Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review [2020] – Best High-End Paintball Gun Available

Much quiet than the original Etha, Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a kind of advancement of the original paintball marker Etha. This weapon is a great upgrade to an already reliable, sophisticated, and feature-rich weapon that demonstrates what can be achieved with creativity and innovative technical solutions. Its external construction resists all impacts and guarantees durability.

It is very accurate to make shooting paintballs easy and fun for beginners, and obviously more accurately than if you were using another marker. If you already know that this is the marker for you, then click the button below to get yourself a Planet Eclipse Etha 2 paintball gun!

The Etha 2 is lightweight and is easy to balance, which makes it easy to control, aim, and shoot. This is a top tier electronic weapon that can be fired in various modes and used in different settings, making the paintball gun ideal for a variety of play styles. Its two-part feed lets the users shoot for long hours. Its accuracy is enhanced by its lightweight body design that dramatically improves its maneuverability and aids ease of control, aiming, and shooting.

Powered by the Gamma Core drivetrain, you should note that even extreme winters will not destroy your game. While not cheap at all, the weapon has amazing features and performance that are worth it. Having talked about the spectacular features a lot, let’s have a detailed look at them now in this Etha 2 review.

Etha 2 Review, Specifications, and Pros and Cons

Etha 2 Review: An In-Depth Analysis

Specifications of Etha 2:

  1. Has an upgradable 14.5-inch barrel
  2. Is a .68 caliber gun for improved accuracy even over long distances
  3. Comes with a hoseless air transfer system
  4. Tool-less grip
  5. modified Etha 2 platform
  6. Driven by Gamma Core spool valve
  7. Aircraft-grade aluminum used for interior
  8. Composite nylon outside
  9. LED status indicator for both left-handed and right-handed individuals
  10. The trigger features a small switch for safe and convenient operation
  11. Has an excellent ASA that can be switched on and off
  12. Has a spring bolt system
  13. Most parts come with an option to be upgraded
  14. Deltek offset feed and barrel
  15. Uses a lock-and-load battery system

Advantages And Disadvantages of Etha 2:

  • Very easy to clean
  • Demands minimal maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Well-balanced
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to use
  • Good for beginners
  • Highly durable
  • Has reduced recoil
  • Offers high-end features for advanced paintball enthusiasts
  • Has an anti-clipping system that stops the balls from clipping
  • Can shoot long-distant shots precisely
  • Ensures value for money, you can get modern features if you invest more bucks
  • Can stand blows, hits, and hostile climatic conditions
  • The gun is relatively louder as compared to other paintball markers
  • You need to invest in upgrades to dampen the sounds

Features of Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Features of Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Bolt System:

Making use of the spring-return bolt system, this marker guarantees enhanced performance. The strong GRM and its foregrip make it even better. This bolt system, with its dual-stage acceleration system, picks up paintball even at slower speeds. So if you need to move the barrel smoothly, this system with rubber-wrapped outer parts would be the right fit for you.

Other Components

Other components of the bolt system include a fully adjustable printed circuit board, which increases control over the debounce and the semi-automatic firing modes. The entire unit is held and controlled by a single screw, which means access to the internals will be quick. The hose also reduces air transfer and ensures no leaks.


Eclipse Etha 2 is literally a level up than the original Etha when it comes to performance. The two-piece barrel makes it possible for the user to shoot using varying modes. Its grip spacing is sufficient and makes the marker easy to hold and comfortable to shoot, ensuring precision while shooting. With an SL3 regulator featured, the tank pressure variations stay under control. The pressure which controls the firepower of the marker can be managed by the user. The spring bolt system makes aids to make its firing much better. The rubber extension with its bolt system doesn’t let the balls clip as it moves through the barrel.

Adjusting the shooting Mode of Etha 2

Adjust your shooting mode as per the requirements of the game and your style of playing. You are just good to go. Both battery and air effective, this efficient gun can offer minimal breakage while shooting. The user can adjust the firing pressure and have more control over the gun to have an edge in the game and more chances to win, with many other factors under study. Its bolt uses dual-stage acceleration and makes sure that the ball is moved pretty smoothly through the barrel, without breaking, even when at low speed.


Designed to improve your performance in the field thanks to the internal and external protection of the marker, Etha 2 has been redesigned to offer better performance and excellent power-packed features in comparison with the original Etha. The composite nylon body is designed to withstand even the most demanding environments and blows. The internal parts are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which increases the power of this weapon with a strong and effective shooting capability, making it one of the strongest markers available that can easily resist anything kind of impact without breaking.

Gamma Core Solenoid Powered

Powered by a Gamma Core solenoid valve, the gun can withstand all weather conditions. Users can use it regardless of the conditions because it works optimally even in winter. It is designed with a sturdy frame attached to the body without wires and foregrip. The foregrip is easily accessible and features a tool less-removal.

Nylon Use on Etha 2

The nylon on the feed neck, eye cover, and grip frame increases the duration of fun and simultaneously increases its accuracy over long distances. A few may not find it very comfortable to hold, but you should know that you can upgrade it to a rubber one, tool-less-ly, or wear rubber gloves yourself. Thanks to the hose-less air transfer system, the weapon is much more comfortable to use since it reduces the chance of leakage. This system removes anything that will interfere with your easy and comfy grip (both foregrip and main), making it highly user-friendly.

It comes with a POP ASA assembly, making it very easy to disassemble from the empty tank and mount a new one in just the click of a switch.


Using the spool cure ST1 bolt mechanism, it has a gamma core drive mechanism, a spool valve for its operating system, and its own solenoid-type bespoke in-house 3-way system.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Firing Cycle Using Gamma Core valve

The Gamma Core valve is the heart of the weapon. This core allows you to easily shoot with the most fragile paints because of its finely controlled three-stage bolt acceleration. It is quite efficient, and no form of electronic adjustment or tuning is required to use it in different weather of combat conditions.

Using a unique system that completely separates the spool and the bolt from each other, the air is then used to push the bolt forward before being released into the barrel rather than being released into the atmosphere.

The weapon frame is wrapped with dual-density rubber grips to protect the entire circuit board. The core valve is specially designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, especially in winter.

The pneumatic system is also available with a stretched pitch at the foregrip and the frame. These two increase the stability of the weapon and simultaneously give it a natural and ergonomic feel along with sufficient space between the trigger guard and the foregrip.


The Planet Eclipse has designed Etha 2 in a way to ensure more than enough space, assisting the users in holding the marker efficiently for a perfect grip. Nonetheless, the prime characteristic of the product lies in its rapid fires, which can be attained while pulling the trigger.

This feature makes the gun lovable since it comes with long and hard trigger pulls. This integrates the system of the gun to provide the user with up to 5 shots in a second.

This product of the Planet Eclipse accommodates ample space between the trigger guard and the frame. Consequently, the comfort factor is enhanced for users while holding the gun. Unlike other guns, the excess space in Etha 2 gives freedom to the shooter resulting in a more natural experience with each shot.

The trigger system of this gun offers more than just comfort and efficiency through a microswitch built for the safety of the handler and others. The placement of the microswitch has been executed with special consideration to the appropriateness of the space for convenient manipulation.

A stretched-out grip has been built-in with the foregrip and a single GRN frame in the gun to assure the possibility of the highest shot. The firing speed can also be augmented through ramping to up to 20 balls per second by just pulling the gun.

Ease of Use:

The marker is also easy to use due to its spring return that sends the bolt back in its place after each shot. Thanks to its construction, it is light, comfortable, and suitable for beginners. Even advanced players find it convenient, as they can run with the pistol without being suppressed to take action due to its weight. Its weight also feels comfortable on the user’s body.

The Associated Upgrades With Etha 2 Marker

Planet eclipse etha 2 marker upgrades including hopper, barrel, gas tank, and triggers

You may find Etha 2’s stock parts not the best for a power-packed performance and may want to pitch in more to upgrade the following:

  1. Barrel
  2. Grips
  3. Triggers

Maybe use an EMC kit and upgrade all of its parts and see yourself taking the upper hand in paintball combat.

How To Set Up Etha 2?

Use the marker’s manual or follow the steps below:

  1. Switch off the marker
  2. The ends of the barrel should be screwed together
  3. Attach the entire barrel to the marker
  4. Ensure that the gun isn’t gassed (via POPS button and the switch)
  5. Attach the barrel blocking device
  6. Install the loader and the preset air system
  7. Use the feed neck to secure the loader

Why Should You Buy One?

A simple answer would be to ace each combat, but an explanation will include its feature of rapid firing with accuracy, its lightweight, and its durability and reliability owing to its aluminum construct, to name a few, yet among the most outstanding.

Word of Caution: Firing from this gun is loud, so your enemy can become aware and take advantage of it when they are at a distance. Its efficiency is reduced owing to the massive amount of air it needs.

Concluding Note

Etha 2 review and why you should buy it

You should probably not worry when investing in this masterpiece when its LED screen can help you monitor ramping and its rate of fire (debounce and semi-automatic) in major paintball combats. The accuracy offered by this weapon and the innovative and creatively engineered construction makes it a great choice, with its price under consideration. It is a highly recommended marker for beginners and is also suitable for intermediate and experienced paintball enthusiasts.

Durable, easy to use, and with advanced features that are mainly found in expensive paintball markers, Etha 2 surely makes itself a great paintball gun to use in even the most demanding weather conditions. This paintball marker has also been featured in our list of top planet eclipse paintball guns. You can even check that article here.

The closest to Etha 2 is the Planet Eclipse’s Gtek marker with the same drivetrain and body. Though superior in terms of handling, it is not very superior when providing you with features that make the best of both worlds.

With an OLED display, the Gtek still has an air supply system that has a hose running from the main to the foregrip, increasing the chances of leakage.

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