Best Spyder Paintball Guns – Reviews And Buying Guide

To fully enjoy this sport, you need to have a good paintball gun, which is a rather difficult task as you need to invest time and money into this. Paintball guns are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles. To help make the search easier for you, we have listed some of the best paintball guns which we feel make the cut. This article is your guide to finding the best Spyder paintball gun that will give you nothing but satisfaction.

Before we move onto the list, let’s get to know the brand first. Spyder was established in 1992, with its first reputable product being a Hammer series pump action marker. It ventured into paintball guns and gave its competitors a run for their money. Gaining a good image in the eyes of the customers for its affordable and highly effective paintball guns. Spyder has dedicated a whole product line by the name of the MR Series toward engineering the best paintball guns; consisting of the Eko Valve system providing an extreme gush of air to ensure maximum meticulousness.

Spyder’s paintball guns also feature a dual loading system, allowing the user to interchange paint pellets with a quick turn of the barrel. Another prominent feature that Spyder’s engineers and designers have added to the paintball guns is the First Strike to provide maximum precision as well as handle long-range targets. With Spyder paintball guns, you can rest easy, knowing that you have a highly reputable, reliable, durable and efficient product. Some of the top Spyder markers have also been added to our list of Best Paintball Markers

Comparison Table For Best Spyder Paintball Guns

ThumbnailNameMaterialBest ForPrice
MAddog Spyder MR6 w/ DLS & Spare FS 9 Round Magazine Silver Paintball Gun PackageMAddog Spyder MR6Very High QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball MarkerSpyder MR100 PROVery High QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Spyder Victor 09 Paintball Gun ReviewVictor 09Very High QualityIntermediate to AdvanceView On Amazon
Spyder Paintball Stormer Marker ReviewPaintball StormerHigh QualityBeginner to AdvanceView On Amazon
Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker ReviewFenix Electronic Medium QualityIntermediate to AdvanceView On Amazon

5 Top Spyder Paintball Guns Reviews

One of the most reliable and popular paintball guns is the Spyder MR6 model which is known for its sturdy build and long-lasting features. It is definitely a good companion on the playing field. It is relatively cheaper than most paintball guns, which makes it a popular choice among customers. Many of which commending this brand it for its aesthetically pleasing looks and sleek design.

Main Features:

Others have appreciated its durability and immensely useful features that are mentioned below:

  1. This design gives the user the benefit of working with the MR model, which is semi-automatic and has the well-known Hammer 7 pump ability, adding style and precision to your strikes and shots.
  2. As mentioned earlier as well, Spyder is known for its dual loading system, shooting around sixty-eight caliber paintballs, allowing a smooth interchange between loading systems to stay in the game. This feature removes any possibility of the gun being jammed.
  3. It comes equipped with a fourteen-inch barrel with a noise-minimizing break, rubber grips to allow a better and firm hold, fire strike pellets and nine round magazines.
  4. This Spyder paintball gun is definitely for you if you are a beginner, as it comes with a fully equipped pack with goggles, manuals and other gadgets to get you started. It is a highly efficient, easily portable, and durable paintball gun, which is sure to meet your expectations. It is a great way to become closer to the professional league and learn how to operate a high-efficiency and carefully designed paintball gun. Furthermore, it is also a mag fed paintball gun which is awesome!

It is yours for the taking if you feel you have the guts to work with this fine piece of engineering combined with a classy deign to give you the best paintball experience. With its design ensuring safety as well as professional grade tools used to make it a quality product, this paintball gun does its job well while making the sport enjoyable, smooth and stress-free. This can be a really good accessory as well as a tool used to show other team players your skills.

This particular model of the Spyder MR the series, the Spyder MR100 is mostly used by professionals but is a great purchase for beginners as well. It is safe to use and has a solid build, ensuring that there will not be any mishap while it is in use. It is very affordable and a steal considering its breath-taking, professional-level features and its fully equipped kit to make it last a long time.

Customers have appreciated this product for its affordability and ease in usage, making it a good companion for first-timers at paintball. Others have held it in high regard because of its brilliant precision backed by its top-of-the-line features that come with the MR series. It is relatively lighter but equally powerful as compared to its competitors. It has been designed to perform exceptionally well with bare minimum recoil effects.

Main Features:

Some of its other features include the following:

  1. A kit consisting of a mask with a screen composing of fog-eliminating lenses, a paintball bind, and clear tubes to store them.
  2. It has a semi-automatic paintball pointer.
  3. It has the well-known Eko Valve system.
  4. Bar mounting with aluminum.
  5. A twelve-inch barrel for target practice.
  6. A trigger outline to help with your accuracy for the shot.
  7. A rapid discharge pin.
  8. It also has a handy velocity controller, allowing your target to be precise.
  9. It can operate on carbon dioxide as well as packed air, giving it the means to shoot paintballs with maximum force.

Enjoy the thrill of playing paintball and become an expert with this high-precision gun. It will surely meet your demands by providing you with the best and professional set of tools to work with while offering an amazing time. It is surely an amazing product worth its value. This is especially the perfect product for beginners who are not sure about what they want because of its reasonable cost yet astonishing features.

The Spyder Victor 09 is an innovative and updated version of the traditional paintball gun. It probably one of the best purchases if not the best for beginners. It is very affordable and simplistic, making it a great buy. It offers a couple of features which complement its simple, durable, and efficient design. It can work well with carbon dioxide as well as compressed oxygen. It also comes with a quick release attachment, although its accuracy and consistency may not be like the professionals. It is aimed at newcomers who need to make their way up to the more advanced models.

Customer reviews back up the Spyder Victor paintball gun because of its ease of availability and simplistic instructions to guide a beginner through the whole process. Customers have praised it for being a great way to learn and brush up their aim and accuracy skills. It does not have a rapid ejection rate, but it is perfect for beginners to handle. It does require a level of maintenance as a few leakages have been reported, but they only require a minor replacement of the gun’s parts, which is inexpensive and it does need to be cleaned properly.

Main Features:

Some of its other features which provide customer satisfaction are as follows:

  1. It has the EKO Valve system, allowing precise shooting up to one thousand plus shots of paintball pellets.
  2. It has an aluminum exterior to provide a sturdy body to house the essential features required for the paintball gun to function properly.
  3. It has a highly efficient high-impact polymer shooting case.
  4. It is short and easy to carry, unlike other more advanced models.
  5. It has a steel tube.
  6. Its trigger has the capacity to be operated by two fingers.
  7. It comes with a packaged kit with a pointer, additional parts, tools and a manual.

If you are a beginner and want to pave your way to a successful paintball shooting, then this is paintball gun is designed for you. It is basic yet one of the best beginner level paintball guns available at a highly reasonable price, which will surely help brush up your skills as well as give you proper exposure at handling a paintball gun.

The Spyder Stormer is a semi-automatic paintball gun with a 0.5 caliber. It is easy to carry because of its light weight and compact size, making it a great companion on the playing field as you can move around easily with it. Its accuracy is one of its key features, allowing the user to aim at the target with maximum precision. This feature is complemented by the Eko Valve system powered by either compressed air or carbon dioxide. It can shoot three thousand and five hundred paintball shots.

It has been commended by customers for its ease of mobility and precision. They have also complimented it for its appealing design as well as its ability to capture the seriousness of the sport itself.

Main Features:

Some of its other features that have the customers buzzing are mentioned below:

  1. Its marker is assisted by an assault-mode modifiable shoulder stock and multiple bar mounts.
  2. It has a side inclination made out of aluminum.
  3. It has a ring sight as well as a barrel shroud.
  4. Raised sight.
  5. It has a high-impact precision outline.
  6. Comes with a thirteen-inch barrel with a noise minimization muzzle break.
  7. Features a short pull trigger.
  8. It has a strong grip.
  9. It has a dual loading system, allowing the user to switch faster.
  10. It is designed to look like a military weapon.
  11. It has a quick release pin, allowing the user to move fast and hit hard.
  12. Designed with textured clench poles.
  13. It has an exterior speed controller.

All in all, it is a great product, delivering immense and efficient ammunition-based performance with maximum precision. Don’t stress about using a large number of paintballs. With this model, you can go on all day and play with your mates without the gun giving you any trouble or witnessing any failure.

It operates with less ammo, giving you a better and more accurate target strike. It is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. It is safe to use as the tiny paintballs require less force to be shot with a reduced recoil impact on the user. If you are looking for more paintball guns with extreme accuracy, check out this article of the most accurate paintball guns.

We have saved the most beloved and highly reputable Spyder paintball gun for last, the Spyder Fenix paintball gun. It uses some of the best technology to provide the user with the ultimate satisfaction and be completely worth its price. It redefines engineering skills and is proof that Spyder has some of the best people working hard to design a highly efficient, durable, and precision-focused paintball gun.

Thanks to its highly advanced technology and features, it is more suitable for professionals or people who have handled a paintball gun previously, as the user must learn how to handle a more basic paintball gun first in order to be able to control and efficiently use this high-end gun. Here are some of the best paintball guns for beginners which we recommend you try at least one out first.

Customers have rated this as one of the best sellers. They have commended this Spyder paintball gun for exceeding their expectations and performing exceptionally well. Its amazing features combined with its ease of carrying and usage make it a great paintball gun to have around. It definitely gives the user a certain edge as it has a more updated and more technologically advanced design. Its design is loved by most customers.

It might be a little costly as compared to its competitors and other models, although you must keep in mind that you are getting a quality product with amazing features, high-end quality, and user-friendly features. Also, for someone who is enthusiastic about the sport of paintball and is a professional having used other paintball guns, this gun is a great option, which will defiantly leave the user satisfied

Main Features:

Some of its defining features include the following:

  1. An air-efficient Eko Valve system which can shoot up to one thousand and six hundred paintballs using compressed air.
  2. It is much shorter and lightweight than its competitors.
  3. It has three options to alter its magnetic trigger edge.
  4. What sets it apart from its competitors is its electronic trigger frame which allows the user to change between ramp millennium and ramp PSP in a smooth manner.
  5. The adjustable and fastened feed necks allow the paintball gun to shoot about twenty-five balls per second, giving the possessor of this paintball gun an upper hand and a great tool to step up their game. Hence, you are more likely to win if you have this gun.
  6. It also features a shattering beam eye expertise which prevents the paintball gun from shooting unless and until the paintballs are properly placed in the built-in chamber. This feature prevents any fallout or mishaps, so you can be sure that you will be safe.
  7. It also has a color display, allowing the user to better scout the field.

Its performance and reliability are unquestionable as it has a lot of good reviews to back up its claim. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line and sturdy paintball gun that redefines quality and provides the user with features which give them a competitive edge, this paintball gun is surely going to do the job. You will not regret this purchase.

Final Thoughts

It is important to point out that these Spyder paintball guns can provide you with not just entertainment but also a way to brush up your skills. These Spyder paintball guns can help you improve your aim and physical mobility and refine your thinking skills. Show off your skills in the best way possible while learning new tips and tricks simultaneously.

Spyder provides a full manual and kit with spare parts as well, ensuring the durability of the paintball gun so that its performance will not deteriorate over time. It is a good way to spend your leisure time and a great way to get your friends together and participate in a sport which helps make you fit and smart altogether.

Hopefully, this article gave you a glimpse of what is available on the market. Now you may know which Spyder paintball gun is for you. Test these Spyder paintball guns out for yourself and see how much your game can improve with just the right gun. Live an invigorating and excitement-filled life!

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