Tippmann 98 Custom Review [2020] – Best Paintball Gun For Beginners

Tippmann 98 custom is, without doubt, one of the most popular paintball guns available on the market. From extreme reliability and durability to the insanely diverse range of upgrades and accessories available, it is one of the most versatile entry-level paintball guns available. Tippmann has been one of the best paintball gun manufacturers on the planet for many years. For anyone looking to buy the first-ever paintball markers for themselves, the Tippmann 98 Custom probably tops the list, along with the very similar Empire BT-4.

Paintball enthusiasts new to this extreme sport will be looking forward to trying the Tippmann 98 Custom owing to its ease of use. Thanks to the anti-chop system, it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as other paintball markers that may be considered as competitors. Tippmann 98 custom is a semi-automatic paintball gun with a decent firing speed of 8 balls per second. So you should know that you are signing up for something worthwhile.

Table of Content:

  1. Tippmann 98 Custom Review: Specifications and Pros and Cons
  2. Features of Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun
  3. Upgrades and Accessories of Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun
  4. Maintaining a Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker
  5. How Much Can a Tippmann 98 Custom Cost You?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  7. The Bottom Line

Having talked about the spectacular features, let’s have a look at them now in our detailed Tippmann 98 Custom review.

Tippmann 98 Custom Review: Specifications and Pros and Cons

Specifications of Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker

  • Weight: 6.5 lbs. (includes packaging)
  • 3.2 lbs. without packaging
  • The velocity of 300 fps
  • 0.68 caliber
  • 8.5-inch barrel
  • Semi-automatic
  • Aluminum exterior
  • Has a hopper capacity of 200 rounds
  • Supports carbon dioxide, compressed air, and nitrogen
  • Comes with a rubbers custom foregrip
  • Shoots 8 balls per second
  • Adjustable ASA blade sights

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tippmann 98 Custom

Let’s look at its Pros and Cons in specific and keep them in our minds when making a purchase.

  • Highly durable
  • Reliable in the field
  • Easy to tend and requires minimal maintenance
  • Features a highly comfortable grip
  • Relatively long in comparison with other markers
  • Difficult to disassemble completely
  • As per the users, the marker has a bit of recoil, which affects its performance
  • Isn’t the fastest shooting marker

Features of 98 Custom Marker


It is made to withstand throws, drops, crawls, blows, hits, and harsh climates. Players can use them repeatedly in harsh ways, and it will still continue to work (we were a little hard on our test model for accurate reviews). It is made of high-quality metal, which grips comfortably from the back and front. This solid metal construction is the basis for the Tippmann 98 custom’s excellent durability.

Tippmann 98 Custom Reviews

There is an articulated (hinged) elbow that you can easily disassemble in seconds and enter the marker chamber. The Tippmann 98 itself is split into two halves, so you can easily check its internal mechanics. When you open the weapon for the first time, it might seem a bit awkward, but after a few tries, it would become a mundane and easy thing to do. Watch out for any springs and pins that could come loose when disassembling the marker, especially its front sight spring. You don’t want to lose any of these parts. They can tend to slip when the gun is open. Beware.

Some players claim that the Tippmann 98 Custom can be taken apart without being cleaned and still works like a new one. Even after a few hours of play, it’s still light and soft enough to put on and carry around, with no rough edges that could scratch you and cause blisters on your hands.


As for its shooting ability, Tippmann 98 definitely is impressive. It provides an accurate shot, and the trigger is just the right size. The Tippmann 98 Custom shoots almost like any premium paintball marker brands at the higher end of the price range, helping to level the playing field for new players. It works with both compressed air and CO2. ASA sights are also adjustable. This weapon fires up to 8 rounds per second, a speed that will please most paintball enthusiasts.

Compared to other markers, it also consumes very little air, so it lasts much longer before you require a refill amidst combat. If you browse the web for player opinions on the Tippmann 98 Custom, you will find that many players claim to have won paintball tournaments with them. This is a bit surprising given the huge upgrade potential the gun has, but not something impossible.

Accessories and Upgrades including magazines fed option, hopper, and electronic trigger is covered in this Tippmann 98 Custom Review

Critics quickly noted that the main barrel is just 8 inches. The second criticism is that there is a bit more recoil than you might expect from any other marker or any marker in general. This can affect the quality of shots fired rapidly, but in most cases, these situations do not require laser precision. It’s not very advanced for experienced players, but again it’s easily customizable for a greater range and accuracy. The Tippmann 98 Custom Flatline barrel is insanely popular and adds another backspin to your balls for greater accuracy.

Additional Features

Available in Two Versions:

Available in two versions, ultrabasic and ACT, this crazily customizable gun is durable and reliable. The ultra-basic package comes with a cartoon box, has a maintenance pack, 98 custom thread barrel, has spare parts, a feed hopper neck, and a gun.

Easy to Disassemble and Carry:

Features of Tippmann Custom 98 paintball marker include easy to disassemble and carry the gun and  its accessories

Made of highly durable aluminum, it has a very fast trigger and is easy to clean and maintain. With a comfortable grip frame, a removable feed neck, and a style hook attachment at the back of the gun, this gun becomes easy to disassemble and carry around. Cleaning it frequently will make it last you a very long time, so don’t worry about the investment that you would make.

Upgrades and Accessories of Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun

You can get as many upgrades as you like, but the ones that are worth mentioning have been discussed in this Tippmann 98 Custom review.

Tippmann 98 Custom upgrades including loader, cyclone feed system, electronic trigger, and other accessories


The Tippmann 98 comes with a manual trigger that can be upgraded by using an electronic trigger or an e-trigger. Before changing the trigger, you need to purchase several items, such as a new sear, magnet, sea spring, wire harness, capacitor, solenoid plate, and armature pin. You must use these tools inside the weapon. The user guide and video will make everything easier for you.

Cyclone Feed System:

The cyclone feed system can also be upgraded. Users do not need to use the primary feeding system. This is how a Tippmann 98 Custom cyclone feed system can be installed:

  1. Remove the old feed neck
  2. Add the new cyclone feed neck
  3. Check the manual and screw the next accordingly
  4. Attach the hopper
  5. You are all set  

Maintaining a Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun

  1. D-gas the gun before cleaning the gun
  2. Make sure that there is no extra gas in the gun
  3. Dismount the barrel and the neck
  4. All the screws through the Allen key need to be taken off
  5. Take off the cover
  6. Start cleaning

You can watch tutorials before cleaning a paintball gun if you are still confused.

How Much Does It Cost You?

The actual price of the Tippmann 98 is considerably lower than other similar paintball weapons. With some cheap Walmart-style plastic paintball guns at similar prices, paintball marker becomes a highly recommend marker for anyone on a budget because we still want the best equipment, and all paintball enthusiasts deserve it.

The manufacturer offers both options: just the weapon and the necessary equipment. They mainly supply the tank, pods, needle, valve, hopper, mask, etc. Based on its price, the quality is excellent and worth it. There are many similar paintball guns on the market for the same price, but they don’t meet the minimum quality standards required for field combat. This is the best under budget paintball gun on the planet. If you need a basic paintball gun, we highly recommend this Tippmann 98 custom gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read through our frequently asked questions.

Are the Army Barrels and Carve work with 98?

Yes, the barrel works spectacularly. All army models and carvers have guns with only a slight difference. They are all different variations of the Tippmann 98. Ensure that the barrel is threaded for the 98 custom before you change it.

Is There a Cover for the Barrel With 98?


Is the Cyclone Feeder System Supported by the Tippmann 98?

It does support it, but this is a customization, and the marker doesn’t inherently comes with one. It’s an add-on.

Is the Tippmann 98 and the Cronus Different?

The 98 has an aluminum receiver and has many upgrades that can be opted for. Obviously, upgrades give it more stability and enhanced performance. The Cronus, for instance, cannot be upgraded for the receiver, which is made of polymer.  Both of these options have the same internal design for the bolt.

All and all, both become a good marker for beginners and can be maintained with minimal efforts.

The Bottom Line

We treated our test model extremely hard, walked through mud, dropped it on concrete, ran into a bush, and fired thousands of shots. It still works like a new one. We were really impressed during our time. An iconic paintball gun that is definitely earning its reputation as one of our favorites. This paintball marker has also been featured in our list of best paintball guns for kids.

Do you want to invest in your first paintball gun? The Tippmann 98 Custom is an easy choice that outperforms the competition in terms of customization, durability, and ease of use. This brand will not ruin the bank and will last a long time.

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