Is Paintball a Sport or a Game?

Is Paintball a Sport?

Is Paintball a Sport?

Though paintball has only been here for two or so decades, it is slowly gaining popularity. We ask ourselves: Is paintball a sport? Well, A lot of folks presume that it is really just a game but not a sport, an argument we disagree with. The only reason perhaps paintball is not yet in curriculums and the Olympics is because it’s quite a new concept altogether! It’s yet to be fully accepted by most countries, or played by many.

If we were to look at the invention the most popular sport in the world: Soccer, for example, at its beginning, would anyone have thought that kicking a ball and passing it over two posts would have counted for anything? Yeah, you thought right! …javelin? Scotland’s Caber toss? Don’t even get me started! Here’s full proof that indeed Paintball is a sport and should very much be considered so:

  1. It is procedural and has game-specific rules.
    The game involves elimination off opponents by hitting them with paintballs. Before each game, requirements and rules are laid out for every player to know. For a player to win, for example, you must have evaded all paintballs, therefore be paintless since balls break on impact to release a splash of color. Rules are made on which ball hits count; do you have to be hit completely or just a small graze could get you out of the play? Furthermore, different games have different procedures, should you run to capture the flag to be declared the winner? Defending a particular zone of the game? Elimination normally earns the other team points. Like any other game, it clearly has its own coded procedure on how to play.
  2. Special wear or Gear.
    Just like basketball or hockey, and all other sports, paintball has its own ‘uniform’. Before a game starts all players should be fully dressed with masks, helmets, markers, ammo as well as have a power supply, a good air system, a paintball gun, and other accessories. There are different types of paintball gear, and the choice depends on age, physical qualities of the player, and quality. Most paintball businesses rent out equipment to their players, while diehards buy their own, perhaps as good luck charms to win games.
  3. Requires a specified site or Setup.
    Playing paintball requires a specific setup or paintball field. You can just wake up one morning and decide to play legit paintball at home. In fact, when you’re going for a game, you sometimes have to set up reservations or check whether the field is available. There are varying sizes of paintball fields, and they can either be indoors or outdoors. The field is set up with fake or real terrain, used for cover from the paintballs.
  4. It requires special skills
    The game involves well-developed skills. You have to be good at co-ordination, where you synchronize shooting opponents as well as protecting yourself. Poor coordination skills will make you lose all valuable ammo. You also have to be agile; ball hits are no easy feat and to last longer, you must know how to stay alert throughout the game to manage to dodge all balls. Running skills will also come in handy when moving from one cover to another on the battlefield. Mental skills come in handy when adapting to various changes in gameplay. These could be a change in the weather, teammates, game structure, rules and so on. Evidently, for a person or team to win, just like soccer, special skills are required and the team that possesses the most skills is likely to win.
  5. Requires decent training.
    You can’t wake up and decide to play a game without training either! Reading about it could not even come close to being sufficient enough to prepare you for what the game is about. It, therefore, requires training to play the game and to be the winner, evading paintballs and shooting players actually needs decent practice and training. The ball moves so fast, and so should you. In a filed of close to 100 yards, good training keeps you at the top of your game just like other sports!
  6. It is competitive
    Though for now, the sport is really just for recreation, it is very competitive and involves two or more teams shooting at each other as they dodge balls to remain in the game. Nowadays, there are even major tournaments organized by friends or corporate organizations where teams play to win certain titles. Military organizations, as well as security organizations, also use the game to train and foster competition with opponents, just like the battlefield would naturally be. You could actually catch paintball leagues on Saturdays at 10 pm on ESPN. Still think it’s not a sport?
  7. Very physical.
    When watching a game, you could probably be thrilled, and intend to play thinking to yourself that the game is ‘all fun and games.’ On the field, things get real. Paintball is very physical, and relies on your skills to withstand hits by balls, running, dodging, you name it. You could easily lose a few calories from playing the game, and one thing for sure, your muscles will be on fire the night after your first successful game! It is so physically challenging where you have to jump, shout, crawl, sit and dive into bunkers! You’ll procure injuries, muscle aches, headaches, and general body fatigue. With this game, prepare your body for cruel aftermath.
  8. Teamwork Required
    Without working with others properly, just like basketball, football, handball, and many other sports, it is impossible to win. Talking to your teams, planning your gameplay and coordinating with your team members is absolutely crucial food good gameplay. Teamwork is, in fact, the one trick up every winning team’s sleeve. You must, therefore, be ready to get along with others and establish healthy game relationships.

After all, the game, one that has existed since the late ’90s, needs to start being taken seriously and given the importance it rightfully deserves! It should be made a legitimate sport to watch during the national Olympic games, and have professional players foster careers in it. Paintball is a sport just like football, soccer, basketball, and hockey! So, Is Paintball a Sport? Yes.

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