Tippmann Gryphon Review [2020] – Most Powerful And Reliable Paintball Gun

The Tippman Gryphon Paintball Marker is an affordable gun designed specifically for beginners and players who play infrequently. It comes with a robust structure fit for the stress-free experience. The firm and lightweight body add to the more fun-filled adventures by enabling the users to shoot for hours, non-stop, during the gameplay.

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This marker has also been featured in our list of Top Paintball Guns for Children. For more in-depth information, below are all the fundamental characteristics of this gun covered in our Tippmann Gryphon Review:

Tippmann Gryphon Review: Specifications, and Pros and Cons

Specifications of Tippmann Gryphon Gun

  1. Sleek look
  2. Internal gas line
  3. 10-inch barrel
  4. Provides maximum mobility from the center feed design
  5. Fires up to 8 balls/ second
  6. Front grip has a firm ergonomic design
  7. Package has 200 round loader
  8. Has a blade trigger
  9. Can use compressed air as well as carbon dioxide
  10. Inline bolt system
  11. Color and skull print options
  12. High impact body
  13. 0.68 caliber marker

Pros And Cons Of Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker

  • Very accurate at a short-range
  • Lightweight
  • For both children and adults
  • Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals
  • Extremely quite
  • Built to last
  • Easy to use if you are a beginner
  • Easy to upgrade and customize
  • Needs minimal tending and maintenance
  • Fewer options when you upgrade and customize

Key Features of Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun

Key features covered in this Tippmann Gryphon review are mentioned below:


The lightweight and compact body of the Tippmann Gryphon makes it convenient for the new users to carry around and use the gun. Such a phenomenal feature enables the players to play for hours without getting tired. It also assists the shooter in storing the gun easily when not using it.

Tippmann Gryphon Review covering the Design and features of the most powerful and reliable paintball marker

The ergonomic design of the gun makes it an efficient and comfortable product to use. This also portrays it as a user-friendly option for the customers. The internal structure is developed to be of a solid form. This increases the dependability of the gun as compared to other guns. Most of the paintball guns produced for novices possess an external gas line. The Tippman Gryphon, nonetheless, is different.

As an alternate, this marker presents an internal gas line. This results in a more decent and attractive appearance of the gun. The gun runs on both HPA and CO2 no matter which kind of propellant is used in the gun. In addition to this, there is an option for upgrading the barrel since the barrel threads are very much alike to those of X7 and A5.


The Tippmann Gryphon comes with an ideal size of .68 caliber marker. This size of the paintball marker is preferable not only for the beginners but also for the experienced players. This attribute enables Gryphon to remain an excellent and outstanding product that facilitates the game to be enjoyed regardless of your style of play.

Moreover, this marker can shoot the paintballs with extraordinary speed due to its great velocity. This factor grants the player with an exceptional competitive edge. The user can play throughout the day with this product as it comes with a 200-round hopper. The firm ergonomic construct and the front grip assures an enhanced control of the shooter over the marker. The gun is also equipped with a center feed mechanism for providing maximum mobility. This leads to the outcome of an advanced and reliable shooting.

Tippmann Gryphon Marker performance and a review of how reliable and efficient it is

Not only this, the Tippmann retains another notable element that the users enjoy about it. This feature is the silence that is supported by the ported barrel. This barrel not only keeps down the sound when one shoots the gun but also boosts the performance. The performance factor, due to the barrel, makes this gun as one of those with the most precise shots in the market. The low profile further adds to the benefit of the players by ensuring their movement in the battleground without alerting the rival team.


The Tippman Gryphon is regarded as one of the exquisite paintball guns. It presents the most genuine and reliable frame in the market. The prominent durable factor aligned with good results vanishes all the worries of the user. In brief, this marker is designed with an extremely firm internal structure that elongates the life of the product, making it long-lasting.


This paintball gun is considered as one of the most effective options since it utilizes a low functioning pressure that operates with minimal gas.

The internal gas line has the advantage of keeping gas leakage next to zero, no matter how rough and tough the gun is used. In addition to this, the center feed design contributes to the efficient aspect of the gun by delivering the paintballs in no time.

Upgrades and Accessories:

It is assumed that the users will love the next feature of the Tippmann. The users have the benefit of customizing and upgrading their guns, however they like in consideration of the game requirements. Even though the barrel is not as effective as the users would expect, they have the option to choose from various A5 threaded barrels.

Paintball marker upgrades and accessories in the kit including barrel, Gas Tank, Hopper and Manual  for new and professional players

This is the reason why many players prefer altering this feature first. There are many other barrels to look for or even a CO2 tank that can enhance the overall efficiency of the gun. Moreover, other accessories that can be added to modify the gun’s look or increase its performance by making it user-friendly.

One can consider personal preferences when upgrading the gun. However, meticulous attention must be paid as the heavy upgrades can become a hindrance instead of increasing the performance of the gun.


The maintenance of the Gryphon is similar to other Tippman guns. All are remarkably easy to upkeep. Only a little oiling is necessary and that too, from time to time.

Some parts are subjected to more wear and tear than others. Nevertheless, no professional servicing is required for any parts or the whole gun because the gun barely gets any leakages. The minor damages can be fixed by the user themselves.

The paintball also comes with a two-year warranty that protects the users from any kind of manufacturer’s defects. The users get more than enough time to claim for any shortcomings of the product.


The Tippmann Gryphon possesses an internal gas line and central feed design that assists in quick paintballing. The lightweight feature of the gun compliments it by delivering accurate straight shots. Hence, this gun can shoot eight balls per second from a gravity-fed hopper.

Nonetheless, the short blade trigger makes it hard to pull. This results in low firing speed. The rapid firing also may lead to inconsistent shots. Due to this, the user must practice before initiating an actual game to increase the chances of winning.

Beginner or not, the user still secures an advantage over the enemy team through this gun. It is because of this gun’s low operation pressure that assists in silent shots. It also cuts back on both gas and money, making it more affordable and environment friendly. Furthermore, it reduces recoil that helps deliver a splendid shot without any hassle.


The reason why it is suitable for novice players is it requires no training at all to get accustomed to its use. It is easier to utilize in comparison with other guns. The compressed CO2 serves as the source of power for this gun stored in its prefilled 90 grams gas tank. As mentioned above as well, this gun aims at saving gas through its low operating pressure feature. However, the users can opt for bigger CO2 tanks to increase the efficiency of the marker. No additional power source is required for this gun.


The Tippman Gryphon marker is designed to have a steady fitting for a firm grip. The low-pressure operating system supports a reduction in gas wastage, gas-refilling, and costs. Such attributes make it convenient for the players to shoot while not worrying about additional expenses. Moreover, the user does not have to deal with any kind of leakages related to macro fittings or steel braided line from an external hose.

The Tippmann guns are well-known for their minimal maintenance that is also present in its Tippmann Gryphon gun. The inline bolt system of the gun is made of all metal. This enhances the gun’s reliability by requiring minimal maintenance while boosting its performance.

Body's compact design for reliable and accurate shooting

The blade trigger is yet another feature that adds to the convenience of the gun. This trait makes the gun easy to use by providing a smooth trigger pull. This helps the new players to get a hold of the gun from the very first time. The performance of the precise marker is enough to impress the users. The two-year warranty is also considerably better than what the other paintball guns offer. This provides comfort to the users in cases of repairs or damages.

Additional Features

The other features of the Tippmann Gryphon gun include the upgrades and customization.

Package Kit:

CO2 Gas Tank, Ported Barrel, and Hopper for Tippman Gryphon

The package kit comprises a marker, a prefilled 9 ounces CO2 gas tank, 10-inch ported barrel, and a hopper. These factors assist the user in getting into the game more easily and comfortably.

Inclusion of a Gun Sling

The gun sling is also included in the package. The strip can be strapped over the user to yield support for the gun. In addition to this, a 1-ounce bottle of Gold Cup Oil is also in the package. It is used to diminish the friction of the internal parts of the gun. This slows down the wear and tear of the parts inside while enabling the gun to give optimal performance when firing.

Safety Goggles Are Also Included

Apart from these, safety goggles are added for protecting the user’s face from injuries. The goggles are also good for resisting the harsh weather conditions during the game. These not only clear the view of the players in all-weather circumstances but also expand the field view.

Attractive Body Design of the Gun

The above-mentioned features are tipped off with an attractive design on the outside. The new body structure provides a more balanced experience to the user, adding to their convenience during firing.

User Manual for Guidance

The manual is also inserted to enlighten the first-time users with essential things they need to know. The manual also consists of specific guidelines about assembling and disassembling the gun for different purposes.

How Does It Feel?

The sturdy front hold of the paintball marker assists in a stronger grip for an accurate shot. The ergonomic design of the front grip merely adds to the exceptional feel of the gun. This makes it even more convenient to pull the blade trigger.

The compound body makes it possible for the user to hold the gun more easily and operate efficiently, even in an unfavorable environment. The users can also include more features from the upgrades to their likings or for more usefulness. Overall, the material of the structure is long-lasting, which makes the product durable.


A beginner should use an effective marker like the Tippmann Gryphon for an auspicious start in the paintball game. The Tippmann Gryphon can additionally be used in woodball and speedball. For novices, it is an economical choice, for it has many possibilities for customization and upgrades. Furthermore, it is a compact and efficient model to which the upgrades add more advantages. This allows the gun to become more efficient along with its user. The affordable factor gives the user to improve the skills and later easily bring upgrades to the gun.

What makes this marker worthy is not only its affordable price but also the manufacturer’s guarantee that comes along with it. The perfect accuracy, style, and reliability can help a great deal to the enthusiasts who want to enhance their paintball skills. So, after reading this in-depth Tippmann Gryphon Review, why not go ahead to practice on the battleground and fly those paintballs throughout the game!

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