider.

Empire is a great way to develop your paintball skills and helps in conserving your paintball balls by avoiding breakage. The design should also be durable and run smoothly on the battlefield while still giving you a chance, a kill you hope to get from a paintball pump.

Empire Sniper uses HPA instead of CO2 to reduce the flow rate and improve pump performance. With an inline regulator and swivel adapter, the Empire provides the most effective firepower. The Empire also has a 300psi gauge, which can be placed on either side. Still pack a punch, which can surprise your opponents on the pitch.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out its pros and cons! This may very well be the best pump paintball gun on the market!

Key Features of Paintball Gun:

  • Tournament Level Performance pump marker
  • Low Pressure Operation
  • Auto-Trigger for rapid firing
  • Aluminum 2-piece 14″ barrel and stainless steel rods
  • 3 Barrel inserts .675, .680, .685
  • Weighs a bit more than 2 pounds


  • Durable and very user-friendly
  • Has a safety button
  • Lever style feed neck
  • Fast and accurate
  • Can be used easily by both left-handed and right-handed players
  • Accurate aim up to 50 feet
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with a pressure gauge


  • Some believe that its 3-piece barrel kit is simply not enough
  • It doesn't have many upgrades

KP 2011 is made with an aluminum handle frame and a replaceable wire mainly with a barrel thread that comes with an Autococker. KP 2011 has a low-pressure inline regulator, supplied with standard ASA threads.

It has an old school or classic paintball pump marker design, but it comes with all the improvements and enhancements of the new pump designs. It comes with a Twist Lock II design, which results in a simpler, faster, and tighter design, making it easy to lock the charger quickly and securely.

The construction is also durable thanks to the stainless steel pump rod. The barrel is 0.689 and 12 inches long. KP 2011 is the best pump-action paintball gun for the price. The 2011 KP weighs 2.7 pounds, has an overall length of 18.29 inches, and a height of 8.88 inches. It really is the best paintball pump marker for the price and a good choice for beginners.

The KP 2011 uses compressed air and not CO2; thus, its use is also extremely quiet. It comes with a high-performance valve, silencer, and silent screw to keep your sonic signature to a minimum, making it difficult and challenging to track your exact location on the battlefield.


  • Twist Lock II design
  • Stainless steel pump rod
  • Smooth trigger
  • Inline regulator with low pressure
  • Aluminum grip frame
  • Extremely quiet performance valve and muffled striker
  • Interchangeable rail or dovetail mount on the bottom ASA and upgradable to allow you to customize


  • Feed neck is a twist and lock, making it hard to tighten, but is replaceable

But all things considered, this pump marker is a great piece of equipment!

The second model on our list is commonly known as the Hammer. It boasts a very original design that can be described as a mix between shotguns and pistols. Apart from that, it’s one of the best pump paintball guns available. Here’s a list of its pros and cons!

Key Features of Pump Marker:

  • Picantinny Top Rail with Picatinny Feed Neck Cover Plate
  • Mil-Sim, Shotgun Style, Pump-Action Paintball Marker
  • FSE First Strike Equipped with 9 Round First Strike Capable Magazine Included
  • Shotgun Style Pump Fore grip, .45 Caliber Style Pistol Grip, and Auto Trigger
  • 12 inch Hammer Barrel with Standard Threaded AR15 Muzzle Brake
  • Picantinny Top Rail with Picatinny Feed Neck Cover Plate


  • Made out of hard plastic
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • The 9-round magazines are compatible with First strike paintballs
  • It is super accurate
  • Features an auto trigger that allows fast shooting


  • It's magazine can sometimes cause trouble
  • Switching feeds sometimes require additional tools

In spite of its cons, this pump paintball gun is considered to be one of the safest choices for paintball players and deserves to be number four in the competition for the best pump paintball guns.

Azodin KP3 Kaos has a different design from KP 2011 Kaos, although it has some of the same features. With an aluminum body and a simple aluminum trigger frame, the KP3 is a durable paintball gun with a pump. Comes with double tension rods for a smoother puppy ride, quick release screw, and aluminum clamping neck.

It’s designed with dual pump arms, double ball stops, a half-block body and low-pressure operation usually found in high-end pump guns, but the KP3 is reasonably priced.

The pump is accurate and comes with a 0.685 and 0.681 barrel back. KP3 runs at 230 psi, which is low, especially for a cheaper marker. The marker cannot use CO2, which means you are not getting a strong firing power as the other markers, although the compressed air still supports you to fire sufficiently, but doesn’t give you an edge over others for this matter.

Azodin’s model boasts three features that improve both performance and durability. They’re also the reason why this marker is so popular among paintball players. But here are some facts that will make it harder for you to doubt the Kaos’ worth!

Key Features of Pump Paintball Marker:

  • 14” Two-Piece Barrel with Two Backs (.685 and .681)
  • Half-Block Design
  • Delrin Pump Handle
  • Dual Pump Rods and Clamping Feedneck
  • Twist lock and stainless steel rod
  • Consists of a valve, a muffle striker, a silence bolt and an inline regulator


  • It is super silent
  • Dual ball detents
  • The Twist Lock allows the player to lock the hopper quickly and with ease
  • The Stainless Steel rod increases both the durability and the firing capability of the gun
  • Lever feed-neck
  • Adjustable regulator


  • Some players say that the pump arm and the barrel are too close to each other
  • The finishing is low quality

But all in all, this model is yet another solid piece of paintball equipment, especially if you’re a beginner!

While it might not be convenient if you’re just getting into the game, i.e., you are a beginner, it’s worth it if you’re about to upgrade. Feels great in your hands, exceptionally light, and well balanced; the weapon has no front regulator and is instead contained in the handle. In addition to being relatively effective, its shot to shot consistency is excellent. The only problem some have with MVP is that it makes a noise when shot.

The pump guide contains 12 ball bearings, designed and positioned to minimize friction and lateral movement. In combination with two soft springs, pumping becomes an effortless experience. Automatic lowering is smooth and quick, and a drawstring is a handy addition.

This pump action paintball gun features self-lubricating brass inserts and is easy to assemble and disassemble. The bolt is made of brass, which will become smoother with use. Many people love the brass parts in their guns because of this quality. This turns cleaning and general maintenance into a painless experience. And if you need something that has a professional look, Bob Long offers great customer service.


  • Spring kit
  • CIamping feed neck
  • Self-lubricating brass internals
  • On/Off ASA
  • 14 inch barrel
  • Built on the Marq Victory engine


  • Lies on the expensive side of paintball guns
  • Makes noise when firing paintballs

You’ll have a hard time finding a pump gun that’s more affordable than this one. It’s one of the main reasons why it’s so popular among paintball players. But it doesn’t mean it’s an otherwise worthless piece of equipment. Check out its features to decide for yourself!

Key Features of Paintball Marker:

  • Uses .50 caliber paintball ammo
  • Includes reusable target and game play instruction
  • Shoots up to 100 feet with marksman accuracy to 50 feet
  • No batteries or Co2 needed
  • Spring Action Firing


  • incredibly inexpensive and lightweight
  • Effective range of 50-100 feet
  • Spring Action Firing allows fast shooting
  • It requires neither CO2 nor batteries
  • Its magazine can hold up to 7 rounds of ammunition


  • Player complain about it's trigger being faulty
  • Some say that the gun doesn’t keep the paintballs in place, causing problems with shooting

Most players, however, believe that this model makes up for all that with its affordability!

This neat little pump pistol is the second JT model on our list. It’s even more affordable than the previous one, but it has its advantages as well. If you doubt it, simply read what follows and you’ll get the picture!

Key Features of Paintball Gun:

  • 0.68 caliber paintball pistol
  • 2 12gram CO2 Cartridges
  • Firing rate of 5 balls per second
  • The ER2 model is a pump-style marker
  • It’s equipped with a smooth firing handle that improves its performance
  • Weighs around 2 pounds


  • It's very inexpensive and lightweight
  • Effective range of 100 feet
  • Improved speed
  • Smooth firing handle
  • It's equipped with anti-chop technology that reduces the number of paintballs destroyed


  • Some players have had troubles with the air tank and the trigger
  • Not considered a high performing marker

But all things considered, this model is not a bad choice for beginners! Though it may not be the best pump paintball gun available, it sure is the best one for the price!

CCI Phantom is very reliable and easy to work with as a paintball marker. It’s also one of the more customizable paintball guns, letting you swap parts until you find a combination that suits you perfectly.

It is lightweight and ergonomic, which ensures comfortable handling and use. Due to the different parts available, it is difficult to have a unified view or opinion of any part that is customizable.

Compared to other pump paintball guns, the pump stroke of this marker is relatively rough and heavy, which is unpleasant for many users. However, the stroke is much smoother and easier to use; you just need the patience to handle it. This weapon comes with a simple wrap-around pump.

CCI storage barrels are of exceptional quality and are available in various lengths. The only drawback is that the barrel of the stock has a large bore and can cause unneeded rollouts. CCI offers a solution in the form of detent rings.


  • Has an auto-trigger
  • Efficient pressure system
  • Velocity Adjuster
  • Light Weight and Compact
  • Toolless Disassembly
  • Lots of Configurations


  • Heavy Pump Stroke
  • Stock Pump Handle is Small

It is an affordable option and offers a variety of features. While slightly heavier than any other weapon on this list, it allows for a stable shot and comfortable grip. The weapon is accurate, consistent, and efficient, and the pump rod is stable and easy.

It comes with a two-piece barrel, which allows you to customize the barrel cheaply and easily and find the right hole size for your style and preferences. ANS X5 features an eye cover that holds the ball dent intact. However, the main advantage comes if you want to switch the pump operation to an electric frame.


  • Adjustable and replaceable clamping feed neck
  • On/Off ASA
  • Dual detent system
  • Inline regulator


  • No serious cons to talk about

Benefits of Buying a Pump Paintball Gun

Features and Benefits of Buying Pump Paintball Marker

Using a pump-action paintball gun instead of a mechanical or electronic paintball gun has several advantages.

Cheaper Paintball Guns:

First, paintball guns are generally cheaper than other types of paintball guns. This will give you a chance to try paintball without spending a lot of money.

Improves Your Firing Accuracy: 

In addition to cost, pump markers require greater accuracy because you need to pump after each round. This means that your battle skills will need to be improved for this pump paintball markers be used effectively, thus, automatically improving your overall skills.

Saves Money in the Long Run:

Since you can only use one paintball at a time, you will go through significantly fewer paintballs than a semi-automatic marker, which will save you money in the long run.

In a pump paintball gun, the paintballs are less likely to break balls owing to the fact that there is only one ball in the chamber at a time. This will also reduce the cost of paintballs. The paintball gun is also easier for beginners to use because it is easier to use.

Final Verdict

After all, having a paintball pump marker can really change the way you play paintball. The goal is a hit, and a kill, which requires more skill and accuracy in your game. This is a strategic weapon that will improve the way you play, the more you practice.

When you are about to buy your first pump marker, we recommend that you choose the best paintball pump marker possible. If adding one is not within your budget, you can choose one of the more affordable markers, but even higher-class pump paintball markers are cheaper than mechanical or electronic markers.

The Empire Sniper is our choice for the worthwhile pump paintball marker category because it has all the features you would need from a pump gun, plus the ability to tailor it to your needs. The Azodin marker brand has a range of markers that are cheaper in the case that the price of Sniper is too much for you, but the Sniper is still a better choice.

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