Tips For Buying The Best Paintball Vest

The Best Paintball Vest

Paintball Vest

Paintball has come a long way over the years and it has quickly become one of the more popular outdoor group activities. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your friends as you battle it out in groups. It gives you real-life thrills without putting yourself or others in danger. However, you get to completely enjoy this game only if you have the right gear required to play paintball. One of the most important gears for playing paintball is the paintball vest. While there are many different types of vests available in the market at a variety of price points, there are some specific things that should always be there in a proper paintball vest. Here is what you need to look at in order to buy the right paintball vest.

One of the first things you need to look at is the capacity of the vest as it should be able to carry everything you need for a good game. Since you are going to play paintball outdoors for a long period of time, you’re going to use some kind of radio to communicate with the teammates. In addition, you will need to get water or other source of hydration as without regular hydration, you will get dehydrated and that’s not good. There are vests that come with a built-in hydration bladder or with a specific space to keep a water bottle.

Also, you need to carry map of the area where you are going to play. The map becomes especially important if you’re going to cover a huge area. Needless to say, you will also want to carry some paint pods with you. The good news is that in addition to vests with fixed storage space, there are also models available in the market that allow you to customize the number of pockets. If you are planning to buy a fixed pocket vest, it is important for you to take the measurements in order to make sure that you have exactly what you need. On the other hand, investing in a vest with customizable pockets allows you to move the pouches as per your wish which offers you a lot more flexibility when you play.

Your paintball vest is going to suffer a lot of wear and tear which means durability is of main concern. Also, these do not come cheap and you would want to buy a model that is going to last a very long time. Since you are going to crawl around wearing your vest during the game, you would want something that doesn’t easily tear apart. It should be able to withstand rough use. Therefore, make sure the material as well as the construction quality is able to withstand rough use over a long period of time in order to keep it good for years to come.

Size of the vest is also important. If you’re not comfortable wearing your vest, you’re not going to use it frequently and that would be a waste of your money. So, make sure you choose the right size. While many companies make these in a wide variety of sizes there are also companies that offer only a single size. Ideally, you should buy one with adjustable straps which means the vest can be used by multiple people. Also, you’ll be able to wear it comfortably even if you gain a few pounds of weight over the years.

One thing many people do not know is that location also affects the kind of vest they should buy. In case you are going to play paintball indoors, there is limited space to run around but it also means that you will be close enough to the other team and paintball is going to hit you hard. Therefore, you need a vest that offers enough protection to prevent any kind of unintentional injury. Similarly, a vest designed for outdoor use needs to be flexible enough to allow you to move around easily. It should be lightweight and you should be able to carry all the supplies you need. You might not need as much protection for an outdoor vest as you need for an indoor one.

A paintball vest is multipurpose. Its primary purpose is to protect you but it should also allow you to carry all the supplies you need. We have already covered the capacity above and here, we are going to discuss about protection. You will need to make sure that it has enough protection and you are not going to get hurt when that paint hits you. Also, you’d want to know that you have been hit in order to get out of the game. Keep in mind that usually, more protection means more weight. You want a vest that balances protection and ease of movement.

In order to get the best value for your money, you want a West that has the right capacity but is also lightweight. It should be made of a strong material so that it does not easily tear apart when you are moving around carrying a lot of weight in the pouches. Pay special attention to the material as well as quality of construction. The design plays an important role here as it should distribute the weight evenly throughout the vest. In case you feel weighed down on one side when you’re running around, it will be difficult for you to move around quickly. Therefore, pay special attention to the design, material used as well as construction quality in order to choose the right paintball vest.

As far as the price is concerned, you can buy paintball vests in a wide range of prices. However, you will get what you pay for. Therefore, choose a paintball vest that has everything you need and is available within your budget. Do not spend too much money on a vest if you are not going to use it frequently.

Overall, there are many different types of paintball vests available in the market in terms of quality and price. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind in order to get the best value for your money when buying a paintball vest.

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