What To Wear For Paintball: Your Guide To Perfect Attire For Ultimate Protection

Apart from the tools, you also need to be covered in terms of clothes and safety gear when it comes to paintballing. Want to ace the game? Read through and familiarize yourself with what to wear when paintballing.

Gear To Wear When Playing Paintball

Beginner, or expert, prepping is necessary. You’d see expert paintballer searching for gears that are high on protection, as well as comfort. Let us help you get a better and more enjoyable experience of the next paintball games that you play. This is what you precisely need to do:

1. Wear Long Sleeves

When choosing the right clothes for the upper body, use the longest sleeve possible. The rule when it comes to playing paintball is to make sure you expose as little skin as possible. Remember that balls hitting your bare skin can even cause bruises, so cover-up. That said, wearing a t-shirt is not recommended. If possible, wear a loose dark sweatshirt, a sweatshirt with a long-sleeved shirt plus a jacket as a backup to aid in the events of certain fluctuations or changes in the weather.

Long sleeves clothes should be worn when playing Paintball

Loose clothing is also suitable for preventing hits on targets. This will prevent you from experiencing a stinging sensation in the event of a shot that hits you.

2. Pants

Paintball also tends to expose your feet to different elements depending on where you play. Some of these elements are dirt, stones, twigs, and thorns that could cause scratches on the knees and feet. That said, wearing shorts is not recommended.

Instead, you need to wear dark, baggy sweatpants. You can also wear cargo pants, paintball specific pants, jumpsuits, and jeans. You need to give your lower body as much protection as possible. Like the upper body, you need to protect the lower body.

Two-Track Pants for Increased Protection:

You can also choose to wear two-track pants to further increase the level of protection received by the lower body. Remember that when you play paintball, you will also be prone to certain things, like diving, kneeling, and crawling. If the lower body is unprotected, these activities can cause scratches, bruises, and bruises in the area.

Selecting Pants to wear for Paintball for protection

Make sure the paintball pants you wear are also durable. Even though the pants are strong, they should still allow you to move easily. It should guard you against scratches and bruises by being strong enough without restricting your movement.

3. Gloves

You also need to invest in gloves to protect your hands. Remember that your hands are among the parts of the body most frequently affected when playing paintball. This is mainly because you constantly expose them, especially if you aim your brand or weapon at your opponents.

Also, remember that your hands have delicate spots. These places are also relatively sensitive. To keep your hands fully protected while playing, invest in gloves.

Different Gloves You Can Wear For Paintball:

The best paintball gloves you can wear include golf, soccer, gardening, paintball specific gloves, and fingerless lifting gloves. If possible, avoid welding, latex, or winter gloves, as they seem too bulky and durable for the sensitivity of the trigger.

4. Paintball Vest

Paintball Vest As a Part of the Attire for Paintball

You will have to buy a paintball vest, too. This piece of clothing is more important, especially if you plan to engage in a woodsball. The vest is often equipped with padding that absorbs shocks and bumps. The best vest you can invest in is also the one with few pockets that will allow you to keep everything you need while on the pitch. These include a clock, map, radio, water bottle, spatula, or other personal items such as keys and wallets.

5. Paintball Jersey

This type of clothing is actually specially designed for paintball. It is also possible to customize it based on color and team name. If you are interested in playing speedball, remember that the jerseys designed for it are usually made of breezy and lightweight material. Such material is able to absorb the impact and, at the same time, support the reflection. The shirts should also be loose enough, meaning they can be worn over the protective pads. In most cases, these speedball jerseys also show bright colors and patterns.

Design of Woodsball Jerseys:

If you are interested in a woodsball, the jerseys are usually designed for sporty camouflage patterns and soft colors. Patterns and colors are used to make it easier for the wearer to blend in with the environment. Often, shirts also have built-in cuffs on the wrist, which prevent dirt from getting inside while allowing for a more snug style, meaning you can wear them under your vest.

6. Head Protection

Thinking to play paintball frequently? You may want to invest in your goggles or mask. It is usually the most important safety equipment, as a paintball player must wear something on the pitch that can protect their face and eyes because if you get injured somewhere on your face, you are done, my friend. The best thing about the best paintball mask or goggles is that they now come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. High-quality protective goggles and masks are also equipped with a comfortable coating and anti-fog screens, which can increase your on and off-field compatibility.

Paintball Masks for Head protection as a part of the Attire

Fitted Cap or Winter Cap for Face Protection:

In addition to a mask or protective goggles, you can also protect your head and other parts of your face with a fitted cap or winter hat. If you are wearing a sweatshirt, don’t forget to fold the hood too. All this is essential for head protection. Make sure you choose the one that is good for covering your face. However, if you are shopping for a mask, look for the one that suits you. Also, make sure it is fastened securely to your head. It shouldn’t slip or fall when rolling, running, or doing other activities during the paintball battle.

7. Ghillie Suits

One of the advantages of these suits, which is now adopted by many paintball players, is their comfort. These suits also offer camouflage to players. You can also easily buy them online or at a sporting goods store.

8. Shoes

The first thing you need to consider is the type of paintball you play, be it speedball or football.

Shoes for Scenario-Based Games:

If you want to get involved in scenario-based games, the best paintball shoes for you are the ones that have the right ankle support. Shoes must also have a suitable tread. In this case, you can wear hiking shoes, runners, or running shoes. If you think soccer shoes are the perfect shoe for you, choose football or soccer shoes. You can also choose baseball shoes. Just be sure to avoid soccer shoes with metal spikes, as they are known to injure other players and break inflatable bunkers.

Paintball Shoes for Scenario based games

Shoes for Speedball Games:

You can also wear soccer shoes, but keep in mind that they are more suitable when playing speedball than woodsball. This is mainly because while their rubber spikes work well if you run across lawn and grass, you can’t presume them to do similar when walking over rocks, concrete, stumps, and wood.

Avoid Open Toe Design Shoes:

When choosing the right paintball shoes, it is also advisable to stay away from those that have an open toe design, such as sandals. This is mainly due to the fact that these open-toed shoes only increase the risk of a foot injury. A new pair of shoes is also not a great idea, as it is still a bit difficult to move and run with them. Choose paintball shoes or shoes that have already been broken. Make sure you are comfortable and familiar with your shoes.

9. Pod Packs

Items you should wear during a paintball match also include pod packs. These items apply to carrying straps designed to hold the other balls. These packages are vertical or horizontal.

Vertical Pods:

As the name suggests, vertical pod packs are the ones you can wear vertically around your waist. You have to keep them close to your body. These packs present additional challenges and difficulties in getting the pods back in place.

Horizontal Pods:

You can also choose packs of horizontal pods that you can carry when you tie them horizontally around your waist. The horizontal packages become useful because they are accessible and designed to be as such. The problem with horizontal pod packs is that they tend to protrude to the side, which could increase visibility in the field. You may also need to roll over or lie down quickly when wearing it.

10. Miscellaneous

In addition to the clothes and safety aids you need to wear when playing paintball, you need to prepare other things.

These include:

  • Rags or towels to clean up your old shots
  • Paintball gear
  • Drinking water
  • Garbage bag where you can store your dirty clothes after the game
  • Rain jacket.

You may need to bring additional clothing that you can wear on your way home. Don’t forget to bring some cash with you, as many parks don’t have credit card machines.

Tips To Remember When Selecting What to Wear For Paintball

Tips to consider when selecting What to Wear for Paintball

Wear the Right Clothing for the Weather:

Before going to the camps, you need to take into account the atmospheric conditions of the place. Several beginners may choose heavy clothing, such as a sweatshirt, to ease the pain they might experience in the event of a blow or blow. However, these warm clothes may not be ideal if you plan to play during the summer season and feel the environment is really hot. In this case, you can wear one or two layers of loose, light clothing instead of thick clothing. Make sure your clothes are also easy to take off in case you feel overheated.

However, if you play in extremely cold weather, you must also wear warm clothing. This time may require you to wear a sweatshirt, hat, thick socks, and gloves.

Decide to Wear Old Clothes:

If possible, don’t buy new clothes when your paintball. Remember that the game requires you to kneel, crawl or dive, so it would be best to wear old clothes suitable for the game. Make sure the clothes are the ones you don’t mind getting dirty or torn.

Also, note that while some balls now use water-soluble dye that you can easily clean or wash, there are also inexpensive brands that can ruin your clothes. With that in mind, the ideal would be to wear old clothes so that you don’t end up worrying if they are dyed or torn.

Choose Clothes With Dark Colors:

Avoid clothing as light as possible, as well as making it easier to get stains, it can also make you expose yourself to your opponents most of the time, especially if you are on the pitch on a forest ball. It would be best to wear camouflage or dark-colored clothing to reduce the risk of your opponents seeing you.

Add Some Layers:

Layering is one of the most recommended tips for paintball players, especially those wondering what to wear. Instead of just throwing out one layer of old clothes with each paintball, consider using several layers of these old clothes.

The good thing about several layers of these garments is that they can mitigate the impact of the paintball if it hits your body. Additional layers can provide space between the outer layer of the garment and the skin. The specific material between them will actually be the one that gets the main impact.

This gives you less of a chance of hearing something every time another player hits you. However, you should also consider the time of year before putting on several layers of clothing. It’s not a good idea if you decide to play in extremely hot weather. If you plan to enjoy a game of paintball in warm weather, avoid overcoming obstacles in layers to avoid overheating.

Make Sure No Body Parts Are Exposed:

When choosing the right paintball clothing, make sure you use clothing that never reveals any part of your body. Also, your skin should never be exposed. This is because the balls often sting if they penetrate unprotected skin.

Hitting an unprotected area or a completely bare area can cause the paintball to leave a border in that area. Focus on a painless and painless experience by wearing appropriate clothing that does not cause overexposure of your skin or body parts to the paintball material.

Choose Added Padding:

If you are still unsatisfied with the limited protection offered by long-sleeved trousers and shirts, you can choose another padding.

You can invest in an arm protector designed primarily to provide protection for the forearm, from the elbows to the wrists. This extra padding is useful, especially if you are the type of paintball player who tends to dive and slide on the field.

The extra padding is the main tool for mitigating the blow whenever your arms are exposed to the ground. Wearing razors is also a great idea. Another tip is to wear shorts designed specifically for this game. The good thing about these shorts is that they have perfect padding designed to provide adequate lower body protection.

Wear Groin and Neck Protection:

You should never forget when preparing the right clothes to wear in paintball is a durable neck protector. Choose a neck protector designed to truly protect sensitive areas and neck skin.

Another way to protect the neck apart from the protector is a scarf. Many of them consider it a more comfortable alternative to a neck protector. All you have to do is tie it around your neck. Another option is to wear just a simple turtleneck that already covers the neck area.

Your weak area should also have some protection. You can put a cup there, which serves as protection. While it’s a little uncomfortable, the discomfort is actually manageable. It can also give you peace of mind knowing that you are getting additional protection in sensitive areas.

Avoid Wearing Valuables or Jewelry:

Remember that paintball is a game full of action, adventure, and adrenaline. For this reason, you should never make the mistake of wearing something extravagant, like jewelry or other accessories, while on the battlefield.

If you don’t wear these items in the first place, you will avoid their loss. You can also minimize the risk of injury to your jewelry while playing. If you choose not to carry these expensive items, it will help you focus more on the battle at hand because it no longer stops you from worrying and caring about them.

Seasonal Paintball Apparel & Gear

Winter Paintball Gears:

Paintballing during the colder months will require you to look at the clothes you wear and the equipment you wear differently. You need to consider many other aspects when preparing for winter paintball. It’s more fun to know about colder temperatures, which causes balls to become harder and thus hit likewise. This is another reason to focus on maintaining protection.

Paintball Clothes for Winters

Opt for Layering

Depending on how cold it is, when you play paintball in the winter, you will need different levels of protection. Since it is difficult to estimate how hot you will dress, it is ideal to get dressed in several layers so that you can choose whether you want your layers on or not. You may find that your body sweats and heats up while playing paintball.

Summer Paintball Gears:

Dressing for summer paintball tournaments can be difficult because you would not want to wear long sleeves/ long pants when it’s hot. However, it is essential to focus on safety and protection against paintballing. So long sleeves and pants should be what you wear.

Paintball Attire for Summers

Choose Breathable Materials

What is a good compromise between protection during summer paintball training and low sweating? Choose breathable materials that keep you cool, absorb sweat from the skin, and keep you cool. This will allow you to get protection from long sleeves and long pants without overheating. Some gears are even made with zippered ventilation holes, which allow for more airflow.

Miscellaneous Gears

Following items should be considered when playing in summers:

  1. Sweat rag
  2. Water bottle
  3. Electrolytes to replenish salts

In the warmer months, keeping a sweat rag can be beneficial because heavy sweating is inevitable. Prevention of dehydration is also essential. Find a way to wear a water source on your body or find out where the drinking water source is located in the park you are playing in. It would be even better to add a source of electrolytes to the water to replenish the salt that is lost in sweat.

Following items should be considered when playing in winters:

  1. Anti-fog goggles
  2. Warm Scarf

In the colder months, wearing protective anti-fog goggles is literally the best thing you can do to yourself. When your body heat meets a barrier where cooler air hits your goggles, the foggy lens/visor will be something you are constantly struggling with. If you have anti-fog goggles, you won’t have to play with them while you play paintball. It is worth it; it means you’ll play more, and this usually means more paintball wins!

Also, consider wearing a scarf for both neck protection and to prevent cold seasons to bother you.

Paintball Gears for Beginners

Paintball Gun (paintball Marker):

Paintball guns are usually supplied by the facility you’d be paintballing at. You can always upgrade to a more luxurious version and improve your game.

Paintball Goggle or Mask:

These are the most important safety equipment you will use. One or both are always an option to rent at your local paintball facility, but you can increase the durability and longevity of your shield by investing in your own paintball mask. It won’t be necessary for most players, though.

Athletic Jock / Supporter Strap:

Men can be encouraged to know that it is very common to wear athletic jocks when playing paintball. Some paintball clothing has some level of padding built-in already. It is up to you as an individual to decide what level of protection you want. It may turn out that wearing additional padding prevents movement. However, the focus should be on security.

Joints (For Elbows, Knees, and Ankles):

If you can imagine being hit directly in the bone, you will see how undesirable it is. Fortunately, elbow, knee, and ankle protectors do go a long way. When you wear them, you won’t even have to think about someone protecting you, although you might find it silly when you’re so armored.


Your goal of wearing gloves is twofold: protection and grip. It is likely that someone will hit you. The gloves will help dampen the impact. Many times you’d be shot in the hands if you didn’t have gloves on. The result is a bad skin injury with blood loss. Nothing serious for the doctor, but definitely annoying.

The grip is key because, with exploding bullets and liquids spread all over your body, your ability to use the weapon slowly decreases as the session progresses. Non-slip gloves make it easier for you because they are made of durable, protective, and essential material that will equip these shooting hands.

Paintball Gears for Professionals

Fog goggles or a mask with additional suspension for added comfort: allows you to continue playing without stopping to clean or adjust the inside of the goggles.


A sponge is used to clean the gun when it is clogged. After the barrel has passed several bullets, it can sometimes become clogged and prevent other bullets from escaping the chamber. Carrying the squeegee helps reduce buildup, allowing you to play smoothly.

Clean Your Mask or Other Squeegees:

If you use the main squeegee for barrel cleaning, you have no untapped options when they shoot you in the mask. It may be helpful to have another one on hand so you can thoroughly clean the mask when that time comes)

Pods Packages:

Allows you to have multiple paintballs easily accessible at waist level. Hinged lids for quick access.

Paintball Waist Package:

Similar to a fan bag, it can give you more options for storing items like your second squeegee, bug spray, etc.)

Note: If you’re not ready to dive into your head and commit to a professional paintball outfit, you won’t need to purchase all of these items right away or at all.


Knowing what to wear is the key to enjoying the game to the fullest. You need to dress appropriately to make sure your movements aren’t restricted just because you’re wearing the wrong outfit. Proper clothing will also allow you to hide from opponents and prevent injury or injuries, for that matter. While it’s a bit tedious to choose the right clothes to wear when painting, it’s worth it, because under ideal conditions it will provide you with a long period of fun.

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